Fall Table Decor: Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns

Easy Fall Table Decor: Mason Jar Lantern Lights using LEDs #wedding #fall #entertaining #masonjar


This month’s theme for Michaels Makers is fall decor.  Fall is always hard for me because I rarely buy anything orange, yellow or red…all classic fall colors. But…I love acorns and barn wood and moss….so I made these cute little “firefly” inspired lanterns using mason jars and Michaels’ LED string lights (found in the floral section of the store):

diy firefly mason jar lanterns

I also made the barn wood tray and the small rustic twig balls but I’ll follow up with a tutorial on those. The acorns were collected on the Hemlock Inn driveway tonight:

fall table decor ideas and wedding table decor #wedding #falltabledecor #entertaining

To make the lanterns I used a mason jar and a battery operated set of LED string lights from Michaels.  Each set of lights takes 3 batteries and the pack can be tucked nicely into the back of the jar.  I used dried moss to give the inside of the jar an earthy rustic look. The great thing about the lights is that you can leave them on “timer” and they will come on at the same time each night.

diy mason jar lanterns using LED string lights #diy #masonjar #wedding


An easy way to decorate a table for fall entertaining:

fall entertaining decor ideas using mason jars #masonjar #fall


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Turn Children’s Artwork into Gifts


Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Turn Children's Artwork into meaningful handmade gifts with these ideas via lilblueboo.com #gifts #diy #tutorial

Looking for some special gift ideas for the holidays?  I’ve come up with a few ways to turn your child’s artwork into amazing gifts this year.  Boo has a new “how to draw cats” book that she’s so excited about. I asked her to draw me a cat that we could make into some handmade gifts:

Gifts from kid artwork via lilblueboo.com

So impressed by her cute little cat:

turn children's artwork into gifts via lilblueboo.com

Here’s what we made with that one simple drawing:

1. Printed Paper

screen print paper bags and paper via lilblueboo.com


2. Printed Pillow

turn kids artwork into stuffies and stuffed animals via lilblueboo.com

3. A Rustic Piece of Artwork

preserve children's artwork making meaningful gifts via lilblueboo.com

4. T-shirts with Matching Packaging

how to make your own t-shirts and print your own boxes via lilblueboo.com

Materials Needed: (click for source info)
Adhesive Shelf Paper or Contact Paper
Double Sided Tape or Glue Stick
Razor blade or Exacto Knife
Speedball Screen (reusable)
Screen Printing Ink for Fabric and Paper
Small Squeegee or use an old credit card

Things to Print:
Wood Cradled Panel Canvas
(use Minwax Driftwood Stain to make rustic)
Kraft Paper

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Hand Stamped Party and Table Decor


DIY Hand Stamped Party and Table Decor via lilblueboo.com #party #diy #tutorial


In the new issue of Moyo Magazine I wrote a column about DIY Party Decor:



…..a few photos were used from the projects below but I thought I’d share some additional photos that are centered around DIY stamping!  It’s very easy to carve your own stamp…and depending on the theme of your party or gathering a single stamp can carry all the way through:

DIY Carved Stamp via lilblueboo.com


Add tiny accents (dots, stars, hearts etc) with a smaller stamp made from a pencil eraser:

Tiny Accent Stamp from a Pencil Eraser via lilblueboo.com


For these invitations I printed out the “Home Sweet Home” on regular card stock, rounded the corners of each invite and added the stamp:

Handmade Stamped Invitations via lilblueboo.com


Roll some fabric paint onto a paper plate and use it to stamp your table cloth and napkins:

Hand Stamped Table Cloth and Linens via lilblueboo.com


Having a wine tasting?  Stamp a few old book pages with a hand carved stamp:


Wine Themed Table Decor using book pages (Wine Tasting Party) via lilblueboo.com

I wrote an article on wine-themed decor over at Parade:


Also wine themed: tese wine cork stamps….cut one in half and they double as place card holders! (View the tutorial here)

Recycled Wine Cork Stamps via lilblueboo.com


Here are basic stamp carving supplies you might need:

DIY Stamp Carving Supplies via lilblueboo.com #supplies #diy

1. Linoleum Cutter Set

2. Ranger Archival Ink Stamp Pad

3. Speedball 4″ Brayer

4. Folk Art Paint Best Selling Colors

5. Speedball Speedycut Blocks




DIY Subway Art Pillows

Subway Art Pillows: DIY Subway Sign inspired pillows via lilblueboo.com


I’ve been doing some redecorating recently.  I’m taking photos as I go so I can share the before and after with you.  I’m going from beige/beige/beige to grey/white/black…..crazy right? Ha.  My friend Paul came over to give me some ideas and his first suggestion was to carry over the subway art sign I made a few years ago.  Here’s the sign in our breakfast area:

