A Beauty Salon Glam Birthday Party with Mini Doll Salon

Beauty Salon Party (with American Girl Salon too!) via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy


I can’t believe Boo is six years old!!!  First off, I want to put a disclaimer on this post to admit that this party is just a little over the top.  I’m not really a party planner…..I don’t entertain a lot…..so Boo’s yearly birthday party is something I really love putting energy into.  Boo knows that while the party is centered around her…..it’s also about bringing our friends together, entertaining them and sending them home with some fun handmade swag.  She also knows that I reserve the right at any time to decide not to throw a party, serve $5 pizza and stick a candle in it!  I love coming up with cute ideas and sharing them with you…..and there are many ways to make a wonderful fun party with only a few elements from this post!

Boo wanted an American Girl themed party (shocker) so we talked about doing something interactive with lots of activities that her friends of all ages would enjoy and came up with the Beauty Salon theme….complete with American Girl-sized doll salon.  I always borrow, recycle and improvise for parties and all of that will come in the “behind the scenes” post to follow this one. I will say one thing about this party…..the doll salon was a TOTAL hit. I was actually surprised…..but the girls had so much fun putting capes on their dolls and primping and fixing their hair.  It was totally adorable and definitely something I’ll put together more often for playdates!

So here we go! I had a vision of what I wanted in my head for the graphics and Stephanie Corfee brought it all to life with her graphic design!  It turned out so amazingly cute that I convinced her to offer it to everyone as a printable in the shop complete with extra graphics to make it fully “do-it-yourself” customizable.


Just a note: we called it a “DOLL” salon party…..and invited Boo’s friends to bring any favorite doll for the salon…..because not everyone has an American Girl (Boo’s only had one for 2 months).  A few friends brought extra American Girl dolls too for those girls that didn’t have one.


Party Decor: Beauty Salon Party (with American Girl Salon too!) via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy


Oh my….the day before the party the wind in the desert was over 30 miles an hour! I couldn’t set anything up until the morning of the party!

DIY Party Decor: Beauty Salon Party via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy

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How to Make a Doll Sized Salon Cape

How to make a salon cape for an American Girl doll or 18" doll via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #tutorial


This morning was Boo’s 6th birthday party!  Before I do the big reveal, I’ll be posting about a few of the things I made for the party. Here’s the first…..salon capes to fit American Girl or other similar sized 18″ dolls! We have two of the 18″ doll salon chairs….and borrowed one from a friend…..so I made three salon cutting capes to accompany them.

To make your own, you’ll need the following for each cape:

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Li’l Miss Mei (with Download)

I made a new little nesting doll graphic for some doll dresses…..introducing Li’l Mei (modeled by Li’l Sally, Boo’s Apple Tree House Waldorf-style doll):

You can use my pirate matryoshka tutorial (with download as well) to learn how to transfer image to doll clothes, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants etc. Feel free to use the graphic for your own creations….just remember that it is for personal use only! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! (Click the link below if you have trouble viewing the graphic)

Pair Li’l Mei with some cherry blossom fabric and you’ve got an adorable combo!

A BooMoose

I love collaborations because they are a chance to create something new by combining my interests with someone else’s. Recently I teamed up with Melanie of The Melamoose Co to create some adorable little doll clothes to fit 15-16″ Waldorf style dolls (Bamboletta, Dragonfly’s Hollow, Apple Tree House etc.) I silk screened some itty bitty little lady bug onto knit yardage and sent it Mel’s way and here is what she turned it into! Introducing….the “BooMoose” collection:

She made an entire mini collection of BooMeese! You can check out preview pics of the other creations on The Melamoose Co Facebook page. They will be listed in her Etsy shop on Thursday, July 1st at 9pm EST. Her little tiny creations sell out in seconds so be on time!

I’ve been having so much fun with my other current collaboration with Stephanie Corfee. Here are just a few of the creations I’ve made with her “When I Grow Up” print:

And since I’ve been working on adding more and more “Big” Blue Boo clothing to my shop (Junior/Women’s sizes), here is Stephanie’s vision for a maxi-length dress using another one of her prints! It’s in the works! I’m working on a detailed tutorial for how I plan to silk screen the bottom portion of the dress.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Lil Blue Boo! Today Boo and I have a photo shoot together (it’s still a secret). I’ve got my air dried “beachy” hair ready and got my fingernails done (they were a little purple from some recent dyeing). Oh yes, I’m wearing a “Geek Batik” printed Lil Blue Boo tunic……

If you are new to Lil Blue Boo, check out some of my screen printing tutorials!

Screen Printing 101

Screen Printing with Contact Paper

Screenprinted Drapes and Pillows

A Little Bit of Everything…..(and a new member of the family!)

