What I Want To Be

For our move cross country to the Hemlock Inn, we took Boo out of school 2 weeks early. Her teacher Mrs. Mayfield sent us a large package today with a letter, work missed and awards from the end of school. Included in it was this essay that Boo wrote for a local essay contest in Palm Desert:


Boo's essay on growing up "What I Want To Be" via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

In case the scan doesn’t show up here is the text:

What I Want to Be…
(By Boo Hackshaw)

When I grow up, I want to be a writer. My mom writes in her journal and she writes a blog about our family. I love my mom and what she writes. I like to write stories too. I like to write stories about how my day has gone and how my year has gone.

When I grow up, I want to be kind. I want to be a person who is helpful and who has a smile on their face. I will try to have good manners. I won’t smoke or litter or lie. I would like to be a person who respects others.

When I grow up, I want to be a mom like my mom. My mom gives me gifts of love. She helps me with my homework. She likes to write stories with me.

Growing up is going to be inspiring and imaginative.


She gives me way too much credit in her essay. It’s Brett that does most of the parenting around here.  I feel like I’m mostly hard on her when I need to be giving more gifts of love.  I’m often deep in thought in another universe before I realize she’s talking to me.  Earth to Mom.

I do have three things going for me: I don’t smoke or litter or lie.

Oh, I can’t wait to grow up too…it will be inspiring and imaginative.  That’s a lot to look forward to.

I loved this essay.

Thank you Boo.


Boo Blogs: On Life

Editor’s Note 1: Boo says she wants to be a writer when she grows up and has been writing a lot lately. Mostly about horses, Santa Claus and tigers. But, she wrote a blog post last night. I’m not sure it quite fits in editorially to my theme, but maybe a different perspective is good.  When I first read it I had visions of that movie I am David. She wrote it out below, but I liked the personal touch of the rough draft so I’m posting a photo of that.

Life is fun, life is boring.....  #boohackshaw #firstblogpost via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

Life is fun age 1-8.
Life is boring 9-18.
Life is very hard 19-39.
Life is hard 40-69.




Editor’s Note 2: I asked what comes after age 69 and she said:

“People start shrinking.”

“Grandma plays kickball, but I’m not sure what other old people do.”

“Maybe you pay more taxes.  It’s hard to pay taxes when you don’t make any money though.” [Read more…]

What Boo Said – Best of 2013

So yes I keep track of almost every funny thing that Boo says.  Here are some of my favorites from 2013:

Random thoughts by Boo:

Just so you know……it takes 11 months to make a piano.

Do you think we should pray for the devil tonight?

Will you show me some bad drugs one day so if someone tries to sell me drugs I will know not to buy them?

Well you know what John McClain says: “no one’s going to die today.”

The great thing about James Bond is: he never loses.

If Johnny Cash is in heaven then he knows Grandpa.

Dear God, thank you for Iron Man 3, breakfast at Keedy’s, the bank, the Christian Bookstore and my water bottle.

Typewriters are the best invention since the computer!


Made me laugh out loud:

Me: This song reminds me of Brave.
Boo: I’m wearing Brave underwear.

Me: See this guy? He ran the Boston Marathon…he ran for 2 hours straight.
Boo: 2 hours?! without even TURNING?

Me: What should I pack in your lunch?
Boo: Oh I don’t know….chicken balls?

Boo: Oh my gosh….this is the cutest little trashcan!
Me: That is…..a thimble.

Me: Tell me one word that describes you.
Boo: Describable.

Me: Didn’t you want me to straighten your hair this morning?
Boo: No, it’s still too close to the first day of school. I don’t want to confuse anybody.


Sentences Boo wrote in school:


Mommy is going away via lilblueboo.com

I can blow it up via lilblueboo.com


Made me think:

Boo: If babies grow big into grown-ups, and grown-ups have the babies……then who had the FIRST babies?

Boo: I don’t understand….why would someone BUILD a Tower of Terror?!

On constellations:

Boo: Let’s go outside and see the Dipping Spoon.



And of course I couldn’t leave out the house tour (with the controversial gun comment):

And from her Tales from her Kindergarten Diary (find them all here):


And just sweet:

Mr. LBB: She’s a movie star….and he’s just a regular guy….like me.
Boo: Daddy…..you are NOT just a regular guy.

Boo: I think I’d like my room to be the color of your and Daddy’s room.
Me: It already is that color.
Boo: Oh….then….great job. I love it.

Me: I’m so sorry you are coughing so much!
Boo: Thanks Mommy….but it’s not your fault.

