If You Like Old Stuff Like I Do

Visiting my family in Charlotte, Brett and I went to the mall today. It was like being a fish out of water.

Me: Um, what is this?
Saleswoman: A shrug.
Me: Really? What are the holes for?
Saleswoman: Your arms.
Me: I don’t get it.
Saleswoman: Are you from another planet?

Ok just kidding she didn’t ask me that. She just walked away.

After escaping the mall, we spent the day salvaging a few usable items from a house that is being torn down.  Everyone’s trash is another person’s treasure…especially if you like old stuff like I do. Brett found some old hardware and fixtures, and I found some old newspaper articles in the attic.


Tonight we went to a new friend’s house for dinner, and I warned Boo ahead of time: we are going to a fairytale house, with a garden just like the Secret Garden, gargoyles and passageways, and the library looks just like the Book Thief and it has a staircase just like the Biltmore house. And you should have seen her face when we walked into the library…it was just like when Liesel sees the library in the mayor’s house in The Book Thief.

Boo on the stairs being followed by a Bengal cat:


We ate dinner with our friends Nick and Suzie and Boo asked if she could be excused from the table early, so she could spend time in the library. I’m not sure I’ll ever hear that again. She found The Boxcar Children on the shelf and she was told she could borrow it. Suzie also had this old mail order catalog she’d found and it was in perfect condition. Circa 1915 this catalog would have been right around the time of the Titanic.  The mail order form was still in the center of the catalog, making me want to fill it out and send it in with my 89 cents.


And yesterday we spent some time with my brother and his family. It was my nephew’s birthday. And I actually have a photo of me and my brother for once, although it does look like I’m trying to get away from him, but that was only because I was trying to take a photo with my nephew Carter:


And since we are staying with my sister we’ve spent a lot of quality time with my little niece Leighton.  I get to bathe her each night and we all take turns feeding her and she’s just the sweetest baby. I might just steal her..because I’m pretty sure I’m her favorite person in the whole wide world:


Speaking of old stuff I picked up this really old metal globe last week while thrifting/antiquing. Even my thrifty hubby thought it was a find we couldn’t pass up. Not that we have the space for it right now.



And then there’s just this:



And this:


Four Projects For a Pinterest Party

I had a Pinterest party recently for a few close friends I hadn’t seen in a while. 4 projects from Pinterest….in 2.5 hours.

How to throw a Pinterest party and 4 projects to get you started. Includes free instruction downloads! via lilblueboo.com #mpinterestparty

I thought it would be fun to carve out a morning for them to try something new:

How to throw a Pinterest Craft Party via lilblueboo.com


Here’s what we made, along with four PDF downloads if you want to have your own party:

4 Pinterest Party Craft Projects: Sharpie Marker Art Ornament via lilblueboo.com #sharpie

Here’s the Sharpie station:

Sharpie Marker Ornament Station Set Up for your Pinterest Craft Party via lilblueboo.com


Ceramic ornament from Michaels Craft Store ready to decorate:

Ornaments ready to decorate! Sharpie Marker Ornament Station Set Up for your Pinterest Craft Party via lilblueboo.com

A snowflake ornament:

Make a snowflake! Sharpie Ornament Project for your Pinterest Craft Party via lilblueboo.com


Download the PDF:

Free Sharpie Marker Ornament Tutorial PDF Instructions for a Pinterest Craft Party via lilblueboo.com

1. Materials: Industrial Sharpie, Ceramic ornaments
2. Hand write lettering.
3. Use initial stencils as a guide for calligraphy.
4. Let dry.
5. Hang from tree!
6. Not a step really. Just admire my nice “H”.


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40 Frappucinos

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here.


Boo: I don’t understand, why would someone BUILD a Tower of Terror?

