Happy Birthday to my sweet dear husband who agreed to trek all the way across the country with me to a new home. Today Brett turned 40 years old. And he got the most amazing present:

a brand new septic tank

I was giddy as the truck showed up. I’d never seen a septic tank before.  I passed Sid and his tank truck twice today in town too.


As they were getting started Boo and I ran into town to pick up some iced coffee and we got a chance to visit Clampitt’s Hardware store because the guys needed work gloves:

When we got back the tank had been pumped, and the tank was installed:


We ate lunch in town at the Filling Station which is a place I was looking forward to coming back to ever since last summer. And then Boo and wandered over to B&D Furniture to try and find a dresser or wardrobe for her.  I just love the outside of this building and the RC Cola vending machine right in front:


Brett worked all day raking the landscaping back out and I caught up on some email. I still don’t have Internet so I’m trying to get creative on timing for posts etc so I get something done.  I’m sitting on the back patio now and the kitchen is smelling amazing for dinner.  I walked through earlier and I saw the strawberry pies being made:


Some new guests showed up today with kids Boo’s age and we haven’t seen her since. I think we need to buy her a watch that beeps on the hour (every hour) so she has to check in with us.  Or an old beeper.  She won’t have a phone until she’s an adult, but I’ve got to find a way to reign her in a little with all this newfound freedom!


  1. Andrea says

    ahhh… disappearing for hours on end during the summer… only to check in when you remembered… (oops) What an awesome summer for Boo!!! I thought that was a thing of the 80’s, gone with the decades… *sigh* Good for you on deciding not to let her have a phone until much later. I still remember the day I saw a kid riding a bike (which is rare enough) but the kid was using a cell phone on a bike. I just shook my head. Those strawberry pies look pretty darn yummy.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Carol says

    I’m so happy for you and your new adventure. Thank you so much for sharing and letting me live through you.
    I too have an issue with letting my kids have phones and when we moved to a new house with a lot more land and most of it wild and hilly I was afraid we might have to get our 10 y.o. A phone but then my friend suggested a Walkie-talkie which is perfect. Something like that might work for you.
    Thanks again

  3. Beth says

    A New Septic Tank! You know the way to a man’s heart! Thanks for sharing your journey. I can already imagine the stories that Boo will tell her children of her time there. You are providing a wonderful opportunity for your family. If only we all had the same courage!

  4. shelley says

    Happy 40, Brett! We will have to celebrate later..after the septic tank is working!
    What a great gift…I like practical gifts, too!
    It looks like you all went through a time- warp back to maybe 1950!
    Bryson City looks wonderfully like Mayberry or the home of the Clampetts….I love the Clampett store possibly owned by Jed!!! Wish I were there, too! I love house-guys, mom

  5. K G Palmer says

    Happy 40th to your mister. Glad you are settling in. Get a whistle for Boo. What does diesel think

  6. says

    As a child we had a bell hung on the back porch. When it was time to check in my mom rung the bell and we’d all come running!! We even had special rings for each child. I was three rings!!