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A Tour of the Crib (and 24 tips by Boo)

So I found these on my phone. Boo giving a tour of the house. I love her enthusiasm.

I wish she’d just given me some warning….I would have staged the house for her (or maybe just made the bed).

I came up with some tips based on her new found hobby of impersonating an MTV Cribs host…like the two below:

Re: the gun comment: hypothetically if we owned any guns, they would be under lock and key.

Re: the shoes: she has about 15 pairs, 6 that actually fit, NOT 50. Definitely NOT 60.



YouTube keeps giving me this warning below:

….really YouTube? You think it’s shaky?  Good luck stabilizing that…..


Summer Stitching

I’ve been teaching Boo the basics of embroidery….no fancy stitches yet….just how to split the thread, thread the needle and sew a line.  My mother taught me to sew when I was her age.  It was one of my favorite things to do.

Embroidering with kids via lilblueboo.com #kidsactivities

Boo finished this sweet little sign up last night….I thought I’d just leave it in the hoop and hang it somewhere.

Summer activity idea: teaching kids basic embroidery via lilblueboo.com


The little wicker sewing box was my step-grandmother’s.  I knew I saved it for a reason: B is for Boo.

Boo: Oh my gosh….this is the cutest little trashcan!
Me: That is…..a thimble.


All you need for a beginning sewing project is:

Embroidery needles
Embroidery hoops
DMC thread
Mark-B-Gone Pen
Fabric (or cross stitch fabric)

For your sanity I also recommend: [Read more…]

Wise Beyond Their Years


We were watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie the other day (shocker, right?) and the following conversation took place:

Boo: I’m not afraid of dying….unless it’s not how God wants me to die.
Me: What do you mean?
Boo: Well like if I die from being old like the Indian did…that’s okay…but I don’t want to be killed.

Funny….I feel the exact same way….just never really put it into such simple terms.


I asked for your examples on Facebook yesterday. Thank you for all the replies….many brought tears to my eyes and definitely lots of laughter….here’s some of what you said:



When my son was in first grade he approached his substitute teacher, who was being mean (and had been mean in the past) and asked her if she would like him to pray for her. She declined the offer, but asked him why he had offered. He said “my mommy says we should always pray for mean people because they probably have pain in their heart”. He said her eyes “got wet”. (She was never mean after that) – Karen B.

Profound Things Kids Say via lilblueboo.com


My mother-in-law died in the night. My husband was with her in Michigan. I was with my 3 year old son in NC, watching him sleep. When he woke up, I said, “Baby, Mommy has some news to tell you.” He said, “I already know Grandma died, Mommy. It took her all night to die and get to heaven.” Rachel P.


My husband passed away when our son was 3 and our daughter was 1. My son remembers him but my daughter doesn’t. One day when she was 6 my daughter was in her room crying and I asked her what was wrong. She said, “I’m scared I won’t be able to find daddy when I get to Heaven, I don’t remember what he looks like.” I told her that it would be okay and that he would find her. She said, “I want to live a long time, but I also can’t wait to meet him.” –Alida L.


My daughter talked about my dad, who died several years before she was born, I was crying looking at his pic and she said “Mom, my pappy sent me to make you smile again.” She talks about meeting him in heaven before she was born. She’s told me stuff about him she couldnt know!! Took my breath away! -Lynn S.


My daughter was a twin and her twin brother died at 7 months. When she was about 4 we had visited his grave on his anniversary. We were leaving and she grabbed my hand and said “night night little buddy, Evan, sleep tight.” I started crying and she looked up and said “don’t cry Mommy he said he is alright.” Seriously, melt my heart!  -Jennifer W.


We were at a funeral and my daughter said “Mommy I know we are supposed to be happy when someone goes to Jesus in Heaven, but I sure wish we could all go at one time so no one had to miss anyone.” –Amy O.


My daughter’s grandpa passed away (her father and I are divorced) I told my daughter I was sorry and told her not to be sad he was in heaven. My daughter told me she was worried for her family, she already knew her Grandpa was in heaven. –Joy C.




My same daughter also has a stuttering problem and said told me today her friends at preschool “broke up” with her today because they don’t understand the way she talks. I felt so broken hearted for her and asked her how she felt about it she told me, ” It’s okay Mom, I will find a best friend and love her even if we don’t talk all the time she will just love me anyways.” – Jennifer S.


