Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

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12 Easy Christmas Treat Gift Ideas and Printables

A yummy roundup over at Hey Look at Me!

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Christmas holiday food gift ideas with free printables via

Looks for some DIY ornament ideas? Here are some of my favorites from around the web. Click the image to view the gallery and links:

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Babble Roundup: T-Shirts, Shoes and Bridesmaid Dresses

What will I wear today as featured over on

Decision Tree for Deciding What to Wear via

A few roundups over at Babble to check out:

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10 Ways to Re-use old T-shirts via

10 Shoes Makeovers That Don't Look Handmade via

How to Recycle Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses via

And the entire series from last week….purging 5 things a day for 5 days:

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That’s “pet shaming” not “pets haming”…..

Every time Boo runs past Diesel on the couch he snarls and snaps at her…..then Boo dramatically sobs and yells “Diesel, you HURT my feelings.” It adds exponential drama to our day.  So because of the hilarious new trend of “dog shaming” on Tumblr… is Diesel’s shame:

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I asked you to submit photos of your pets behaving badly and I posted them on Babble today.  They are too funny:

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Oh The Places You’ll Go Boo…..

……in the next 365 days.

My daughter’s graduation class photo makes me so proud….and they even printed it on a t-shirt for us:

She’s a mini me. I feel the same way about having my photo taken. [Read more...]

Projects with Socks

I write for….here are some fun sock projects I rounded up for them from across the web!

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8 DIY Projects you can do with socks via


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas!

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The Ultimate Teacher Gift Roundup

School’s almost out! Here are some of my favorite teacher gift ideas from around the web!

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Summer Sewing for Girls

I’ve rounded up the cutest little tutorials and patterns for girls to get you started on some summer sewing!

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10 Ways to Creatively Display Your To Do List

I write daily for’s The New Home Ec. I rounded up some of my favorite ways to display a “to do” list out in the open. Maybe my list won’t get crumpled down to the bottom of my handbag anymore!

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