15 Favorite Beauty Products I Use Daily

15 of my Favorite Beauty Products (that I use daily) via lilblueboo.com

You know when you find something and you just have to share it? That’s how I feel about these 15 items that I use every day.  Some might be a little strange (like kitchen sponges in the shower?) but who cares…..if it works…..right? The best part is that I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot because I’ve never spent less on my beauty products.

See them all in the gallery below with links to more info. I’d love to know your favorites too!

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Styling Short Hair

I promised a few of you I’d do this….just now getting around to it!  I have to give all credit to my friend Tara Lorraine because she is the queen of makeup and hair.  She shows me what to do regarding either and I just copy her step by step.  Now that my hair is getting longer and growing out after cancer I’ve been keeping the sides short and the top longer.  That means getting it trimmed on the sides almost every 2  or 3 weeks.  I’m thinking about keeping it short for a while because, well,…..I’m on TIME for EVERYTHING now!  It only takes me about 5 minutes to get ready.

Here are the products I’m using….you can get them at almost any drugstore:

Easy short hair styling (growing out hair after chemo) via lilblueboo.com

1. Got 2B Spiking Glue (if you live near a Fresh and Easy….they have a great generic)

2. Got 2B Powder (there are a few different kinds…..I think they’ll all work)

3. Molding Wax (really any kind of hair wax)




Styling short hair (faux hawk and after cancer) via lilblueboo.com

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Awesome Beauty Products You Probably Already Have

Last week I stumbled across an easy, inexpensive way to whiten teeth at home via Pinterest.  I became obsessed with swishing with peroxide for a few days and seriously…..I have new teeth.

Random beauty tips via lilblueboo.com


There are a few more I’ve found since and I wanted to share them all with you!  Happy teeth-whitening-leg-shaving-no-more-cracked-heels-or-greasy-hair-faceblotting day!

Click “continue reading” below to see the gallery and links:

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