I was once watching my future step-daughter while her dad was at work. We were playing dress up and she went to put a ring on my finger. As she placed it on my finger she said, “Now you must love him forever.” That was a year ago when she was three and her father and I are getting married in October. –Stacey D.


When my son was about 3, we were driving to the Outer Banks and there were medians full of wildflowers. He looked at me with a serious face and said: “Mom, if I could, I would pick those flowers and spell out the words I Love You with them.” I will never forget that, he just turned 21.  –Candace H.


My son, at 4, created a large lump of Playdough that actually really looked like a human heart. I asked him what he made. He said, “it’s a heart and it can connect to everybody.” –Tamara H.


“Mama–I think your superpower is love.” (Maybe not so PROFOUND, but the fact that I remember it says something!)  -Amy H.


“Mommy when I grow up I want to be a butterfly then I can always fly to wherever you are.” -Deborah T.


My son was 3 or 4. Riding in the car I told him, ‘I loved you with all my heart.” I could see, in the rear view mirror, he was trying to understand the statement. I explained that my love for him filled my heart with my favorite thing (him)! A few minutes passed and I here from the back of the car….“I love you with all my ice cream!” Melted my heart then and to this day when he tells me it. {he is 11 yr!}  -Jane P.




Me: “I’m so sick of cleaning this house!”
Elliott (5): “Then stop cleaning the house…”
Touché ….
-Lauren B.


My 8 year old son (now 16) asked me this: “Mom, if Saddam Hussein were about to be hit by a bus – would you push him out of the way and save him or let him get hit? What would God expect from us?” We had a great discussion and was shocked he would think about this at such a young age. On the other hand, it takes the wisdom of a child to ask a question like this  -Carina S.


We were getting ready for a trip to Florida and I was stressed and up late trying to pack. I was yelling at my husband and I said “forget it, we aren’t going.” A little later the kids woke up and came out to bring me their stuffies to pack. I told them I didn’t know if we were going. My five-year-old son sat down next to me, as I was covered in luggage and laundry, and said, “It’s alright, Mom, it doesn’t matter what you pack. Just go get some stuff from the bedroom and throw it in the suitcase. It’s just clothes, Mom, it just…doesn’t matter.” -Angela L.


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The Eyes Are Watching

Boo: I need a new bed.
Me: What’s wrong with your bed?
Boo: The design….the whole design is just scary.
Me: Scary?
Boo: Yes….the poles have eyes….and huge teeth.  They watch me.
Me: What if we just imagine they are cupcakes?
Boo: Won’t work. People see things in different ways you know.

Point taken. I see them now.  And I think the eyes are watching me too.

Time for a new bed.

Boo: I’d like to keep my sheets though.


We’ve had an issue with eyes today.  While I was teaching VBS today a little boy raised his hand and asked:

Why is the mouse dead on your dress?

He’s right. The mouse does look dead. Now Boo wants to know why the mouse is dead. I don’t have an answer for that.

I also don’t have an answer for this conversation that took place in the car:

Boo: Why does God make bad things?
Me: He doesn’t make bad things…I think it’s about free will. Because we are free to do what we want….bad things can happen.
Boo: But that doesn’t explain tornadoes….

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Tales from a Kindergarten Diary

Boo graduated from Kindergarten last night.  She cried with emotion the entire way down the aisle. Sweet girl.

Remember the notebook I wrote about last year….the one that I leave in the car? It has some funny entries I thought I’d share.  Each day hearing her “most interesting news” from school was the highlight of my day.

Here’s a few of the most important things that happened at school according to a Kindergartner:


Tales from a Kindergarten Diary Entry: Peanuts #booism via lilblueboo.com


Tales from a Kindergarten Diary Entry: Babies #booism via lilblueboo.com


Tales from a Kindergarten Diary Entry: Lizard #booism via lilblueboo.com


Tales from a Kindergarten Diary Entry: 9/11 #booism via lilblueboo.com

Click “Continue Reading” to read the rest!

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It’s A Fish Hole

I just finished organizing all of Boo’s papers from the end of the year and read through the last of her sentences….they aren’t as funny as “I can bloe it up” and “look out people“…. but they still made me chuckle.


I hope it’s not a hostile takeover:


Yes, I go to Michael’s a LOT:


I don’t think she’s forgiven him yet for the coffee mug incident:


Sounds dire right?


Complimenting the teacher:



And I thought I’d start making new Booisms all pretty and bring out some of the archived favorites….no idea what number I’d be on but 231 seems like a good number:

Booism No. 231 via lilblueboo.com #quote #booism


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