Polar Opposites

Max and Diesel couldn’t be any farther apart in personality:

Diesel is mostly cantankerous and grumpy. I guess I might be too if I looked like the cross between an owl and a prehistoric squirrel:


Max on the other hand wants to be a part of everything that’s going on. I set up my camera the other day to catch what happens when I try to do sit-ups. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t approve of any type of exercise unless it includes a leash and the outdoors:

Here Comes the Sun

Every time I think it just might be close to the end for this little guy he rallies. Diesel had his last three teeth pulled two weeks ago and he’s like a new dog. This year he’ll be 14 years old. The vet says that his cataracts are now quite advanced and he mostly just sees us as shadows. Brett has built him a little handicap ramp to help him get on and off the front step. Sometimes he uses the ramp but mostly he tries to jump, maybe to try and convince himself that he’s still young. And sometimes I’ll see him pause for a second, and I’ll say “hold on old man” and he’ll stand there and wait for me to pick him up. His arthritis has taken a toll and it takes a little longer to get up in the morning, but he gets up.


Back in his younger days:


One day I guess he’ll just let us know he’s ready to go. But he’s not ready yet. Today he ran outside to greet us and chased Max around the house a few times. He whines for his toys and tries to carry them around with no teeth. He steals Max’s bones and licks them over and over and over just so he can have the upper hand (because Max is too afraid to steal them back). Yes he might be small, but he has the heart of a big ole diesel engine. And when he gets up each morning we cheer for him, literally. Each morning that he gets up and walks outside to bask in the sun is a good day. Such a simple thing to take for granted. Were you able to get up and walk outside today to bask in the sun? Yes? Hooray.

This Dog

Max just cracks us up…all the time. He’s definitely settled in just fine. He jumps in the shower with Boo. He darts around the house like a maniac. At night he charges like a bull to get under the covers and then throws tantrums in his sleep.



And Diesel is just as cantankerous as ever. He won’t let us take his photo because he thinks he’s getting too old. He is over 100 years now. Almost blind and missing all his teeth. He wants you to remember him in his youth (or until he gets a makeover).

Outgoing Mail

Someone asked the other day about Diesel….because he hasn’t been featured on the blog for a while.  Diesel’s fine….just as cantankerous as ever.  He sits on the back of the couch all day hoping for a visitor that he can sink his teeth into.

In “doggy jail” today to protect the mailman:


Though He May Be Little (A Digital Short)

Smallest dog in the world: Though he May be little video (Diesel the yorkie) via lilblueboo.com

Diesel’s our 2 pound yorkie. He’s turning 12 this year. I think he’s a little superhero….sneaking out at night when we are asleep and saving small animals…..because he’s a vegetarian.  We call him:

“protector of all things good”

He’s kind of grumpy, he hoards toys under our bed, he steals pens and markers, he snaps at most women, he’s lost most of his teeth, he bites the ankles of anyone who comes to the front door……but he’s also a loyal friend who never left my side when I was going through chemotherapy last year. He loves cucumbers and Q-tips. He’s high maintenance and dainty.  We joke that he’s the most expensive dog per pound…..in vet bills.  He once spent a week in an incubator after eating a poisonous mushroom……and later spent a few days in observation after falling down a step (just one stair step).

I’d been collecting clips over the past year and I recently added a song that I thought was perfect. Hearing the song on the Grammy’s last night reminded me to share it with you!

Here’s Diesel’s Lil Blue Boo digital short debut:

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Name That Bird

Poor little Diesel hasn’t been feeling all that well.  We took him to the vet this week and we are going to try a new diet that’s easier to digest and hopefully he’ll be back to terrorizing any front door visitors.  Boo and I have been working on a little Diesel movie and today we had grand plans for shooting…..but all Diesel really did was bask in the sun.  There goes our action thriller…..we might have to lean more towards a “Remains of the Day” type plot….


I think I’ve calculated that Diesel might be the most expensive dog, per pound, ever.  He’s eleven years old and I swear he’s been to the doctor more times than the rest of the family combined.  His parents were 4 and 6 pounds but Diesel never made it past 2.5 lbs at his heaviest.  He’s too small to jump up even one stair.  But, apparently he’s ferocious, because his entire vet file is covered with “caution” stickers.  The groomer has even used a little 1″ muzzle on him….it’s like a muzzle for a gerbil.


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Diesel the Homemaker

If you look closely through the bottom gap you can see little paws…… poor Diesel held captive in Sienna’s cardboard playhouse.
Sienna: Diesel, ANSWER the door when I ring the bell, OKAY?
Diesel: Seriously? It’s been 2.5 years…….when are you sending this kid back where she came from already?!

Diesel the Homemaker via lilblueboo.com

This $19 cardboard house occupied Sienna and her friends for hours today. Best Costco purchase yet.


Our little Diesel…. back from the vet and groomer. He is our 8-year-old grump. He has “CAUTION” stickers all over his file at the vet. Yesterday they made him wear a muzzle….a tiny, itsy-bitsy, 1 inch wide muzzle.

He is an inch taller than a diet coke can.

Ferocious via lilblueboo.com

Is there anything more pathetic looking…..

…..than our 8-year old, balding, 2.5 pound, grumpy yorkie Diesel after a bath? Poor little guy.

Is there anything more pathetic looking Diesel Bath via lilblueboo.com

Okay, maybe the bee costume is more pathetic. Sienna kept telling him to “fly, fly Diesel” and I got worried that she would toss him off the counter…..

Is there anything more pathetic looking Diesel Bee via lilblueboo.com

You might remember when I was asking for prayers back in April because we thought we were going to lose him? Diesel has been doing much better so thank you! He is still getting his teeth cleaned monthly (I, of course, haven’t been to a dentist in years), eating a homeopathic diet (with ketchup) and fighting with his sister Sienna (Diesel is winning). He’s starting to lose all his hair so he could probably use some more prayers 😉