Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Lil Blue Boo's 2013 Mother's Day Gift Guide via

1. Ring from The Vintage Pearl 2. Sunglasses from Ruche 3. Personalized Phone Cover from Tiny Prints 4. Mossimo Sandal from Target 5. Portrait Notepad from Pinhole Press 6. Dress from Ruche 7. Lace-Wrapped Rancher from Anthropologie 8. Portable iPhone Charger from Uncommon Goods 9. Makeup from Sephora 10. Monogram Mug from Anthropologie 11. Brag Book from Pinhole Press


Handmade Gift Ideas for Mom

We have gathered some of our favorite handmade gift ideas from around the web that would be perfect for mom this Mother’s Day.

Handmade mothers day gift ideas #mom #diy #tutorial via


1. Paper Flower and Butterfly tutorial from ellinee

2. Balloon Card Tutorial with Free Printable at Free Pretty Things for You

3. DIY Monogram Mugs from Design Mom

4. DIY Labeled Bathroom Jars tutorial and free printable from The Idea Room

5. Painted wooden spoons tutorial from Little Bit Funky

6. Glass jar matchstick holder/lighter from House*Tweaking

7. Personalized Memory Jars from Centsational Girl

8. DIY Baby Masks from Oh Happy Day

9. Breakfast in Bed free printable from The Pretty Blog

10. Mother’s Day Newspaper printable from Martha Stewart.


Hand Stamped Leather Bracelets (A Tutorial)

Stamped Leather Bracelets - DIY Tutorial via

I made some cute hand stamped leather bracelets today. Boo wanted some friendship bracelets:

Stamped Leather Bracelets - small - DIY Tutorial via
And I thought with Mother’s day coming up…..what about some mix and match leather bangles as a gift for a special loved one? Or these would make great party favors:

Stamped Leather Bracelets - all - DIY Tutorial via

I bought the bracelets and alphabet stamp set from the local craft store. You can find larger cuffs here.

Stamped Leather Bracelets - bands and stamps - DIY Tutorial via


The other supplies I needed were a sponge and a mallet:

Stamped Leather Bracelets - step1 - DIY Tutorial via


The first step is to wipe the leather bracelet with a damp sponge (do not soak it):

Stamped Leather Bracelets - wet leather - DIY Tutorial via

Place the bracelet on a hard surface (I do it on my brick patio) and use the mallet to bit the end of the stamp one or two times with force:

Stamped Leather Bracelets - mallet - DIY Tutorial via

The stamp will leave the letter impression behind:

Stamped Leather Bracelets - H - DIY Tutorial via

Carefully space out all of the letters. Then let the bracelet dry out if it is still damp:

Stamped Leather Bracelets - HOPE - DIY Tutorial via

I use Angelus Leather Paints and Dyes to decorate the bracelets:

Leather Paints - DIY Tutorial via

Just apply a coat of paint with a soft brush:

Painting Hand Stamped Band - DIY Tutorial via

Or apply some dye with a dauber:

Leather Stain - DIY Tutorial via

To get a distressed look you can wipe some paint off using a damp rag:

Leather Stain Distressed - DIY Tutorial via

Once the paint or dye is dry I use some Kiwi shoe polish to seal and shine the bracelets….or you can use beeswax and then buff the leather to a shine:

Leather Stain Distressed Polish - DIY Tutorial via

For Boo’s smaller friendship bracelets I cut off both ends of one of the leather bracelets using a box cutter:

Mini Hand Stamped Leather Bracelets - DIY Tutorial via

I don’t have leather tools so I improvised and drilled holes in either end of the bracelet using a household drill:

Adding Hole to Leather Bracelets - DIY Tutorial via

I bought this colorful sued lace from the craft store for the ties:

Leather Lacing -  DIY Tutorial via

A small piece of lace threaded through both sides of the cuff ties it closed:

Leather Lacing with Leather Bracelet -  DIY Tutorial via

Easy gift ideas for anyone!

Stacked Leather Bracelet -  DIY Tutorial via

So many different messages you could stamp onto these:

Stacked Leather Bracelets with Stamped Words -  DIY Tutorial via

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