Good question.  The things we do for entertainment, right?!  We spent the last 2 days at Disneyland and California Adventure. Twenty-two of us in total for my mother-in-law Gale’s (Mimi) 60th birthday:


All twenty-two of us the day before we left for Disney….Lisa took a family photo for us….with all the grandchildren in their “Mimi’s grand___” shirts:


We spent the first day at California Adventure….where we went on some pretty tame rides. (Favorite: Soarin’ over California) Boo doesn’t really like rollercoasters or anything scary. She was so brave and tried out the rapids….and cried every time she got soaked (don’t tell her I told you that!). It was so dramatic I couldn’t stop laughing……

The second day was spent at Disney and due to a little cousin peer pressure Boo agreed to go on the Indiana Jones ride. I didn’t even see any of the ride because I was trying to hold her and keep her calm. When we stopped she was literally hyperventilating and through her tears she cried:

I just had a REAL heart attack.

A little later she wanted to try Splash Mountain….the first time was scary but then she decided she wanted to do it again so that she could get her photo taken again (the first time you couldn’t see her in the back)….somehow I was tricked into being in the front. I was so worried about her you can see I tried to hold onto her…..but then if you look closely she’s smiling and making a “hang loose” symbol with her left hand.  She was determined to be caught on camera with a smile on her face:

It’s hard keeping up with her 5 boy cousins….they are all so brave and fearless.  Boo is so sensitive and doesn’t trust machinery (like her mother). But she was so happy just to be with all of them…and they include her in everything. She stays close with my nephew Jackson because he has such pretty blonde hair and doesn’t mind when Boo calls him “she” lol…..


We had a blast.  And you know I love statistics so….

10 cousins
4 bottles of sunblock

3 lost pairs of sunglasses

40 Frappucinos
124 Disney Meals
220 Fast Passes
200 total miles walked

….and then we headed home.


I put together a short story of our 2 days at Disney using the new Disney Story App…check it out here...it’s a fun way to share multiple photos with family and friends and add captions:

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Wow Love It

I woke up this morning and Boo had a little gift for me…she picked it out herself:

little blue bird via lilblueboo.com

My sweet little girl:

mother's day ashley hackshaw via lilblueboo.com

Last night we went out to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. Early in the night, my sister-in-law Jen was using Boo’s room to get ready….she did a final spritz of perfume and walked down the hall.  Boo stepped out into the hall and said in all seriousness, as if Jen had left her the most amazing gift: 

Aunt TT (Jen), THANK you for the smell you just left in my room.

We laughed about it all night.

I don’t dress up a lot and when I walked out of my closet last night in my little black dress Boo lit up and said with amazing enthusiasm: Mommy….wow.  LOVE it.  I’d love a dress with one shoulder. She’s great at compliments.

brett hackshaw and ashley hackshaw via lilblueboo.com

I was reflecting on how much I love being a mother….the little things that Boo does that bring me so much joy every day.  I love watching her wade through everyday life…..I love recording her sayings, her actions, and every little thing I learn from her.  I love reading back on the things my mother wrote down about me at the same age….all those records are such a wonderful gift my mother gave me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Pursuit of Happiness

Me: Why were you crying after your performance?
Boo: Because I was just so happy.

Oh goodness….I gave her my crying gene.

A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage

darlene schacht quote via lilblueboo.com


That is a true story for me.   Today Mr. LBB and I celebrated our 12th anniversary: we went to church, we spent the day with Boo at home, we watched a Netflix movie, we made taco salads for dinner. It was a typical day and one where we are most content.  Over our gourmet (McCormick’s Taco Seasoning) dinner, we came up with a short list of what makes our marriage successful:


A short guide to a happy marriage via lilblueboo.com

Anything you would add to that list?


I love this collage…..one photo from every year since 1997….the year we met in college:


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Mr. Blashaw meet Mr. Hackshaw

Boo’s favorite show on the weekend is Yard Crashers. When she saw her first episode she insisted that Matt Blashaw looks just like Mr. LBB….as I started watching for a second I was like “wait….is THAT Mr. LBB?!” They look so similar! They also have so many of the same mannerisms it’s a little eery to watch the show. Their names even sound alike: Matt Blashaw meet Brett Hackshaw:

Matt Blashaw Yardcrashers vs. Brett Hackshaw (Mr. LBB) via lilblueboo.com


Have you ever met your doppelganger? What famous person do people say you look like? When I was little I always got: Hayley Mills.  Then I got Hillary Swank for a long time.