I feel like I’ve been all over the place these last two weeks!

I silk screened a limited edition set of silk screened dresses for my Big Cartel shop with matching doll dresses. I made them in every size which is my new plan going forward for limited edition screens….it was a ton of work but so happy with the dresses. I always try to make one for Boo and get some photos of her. My friend Lisa had just taken her daughter to this cool graffiti wall on El Paseo so after pancakes at Keedy’s this weekend we went by and snapped a few photos:

Of course she didn’t want her photo taken….so I just had to snap as she sulked 😉

I’ve been organizing my studio as I move in….it’s coming along. I’ll try to get some photos put up once everything is put away. I finally got around to organizing all my patterns that I use almost every day….I’ll have a separate post on this soon.


Sienna’s been contributing by drawing spaceships on any pattern piece I happen to drop on the floor:

I’ve moved over most of my knits onto the shelves that Mr. LBB built me for Mother’s Day:

I made Sienna’s Butterfly dress…..she’s loving the purple. I had to bribe her with a bowl of Reese’s peanut butter chips to get a photo of her standing still. The quality of Dharma Trading’s spaghetti strap dresses are great. They are a heavier cotton rib so they aren’t see through at all. They run about $10.50 each.

The highlight of the week was when Sienna’s new baby Li’l Sally arrived! For weeks Sienna has been stalking the mailbox: “Is Sally here yet Mommy?” Debra from AppleTreeHouse made the 10″ Waldorf doll for us and we are in LOVE with her.

Debra did an amazing job of matching the unruly curly hair to Sienna’s! I can’t even tell them apart!

Li’l Sally needed some clothes so Sienna helped pick out some knits and we made her a cute little LBB dress:


I sew so many things in a week that I run through a crazy amount of serger blades. I decided to attempt sharpening them myself…..big fail. The low of the week: now my machine has been down…..and my dresses are piling up! Hopefully the new blades come today…..

….because boredom is setting in! We’ve been eyeing Diesel for some time wondering if he could fit into a doll LBB dress. Funny….he is the same size as a 10″ Waldorf doll! Please don’t tell any of your dogs….I don’t want him getting bullied.

This doll dress was a sample and you can win it if you leave a comment on the post announcing the giveaway on the LBB Facebook page! Ends tonight at midnight! It will fit a 15″ doll or stuffed animal and features some of my Lil Blue Boo Citrus silk screen.

Off to check the P.O. box!

Mini Mini-Me

A few months ago a customer asked me to send some dress scraps to Debra at Apple Tree House so that her daughter’s doll could arrive with a matching outfit. Since then it’s been in the back of my mind to make some matching doll clothes to a few dresses. I’m wondering how much more work can I possibly create for myself: Boo has to match me, I have to match Boo, now we both have to match the doll?!

I remember begging my mother to buy me nightgowns at Richway when I was little that came with an identical doll-sized versions for my Cabbage Patch Kid doll…..it was a big deal. I LOVE the little perfect miniature creations that Melanie makes for her Melamoose Co Etsy store (they sell out immediately) and we’ve been talking about a collaboration. I decided to test it out with a twirl skirt and top. This is Abby….she’s a 15″ Pottery Barn doll:

It is a mini version of this larger twirl skirt:

Here is a photo of the new owner of the twirl skirt: Haven. She is a 15″ Bamboletta doll. SO cute! Thanks for the photo Carli!

I made a cute matching set featuring my ladybug silk screen…..and Boo confiscated it immediately. She could care less about dolls and doll clothes UNLESS they are perfect little clones….then she’ll spend all day with them! Here she is begging me not to sell it…..she rarely asks for anything, so of course I caved. She’s worn it everyday this week!

Abby is a great model. I just hold her by the hair and dangle her in front of the camera. Much easier than a human model.

We are waiting on our 10″ doll from Apple Tree House to size clothing for smaller dolls!

I couldn’t resist a Matryoshka silk screen with matching mini-me version:

Changing the subject….I finally started incorporating my new LBB Signature Print into some dresses. I’ve narrowed it down to three favorites for the name (to win the summer scarf)…..which do you like the best?

1. Easy as Pi
2. Q-T-Pi
3. Batik Geek

Flashback: Last summer I launched my Halter Dress Pattern. I was looking through my photos and just loved these. Had to share. Boo looks so young and her hair is so short! If you are looking for an easy beginner pattern for some summer dresses, this one is perfect.

One LAST announcement:

Do you have a Lil Blue Boo long sleeved dress from my shop that you want your little one to wear into the summer!? You still have a few days left to send them in to have the sleeves shortened for summer free of charge! (Must be postmarked by May 15th and include a postage paid return envelope) Contact me if you need my P.O. address.