3 Tips for Taking a Beautiful Portrait

Tips for taking beautiful portrait photography #photography by Gayle Vehar for lilblueboo.comPhotographing Beautiful Portraits

Fall is the time when we are taking and having our portraits taken. I just love a beautiful portrait—one that is beautiful to look at and shares something about the person and their personality.

Today I wanted to share 3 simple tips for creating a beautiful portrait that can be used over and over again no matter the season.

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Composing a Better Photo: Rule of Thirds

Composing a Better Photo: Rule of Thirds #photography via lilblueboo.com

Rules. Really?

We had rules in school, we have rules in our homes, do we really need rules for our photography?

As you start to study tips for composing a nice photo, one of the first things you might hear mentioned is the rule of thirds. This rule of composition can be found and applied in almost any visual art—graphic design, interior design, painting, drawing, sculpture, or filmmaking.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

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Composing a Better Photo: Focal Point

Composing Better Photos: Focal Point via lilblueboo.com

All photos need a focal point.  Perhaps this goes without saying.  And, perhaps we all need an occasional reminder!

A focal point is the most important part of a photo.  This is what should grab the viewer’s eye.  There will obviously be other objects in some of your photos.  But the way you compose your photo should make it obvious what the focal point is. [Read more…]

The “OTHER” Automatic Exposure Modes

The Automatic Exposure Scene Modes by Gayle Vehar via lilblueboo.comThe Automatic Exposure Scene Modes
With all the little automatic buttons and icons on the millions of different cameras, sometimes it is hard to know what settings or buttons do what.

If you are feeling a little intimidated by the settings on your camera’s exposure dials, today’s post might be just what you need to easily make sense of all that mess.

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RAW or JPEG: What’s the deal?!

RAW or JPEG: What's the deal?!  #photography by Gayle vehar via lilblueboo.com

If you have a digital camera, chances are good that you have heard these two terms—or maybe even read about them in your camera manual.  Most point and shoot camera’s now have the option to use the RAW file format.

Today, I am not planning to try to persuade you one way or the other, just give you an overview of them both and the reasons why you should or shouldn’t use them.

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The What and When of Exposure Modes

All About Photography Exposure Modes by Gayle Vehar for lilblueboo.com

This summer, my family and I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park.  We were there for several days and did lots of hiking and sight-seeing.

I almost always shoot with my camera on “Manual Mode”—the mode where you choose all the settings yourself.  BUT, on this trip, I found that I slipped the camera into aperture priority—one of the semi-automatic modes on my DSLR camera.

“What is aperture priority?” you ask!

Today I thought I would explain WHAT some of these semi-automatic modes are and WHEN you might want to use them.

All of your camera’s exposure modes are found on the dial on top of your camera.  It looks like this:

All About Photography Exposure Modes (Nikon and Canon Exposure Dial) by Gayle Vehar for lilblueboo.com

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3 Tips for Pretty Background Blur

3 Tips for Pretty Background Blur by @gayle vehar via lilblueboo.com #photography

I love to blur the background of photos.  I am guessing it wouldn’t take too much time on my site to figure that out.  There is just something beautiful about a creamy smooth background or one with nice circle bokeh.

A nice blur to the background also helps set your subject off from the background.

Today I want to share 3 tips for getting better blur in your backgrounds.

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What’s Your Focal Length?

All About Photography Focal Length and Lenses from @Gayle Vehar via lilblueboo.com

Don’t let the fact that I am going to write a whole post here about focal length fool you. Focal length seems like it could be a little boring. It is probably the fact that it is measured in millimeters and sounds all “mathy!” But knowing a little about it can help you use and choose your lenses wisely.

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