This Little Piggy

We went to our friends’ anniversary party today and they had a little petting zoo…..it took me forever to catch this little piglet and it squealed so loud I think I may have nightmares. Seriously have you ever heard a piglet squeal?  I held it so gently and whispered in its little ear (as if I were the pig whisperer)….but it still shrieked and I’m sure the translation was “crazy lady torture!”  But the babies were so darn cute I had to hold one.  I even gave each of them a little dip in the water so they’d keep cool and helped them make a little mud bath.

Oh and then Boo braved the mechanical bull.  So did I but I’m not sharing those photos.  I think I may have dislocated a few things.


P.S. The Rainbow dress I’m wearing is from a cute little line in Greece called Heel. that a friend introduced me to.  Quirky and fun! [Read more…]


10:25 a.m. at the McDonald’s Drive Through:

Me: Can I order lunch?
MD: Not until 10:30.
Me: Well, can I order lunch and then just wait?
MD: No sorry.
Me: Ok, then just a diet coke please.


…..5 minutes pass waiting for the cars ahead of me…..


10:30 a.m. at the McDonald’s Window:

MD: $1.08 please.
Me: Can I add to my order?
MD: Yes.
Me: Does your clock say 10:30?
MD: Yes.
Me: Great it’s lunchtime now.


I’m a rule follower. And now I’m happy….with my faux Chic-Fil-A sandwich….because we don’t have a Chic-Fil-A within at least 50 miles of the desert.

faux-chic-fil-a via lilblueboo.com


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Look Out People


Those are two of Boo’s sentences she wrote last week for school.  Fitting for today.  Happy Pi Day.

I picked up Life of Pi the other day…..it said “11 Academy Award Nominations” on the cover.  What it should also have said:

prepare to be traumatized by animals being eaten

Boo’s favorite part….when Pi writes Pi:


You should have seen her eyes light up during that scene.  If Boo hadn’t changed her name to Boo…..I’m pretty sure it would be Pi.  We are beginning the long journey of adding to our family so I’ll keep that name in my back pocket.


We spent the day in Riverside at the Fox Theater watching the play Beauty and the Beast.  Boo gave her first press interview:


I guess it was a busy day because Boo fell asleep while writing out her homework sentences tonight….pencil still in hand:


The precise sentence she fell asleep at:


It’s true…..she did meet a turtle today.  Meet Francis…..a turtle my mother-in-law saved from getting run over.  We were hoping Francis was a desert tortoise….we are looking to adopt one for the backyard.   The moment I saw Francis I knew he was a turtle…the flat shell, green color and webbed feet.  Francis is back in some lush country club lake now. For now we are preparing an application for our “one day” desert tortoise…..and estate planning at the same time because tortoises can live to be 80 years old.




A few other recent sentences I’ve collected from her school work the past two weeks….I guess this would be Vol. 2 (click here to read Vol. 1):

This was the highlight of my night:

That last sentence is “he is smart, but I am smarter.” We are still working on humility.

She also wrote “100%” and then erased it. I guess she assumed the teacher would like her sentences.


General gender:

My dad works with men.
My mom is with the chick.


Should I expect a home visit soon with the next few?

I have no fun.
I cry.

I call this a pity party.



Somehow Boo managed to slip that note out of jail….



Oh lordy.


A few observations:
1. Violence

2. “My dad is my savior” !?
3. I think “sum bud e” is so much more creative than “somebody.”


I may have said “eat or lava” but I’ve never said “eat or leave.”


Um, help work.


I think she meant treat. I would never threaten the help.



I love when Boo does homework and then writes commentary:

He lost his tooth.
I wrote tooth by myself.



And my all time favorite from this week:

Boo, please…….never stop.

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