Tooth Fairy Pillow | A FREE Printable

Tooth fairy pillow free printable download by Stephanie Corfee via

Here’s a super-simple square pillow project for your little ones losing their choppers. All straight-line sewing + use of either printable fabric for your inkjet or iron-on transfer paper. Adding a little patch pocket on the pillow back makes for the perfect hide-away space for each precious tooth left for the tooth fairy. This is a great project for you to make together with your little one.

Basic directions are included on page 3 of either PDF download you choose.

Just click on the DOWNLOAD graphic below for the right-reading PDF that you can print onto inkjet-compatible fabric. Or click HERE for the REVERSED PDF file that you can print onto iron-on transfer paper instead.

Two colors: tooth fairy pillow free printable download by Stephanie Corfee via

Sweet Dreams!

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags | a Free Printable

Make your own Halloween Treat bags with this free printable download by artist Stephanie Corfee via

Planning for Halloween at the last minute? These Halloween Trick or Treat graphics are great for trick or treat totes, favor bags and even t-shirts.¬† The free printable is available for download at the end of the post! So many ways to use them: [Read more…]

Bohemian Princess Crown | a Free Printable

Bohemian Princess Crown Download by Stephanie Corfee via

If I had a little girl, I would just love to host a Bohemian Princess party. We’d do a nature walk, and turn our found treasures of leaves, twigs, rocks and feathers into an art project and deck ourselves out in costume jewels. We’d braid each others’ hair and tuck daisies behind our ears. And we’d eat wild berries and cream in big bowls! In that vein, i thought it would be fun to make a little paper crown printable for all of you and your princesses. Have a Boho Princess Party of your own! [Read more…]

Lil Miss USA | A FREE Printable

Lil Miss USA a free printable by Stephanie Corfee via

Here’s a little bit of fun as you head into this long holiday weekend. It’s my Lil Miss USA illustration to download for FREE!

Use it for a Labor Day BBQ hostess gift tag, an iron-on for a cute holiday tee or, print out the B&W version and your kiddos have a fun little coloring sheet!

Click the tee graphic below to download the color image suitable for cards and tees. Don’t forget to click your printer’s MIRROR IMAGE option for iron-on transfers! [Read more…]

JOY Screensavers | A Free Download

Free Joy Screensaver Download by Stephanie Corfee for

I wanted to change up my iPhone screensaver to something bright and cheerful this past weekend. I made this simple art and thought i would share it with you guys as well!

It features one of my paintings that i’ve digitally altered. Then i added the JOY penant overlay using my graphics tablet and stylus. So simple!

Just click the graphic below to instantly download a zip file that contains 2 screensaver jpg files; one sized better for a laptop/desktop computer, and one sized better for a smart phone.


Free Joy Screensaver Download (click to download) by Stephanie Corfee for

Have a great day!

Stephanie Corfee Artist for

Mini Art Prints | A Free Download

Free mini art prints download for diy jewelry pendants and accessories by @stephanie corfee  for

Ashley’s awesome¬† Miniature Resin Photo Charms tutorial made with popsicle sticks inspired my freebie download this week. So….. i totally swiped Ash’s lovely photo from the original post, and turned the charms into mini artworks. Sorry Mr. LBB!

And you can make your own!

Click the image below to download a sheet of 28 perfectly sized squares (.67″ squares for the jumbo popsicle sticks) of some of my artwork. These will make adorable spacers for your instagram photo charms. They will also make this project work for those not (gasp!) on instagram, and even kiddos. Easiest craft ever and ready in minutes!

Free sheet mini art prints download for diy jewelry pendants and accessories by @stephanie corfee  for

Be sure to share photos of your handiwork with us! We love to see them!


Social Media Icons | A Free Download (Updated)

Note: These icons have been updated. I didn’t realize that Twitter had recently rebranded to the bird instead of the lowercase “t” so these icons reflect their new guidelines. -Ashley

Social media icons - free download - via

Ashley had the great idea that I should offer some fun and colorful social media icons for use on your blogs or websites. So, I made a Scribble Set and a Sketchy Set in bright, happy colors.

Social media icons / buttons - free download - via


Click HERE to download the Scribble Set.

Click HERE to download the Sketchy Set.

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie Corfee Artist for

Fun Dollar Coupons | A Free Printable

Fun Dollar Coupons Free Printable via

Here’s a great little gift your kiddos can create for grandparents, babysitters, or even add onto a birthday gift for fun.

My 6 year old gives these to me often. I stockpile them! I love to redeem my “tickle” or “knock-knock joke” coupons with him when he’s in a grumpy mood. It’s guaranteed to get a smile back on his face in no time!

Kids can staple a whole book of coupons together for a very special gift.

And even parents can fill them in to reward kids for great behavior or help around the house.

Fun Dollar Coupons Free Printable via

Just click on the download link below and print to a letter size piece of paper or cardstock. I used light green paper to make our look even more like real bills.

[Read more…]

Boys of Summer Art | A FREE Printable

So many folks asked for a boy-friendly coloring page/tee transfer when i posted the super-girly one last week! So, i asked my 6-year-old son what kind of art HE would like to color on a tee. He pretty much SCREAMED, “Sharks!” So, sharks it is. i know my niece would actually like this too. But it’s only fair i make one with boys in mind, because my poor kiddos always get the shaft when it comes to my art. What can i say? i have a twirly, girly aesthetic and no daughters! It has to come out somewhere!

Anyway, click on the image below for your free coloring page download. Or, if you want a flipped version for use on t-shirt transfers, click here.


Also check out the Summer Love Art for girls!


Happy coloring and have a great summer!

Summer Love Art | A FREE Printable

Summer Love Art Free Printable for DIY via


Kick off school vacation with a summery coloring page to pass the kids’ now-lazy days. This doodle prints perfectly on a plain letter sized piece of paper. OR, print the mirror image onto soft inkjet transfer paper like this. Then iron it onto a white or light colored tee and let your little one color it in with fabric markers. They will be so proud of their wearable masterpiece! It would also be a great project for a summer birthday or pool party!

Boo tested out the new doodle print recently:

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