How to Make Butterfly Wings from T-Shirts

How to make butterfly wings for kids costume using 2 large t-shirts #halloween #butterfly

This month as a Michaels Maker I was challenged to come up with a DIY Halloween costume. I asked Boo what she wanted to be and she gave me an answer that we summed up to be something like a phantom butterfly:

Phantom Butterfly Costume with DIY Butterfly Wings

I wanted to come up with something that was easy to recreate so I used 2 Gildan t-shirts from Michaels (size XXL):

DIY Butterfly Wings Costume

We made the wings and the antennae and bought the masquerade mask from Michaels: move 2

Spray painted costume wings for Halloween

Basically to make the wings I took 2 of the largest size adult t-shirts I could find at Michaels and cut each one as shown (basically using each sideways shirt as a wing):


How to cut t-shirt for butterfly wings


The two shirts cut into two wings: (click continue reading) [Read more...]

How to Make Sharpie Owl Pumpkins



I am a big fan of Mexican art…especially sugar skulls.  I used black and silver Sharpie markers to turn these faux styrofoam pumpkins into owl sugar skulls for my Halloween decor this year.  Michaels is challenging customers to “trick a pumpkin” this year and post the creations to Instagram. Make sure to read more at the bottom of this post on how to enter your own!

If you do a google search for “sugar skull” you will come across a variety of images you can pull ideas from. I make up the doodles as I go along, but starting with the round eyes first:

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas without Carving - Sharpie Doodle Owl

Tip: If you mess up, use a damp Magic Eraser to lightly wipe the area until the mistake lightens or disappears completely!

I used 4 different size pumpkins and made them all their own unique version:

How to decorate a pumpkin without carving it ideas #diy #pumpkin


I used a silver sharpie on the black/chalkboard pumpkin:Decorating a chalkboard paint pumpkin with sharpie


The large pumpkin took around 30 minutes to complete: [Read more...]

Favorite Free Halloween Fonts

Favorite Free Halloween Fonts via


click links below to download:

[Read more...]

A Pumpkin House Number

*Sorry for the lack of posting the last two weeks! I moved to a new server and that took a few days to get all the glitches out. Then I was locked out of WordPress and couldn’t update anything. Finally back on track! Hopefully you find the website a little faster now.  -Ashley

Carving a House Number into a Pumpkin via #pumpkins #mpumpkins #halloween

I usually buy pumpkins that we can use year after year. Sometimes we end up with a fresh one too. Here is a selection from Michaels this year:

Foam Craft Pumpkins via

To carve the foam pumpkin it’s helpful to have a heated craft knife. It cuts it like a knife through butter:


First I cut the lid off:

Pumpkin Carving Tips via #halloween

For this pumpkin I decided to go with our house numbers since we don’t have an illuminated sign at night. I printed out some numbers onto regular paper (just using Powerpoint).

Pumpkin Carving Ideas via


I used a ball point pen to trace them.  A little bit of pressure leaves enough indentation to use as a guide:

Transferring a Design to a Pumpkin via


Then using the heated craft knife I carved the numbers out:

Halloween Decor Ideas via #pumpkincarving #halloween

Add a flameless candle and ready to go!

The great part is that I can re-use it year after year:

Decorating for Halloween Idea via


*This post is in partnership with Michaels Craft Stores. If you would like more information read the disclaimer policy please go here.

Make sure to share your carved pumpkins with the hashtag #MPumpkins.  Tag me too @lilblueboo so I can see what you made!


DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags | a Free Printable

Make your own Halloween Treat bags with this free printable download by artist Stephanie Corfee via

Planning for Halloween at the last minute? These Halloween Trick or Treat graphics are great for trick or treat totes, favor bags and even t-shirts.  The free printable is available for download at the end of the post! So many ways to use them: [Read more...]

Make Your Own Glass Clings

How to Make Your Own DIY Glass Clings Using Tape via for party decor, home decor, table decor etc.

This is a follow up post to the image transfers showed you how to make the other day.  I just wanted to show you another way to use them!  Tape transfers are a great way to make glass clings for party decor or home decor.  In this tutorial I made themed glass votive candles for Halloween and a label for a glass pitcher. My supplies were glass votives, regular packing tape, and a photocopy of Halloween clipart. I’m going to quickly go through the directions because you can also refer back to the original post on image transfers as well. [Read more...]

How to Make a Pieced Block Dress

Upcycled Pieced T-Shirt Dress with Stamped Fabric via

I made this pieced dress for Boo for Halloween.  It’s similar to the Sienna dress style but with a few more pieces:

Foam Sticker Stamp and Upcycled T-Shirt Dress via

It’s one of my favorite styles because I can use scraps of fabric and upcycled t-shirts to make: [Read more...]

Make a Distressed Trick or Treat Sign (A Tutorial)

a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial via

Another Citrasolv project! Using an wood board, some old book pages and a photocopy Boo and I made an easy distressed Halloween “Trick or Treat” sign to add to our decor. I’ve attached my PDF template that you can print off at the bottom if you like….the image is already reversed and ready for transfer!


a distressed trick or treat halloween sign diy tutorial via

(more after the jump)


First we started with an old board:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 1) via

Using some Liquitex Matte Medium as glue I collaged old book pages to the board to make an interesting background:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 2) via

The finished collage:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 3) via

I painted a layer of Clear Gesso to make the background more absorbent to help with the transfer:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 4) via

My photocopy ready to transfer (please read my full tutorial here on what type of photocopy of printout you need for a Citrasolv transfer):



a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 5) via

I used a few thumbtacks to hold my photocopies in place:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 6) via

Then I applied the Citrasolv to the back:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 7) via

…and used the handle of a pair of scissors to rub the back to transfer the image to the background:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 8) via

I did a few letters at a time so the Citrasolv wouldn’t evaporate too quickly:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 9) via

Distressed and spooky!


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 10) via

The finished sign:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 11) via


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial (process 12) via


Download the template here:


a distressed halloween sign diy tutorial and free download via



Glow Stick Lanterns

Boo and I bought some Fourth of July glow sticks and broke into them early. We cut off the ends and dumped the contents in, and shook the jar to coat the sides. (It’s non-toxic.)

An instant glow stick lantern:


Glow Stick Lanterns Tutorial via

We mixed the red, white and blue together and it made a pink/purple-y color. Monday night I think we’ll make separate lanterns for each color!

Update:  I’ve heard from several readers that adding water to the jar helps to keep the glow!  I’ll be doing that next time!

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