What I Want To Be

For our move cross country to the Hemlock Inn, we took Boo out of school 2 weeks early. Her teacher Mrs. Mayfield sent us a large package today with a letter, work missed and awards from the end of school. Included in it was this essay that Boo wrote for a local essay contest in Palm Desert:


Boo's essay on growing up "What I Want To Be" via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

In case the scan doesn’t show up here is the text:

What I Want to Be…
(By Boo Hackshaw)

When I grow up, I want to be a writer. My mom writes in her journal and she writes a blog about our family. I love my mom and what she writes. I like to write stories too. I like to write stories about how my day has gone and how my year has gone.

When I grow up, I want to be kind. I want to be a person who is helpful and who has a smile on their face. I will try to have good manners. I won’t smoke or litter or lie. I would like to be a person who respects others.

When I grow up, I want to be a mom like my mom. My mom gives me gifts of love. She helps me with my homework. She likes to write stories with me.

Growing up is going to be inspiring and imaginative.


She gives me way too much credit in her essay. It’s Brett that does most of the parenting around here.  I feel like I’m mostly hard on her when I need to be giving more gifts of love.  I’m often deep in thought in another universe before I realize she’s talking to me.  Earth to Mom.

I do have three things going for me: I don’t smoke or litter or lie.

Oh, I can’t wait to grow up too…it will be inspiring and imaginative.  That’s a lot to look forward to.

I loved this essay.

Thank you Boo.



  1. Lisa says

    What a precious story. She is intuitive and sweet–following in her mother’s footsteps already!

  2. lindsey says

    Hi Ashley,

    I just started reading lbb this month, thanks to my dear sister who e-mailed your link and said I needed to read your blog. I love it. I love that you are a family of three, living in the trees. Me and my family of three live in the trees as well, though we do it from a little island in Washington.

    I loved this post because I know how you feel about thinking you are mostly too hard on your girl when you should be showing her more love. I think that all the time. And yet she still tells me that I’m the best mom in the world, and yours wants to be just like you. So I think we’re both doing better than we think.

    Looking forward to seeing how your Year at the Hemlock unfolds. It will beautiful, I am certain.



  3. Helen says

    I recently rediscovered your blog and I’m so happy that I’ve found you again. I so admire you for your move. I’m 67 and a mom of 3 and grandma to 4 great children. I had written and journaled for years but stopped 15 years ago when my corporate job took control of my time and my mind. Reading you encourages me to begin again. Thank you.

  4. Shivaun says

    Dear Ashley,

    The excerpt from Boo’s essay is lovely. You are filling her world with adventure. Discovered the Instagram side bar…the sunset photo, Ruby the truck & the Hemlock wedding photos are my favorites.

    The landscape is so green.

    We are having a windstorm in the desert tonight…the palm fronds are flying. Sand everywhere! You are missed, friend.


  5. Beth says

    You have another thing going for you too…

    You are an inspiration to many people you’ve never even met. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt deeply hopeless (it has been a hard couple of years here), and sometimes I’ve thought of you and how much you went thru but how much positivity and hope you shared and it helps keep my self pity and attitude in check. Thank you so much for all you’ve shared. You’ve touched lives.


  6. Nicole says

    She is wise beyond her years and has been taught well by you and the wonderful experiences she has been exposed to. Her life will be all that, I’ve no doubt!

  7. says

    It is a kind girl ! Elle est charmante ! Mais elle a de gentils parents sérieux qui veillent sur elle ! Good end of the week.

  8. Colleen says

    The balance of parenting shifts back and forth. It’s a beautiful balance and will teach Boo what kind of man she wants to spend her life with, in the same way that you and the women she meets teach her how a woman can be.
    Try not to feel negative about discipline! It’s a necessary part of maturity, (and part of your job as a parent, of course, which you already know!) It hurts OUR hearts to be the “enforcer” far more than it hurts them, but loving is putting what’s best for the good our children above other goals (like being our children’s friend ALL the time). Children suffer when they don’t have loving people to kindly, patiently & constructively help them learn how to set limits for themselves!(over & over & over again! hahaha :-) Remember how much work and dedication it takes to learn a new sport? Building a “lifetime tool kit” is part of what you are helping her to craft now! This simplified life you’ve been called to is the perfect place for her to learn what’s really valuable. (“Where your heart is, there also will your treasure be”) and “Man looks at outward appearances, but the Lord looks at the heart”)

  9. says

    Oh, sweet, Ashley. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. Boo’s words tell the real story. What a sweet girl that you and your hubby have!