DIY Subway Art Canvas via lilblueboo.com


When I first made this I was inspired by the black and white vintage subway signs from Restoration Hardware (original tutorial here):

Make Your Own Subway Art via lilblueboo.com


I loved Paul’s idea of taking it to a pillow as a similar accent.  I picked a few street names that were important to Mr. LBB and I and here’s the result:

Make Your Own Subway Art Pillows via lilblueboo.com

Diesel uses them as a ramp to get up to his perch:

how to make subway art pillows via lilblueboo.com


I found a pillow cover with a nice thick upholstery fabric from Ikea….and added the white canvas letters.  They are just slightly frayed on the edges giving kind of a vintage feel:

subway art pillow tutorial via lilblueboo.com



You could use freezer paper to paint your letters onto a pillow or cut out fabric letters to make your own.  I have a Silhouette machine so it was so much easier to use that to design and cut out the letters….but cutting by hand would work too.  First, I ironed fabric interfacing/fusible web to the back of my white canvas. Any fusible web should work….but if you are using the Silhouette make sure to use the kind that has the shiny clear look to it so it sticks to your cutting mat well:


Designing my pillow on the Silhouette machine software (see fonts at the bottom of this post!):

The cutting machine:


My canvas was so thick the machine didn’t cut all the way through in places but it was easy to trim:

Silhouette Fabric project via lilblueboo.com

If you don’t have a cutting machine just trace your letters onto the fabric with a disappearing fabric marker and cut them out:

Here my letters are placed onto the pillow cover:

I ironed the letters to adhere them into place (the fusible web on the back is what does this):

Then I carefully stitched each letter with a straight stitch:


It’s easiest to sew the letters all at once and then trim the thread in between as the last step:


Subway Art Pillows via lilblueboo.com


Material & Sources:

Ikea Karlstad pillows in Dark Gray

Silhouette Cutting Machine

Fusible Web

White Cotton Canvas by the Yard



Looking for vintage subway fonts?  Here’s a list of a few I love!  Links are at the bottom of the image:


Subway Art Sign Fonts via lilblueboo.com (links in post) #fonts #subwayart #diy #tutorial #typography


amble / underground nf / helvetica / franchise / lane – narrow / copperplate / bebas neue

Make A Wine Barrel Inspired Tray

DIY Wine Barrel Inspired Tray or Table via lilblueboo.com #wedding #gift #crafts #diy

I wanted to make something handmade and personal for my friends’ wedding recently and I decided on an oversized wine barrel inspired tray.  I used a precut wood table top from the hardward store. They actually come in several sizes. This was the medium size: [Read more…]

Cheap DIY Fixes to Make Your Home More Livable


Katie White from DIY Mother is here to share some simple ideas to live comfortable on a budget!

 Budget friendly home renovation ideas via lilblueboo.com

Our first house was a serious fixer-upper: it was a small two-bedroom, and I’m convinced that there wasn’t a single thing in it—from the carpet to the wallpaper to the dishwasher—that was younger than we were. It was a pretty dismal place to live at first, but we decided to do some research and find ways to liven it up—and after some hard work, we had a real, comfortable home. Here are some of the best ideas we came up with.

Beautify your front entryway

You can really enhance your first impressions by making a few changes to your front entrance. Some of the simplest ideas include repainting your front door and exterior trim, trading up for nicer house numbers (they’re cheap), or even installing new lighting. For a quick, headache-free investment in your home, consider buying a new steel door—on average, homeowners who replace their front doors see their money back with considerable interest (5%-30%) when it’s time to sell.

Budget friendly home renovation ideas: paint your front door via lilblueboo.comKidspot

Open up your kitchen

Kitchens are busy, and it’s very easy to feel cramped and shut in if your home has a small one. Consider a few visual tricks to enhance the sense of space in your kitchen, like installing mirrored backsplash tiles, repainting in light, breezy colors, or removing the doors on your overhead cupboards. Fill the holes with putty, sand, and repaint. By pushing back the visible space to the walls, open shelving can really open up the room. Coordinated dishware makes them look even nicer.

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Home Management System and Free Printable Labels

If you loved Heather’s “Clean Your Room – A How-To Guide” set, you’ll love this for organizing your life…..

Pretty organizing printable sets by Heather B Design:

There are 2 sets available: Important Information and Organize Your Kitchen and you can choose from two different styles: neutral or bright. These are digital files that you can print as often as you need to organize and re-organize your life!


Each module has a neutral or bright color option. Included in each is a plain version for pages as well. [Read more…]