Things I Saw Today

Things I saw today while wandering around Bryson City.

A flowering vine left to grow wild behind a building downtown. I thought it looked like an elephant:

An Elephant Topiary in Bryson City



Giant sunflowers at Darnell Farms. Brett ventured out to show the scale. We bought bananas and one sunflower for innkeeper Lainey.

Farmer Chad: Well heeyyy there little lady! How’s the writin’ comin’ along?
Me: Slow. I need to come and hang out here for some inspiration.
Farmer Chad: Monkey pickles and a flow-urrr.  That’s an interesting mix.

I need to go and hang out with Farmer Chad more often.

Sunflowers at Darnell Farms in Bryson City, NC


A giant potato in the front of Gil’s bookstore.  The truck driver had to do a 74 point turn in order to park it.  I get anxiety thinking about it….this is the reason I am not a truck driver:

A Giant Potato on Everett Street in Bryson City, The Idaho Potato Tour


  1. Jen Petersen says

    Okay that’s not seriously a potato, is it? I mean, it looks like one from a distance and all but can’t be!? Can it? Am I that clueless about potatoes?

  2. Amy says

    I love everything you write! Needed a good laugh and I got it this morning. I was anxious thinking about that 74 point turn :) And monkey pickles… hysterical!

  3. Quimby says

    It totally looks like an elephant. It reminds me of this great place we stayed in Thailand a couple of months back – the resort owner had a fantastic garden, with elephant topiaries scattered throughout, some sitting, some standing. So beautiful! (We saw a squirrel there too. We didn’t believe it when our daughter said she saw a squirrel – Yeah right, like there are squirrels in Thailand! But there are. Who knew?)