Make a Button Art Collage

Boo and I finished her Cinderella button collage this weekend!  I made a time lapse process video filled with our tips and tricks and where to buy buttons:

(here’s the direct video link if you have trouble viewing)


Here’s the finished piece:

Cinderella Button Art Collage via (click through to see the "DIY How To" HD  time lapse video)


Now we’ve got three…..I have a few others in mind right now for the next installment.

Button Project Ideas via (click through to see the "DIY How To" HD  time lapse video)

Here are some closeups of the collage so you can see some of the cool little buttons we used: (click continue to read more….)

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Starting a Project…..of 2,000 Buttons

So here’s a perfect example of how I start a project…..on a whim. I never quite know what I’m going to make each day. It all usually depends on how I feel, what I run into that morning, something I might see in passing. Today is no exception…..since I have chemo tomorrow and I don’t have a ton of energy today I decided to start a project I can do from the couch. Another piece of button art…..recorded for another process video. I have an entire series of portraits I want to do now!



In case you missed the other two pieces Boo and I have made…..check out the process on time lapse video….you’ll see Boo eating ice cream on the artwork in the Mona Lisa one…..and I have LONG hair!