Easy Picture Frame Vanity Tray

DIY Vanity Tray using a Photo Frame


I made this easy little picture frame tray for my fall decor but now it doubles as my vanity tray.  It’s easy to keep clean and dust free and can be made out of any photo frame:


Picture Frame Tray

A collection spot for jewelry and perfume bottles that usually clutter my dresser:

Organization Ideas for Bathroom and Bedroom

Here is the same tray when it was being used to decorate the dinner table for fall:

fall table decor ideas and wedding table decor #wedding #falltabledecor #entertaining

I started with a raw wood frame knowing that I was going to distress it:


I used a “barn wood” technique that I’ve shared before on the blog: How to Antique and Age Wood Instantly.


I used my vinegar and steel wool concoction on the wood: [Read more…]

Holiday Prep

This past week I’ve been working on the annual Christmas Tree I do for Michaels each year.  Most everything was handmade in some form.  I love how it turned out. Will share all the photos in just a few days. Here’s what I’ve been working on:


Rustic Scandinavian Christmas Decor - Dala Horse Print

Rustic Handmade Christmas Decor

It’s way too early to put up a Christmas tree though. I put the tree up last night, photographed it, and then took it back down.  It will be donated to a good cause.  We don’t really have room for a full sized tree anyways so we’ll have a miniature tree this year.  The Hemlock Inn puts up their own huge tree after Thanksgiving. Boo is so excited to help decorate that. She’s told every guest that asks about Christmas that “Mr. Mort (the innkeeper) has to take down the dining room’s ceiling fan for the big Christmas tree!”

Fall Table Decor: Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns

Easy Fall Table Decor: Mason Jar Lantern Lights using LEDs #wedding #fall #entertaining #masonjar


This month’s theme for Michaels Makers is fall decor.  Fall is always hard for me because I rarely buy anything orange, yellow or red…all classic fall colors. But…I love acorns and barn wood and moss….so I made these cute little “firefly” inspired lanterns using mason jars and Michaels’ LED string lights (found in the floral section of the store):

diy firefly mason jar lanterns

I also made the barn wood tray and the small rustic twig balls but I’ll follow up with a tutorial on those. The acorns were collected on the Hemlock Inn driveway tonight:

fall table decor ideas and wedding table decor #wedding #falltabledecor #entertaining

To make the lanterns I used a mason jar and a battery operated set of LED string lights from Michaels.  Each set of lights takes 3 batteries and the pack can be tucked nicely into the back of the jar.  I used dried moss to give the inside of the jar an earthy rustic look. The great thing about the lights is that you can leave them on “timer” and they will come on at the same time each night.

diy mason jar lanterns using LED string lights #diy #masonjar #wedding


An easy way to decorate a table for fall entertaining:

fall entertaining decor ideas using mason jars #masonjar #fall


[Read more…]

Recent Reclaimed and Upcycled Wood Projects

Brett’s been enjoying a new hobby of making stuff.  I look outside and he has headphones on, his shirt off….the chop saw and nail gun spread all over the driveway. He says it’s therapeutic. He’s constantly picking up discarded wood and old pallets to take apart to make containers, furniture and wood canvases.  A resourceful hobby/hubby:

DIY Upcycled Wood Projects - Rustic home decor ideas

I came home the other day and he had made us some new furniture from a few old wood pallets. He has since added arm rests but I’m too lazy to walk outside and take a new photo:

diy pallet furniture - furniture made from pallets

They are really comfortable! Here’s Boo watching the sunset from her new chair:

diy pallet furniture - pallet patio furniture


The signs and posts at the inn were in need of a fresh coat of paint so he spent some of the week working on those to help the innkeepers out a bit as they prepare for their son’s wedding.





The rocking chairs are also looking a little tired and are in need of paint.  This little chair is over 35 years old:


I know that because of the photo my mother took of me in it when I was around 3:


Inspired by a bench at the Biltmore, he made me this:


These are just cows. Nothing to see here except that Brett took the photo. And I love these cows.


He found an old table and some barn wood and used it to make…..

rustic home decor ideas - reclaimed table to computer desk

This awesome skinny computer desk for me:

DIY rustic home decor ideas - reclaimed old table to computer desk

The desk today:

rustic flea market style computer desk - DIY project

He’s cut me lots and lots of wood to make things with. Like this “Mountain Dew” painting:

How to make a hand painted rustic sign


And these “Mr and Mrs” signs for the inn’s wedding coming up:

mr and mrs handpainted barn wood signs for rustic wedding

And just one more for today….this old sign was rotting on one side and ready for the dump.  I saw a little potential in it:


Brett cut it off and secured the remaining top pieces and now it hangs above our fireplace:

rustic industrial home decor

It feels good to get creative again.  I’ve been itching to do some painting again too and Brett has made me a ton of small wood pieces that are just sitting there waiting for me.  Now I just need the inspiration to hit.

I Can’t Say No To Jesus or Mayonnaise

I love finding little places like this:

I think everything in here came from my childhood home.

Stuff n Such Thrift Store Shopt in Whittier

I tend to show a lot of restraint when it comes to buying things but sometimes I cave when it comes to artwork….like when I saw this embroidered Jesus portrait.  Really, it wasn’t my fault…the “lion mane” hair hypnotized me:

Jesus Art and Vienna Sausage by The Crafty Cowboy

The Vienna Sausage painting that hangs above Jesus was a piece I picked up a few weeks ago.  I was in Gainesville and came across a disabled vet selling his paintings.  At first I was drawn to the Duke’s Mayonnaise clock…and then I got to know the artist and listened to his story and, well, I just ended up buying half his tent:

Artwork by The Crafty Cowboy

 The Crafty Cowboy

The mayonnaise clock hangs above my desk.  (I just realized I haven’t shared photos of how we’ve decorated our cottage yet….I’ll try to get to that!)

Mayonnaise Clock by The Crafty Cowboy

I figure I’m just building an amazing art collection to donate to the Getty or the MoMA one day.  I don’t even like mayonnaise…or Vienna Sausage.  But I do like Jesus. And he has a-may-zing hair.  It all evens out in the name of great art.

Oh, I also picked up these tiny “caution” cones for 25 cents.  The squirrels above our house have been pelting me with acorns. I confiscated one….not that it will make any difference to them.

acorns and cones

I wanted to buy these from a box on the side of the road but luckily another lady beat me to them:

puppies for sale in Bryson City

Just kidding. Diesel is an only dog.  But…Donna says there are miniature pot bellied pigs for sale nearby.  I’m going to have to take a look. Just a look.




Neutral Nursery Decor Ideas – Restoration Hardware Inspired

My sister Perry and her husband Justin are going to have a little girl in mid-July.  I’m so excited to have a niece! We visited their house last weekend and the nursery just blew me away.  I love the neutral look of it….so serene and peaceful.

A Neutral Nursery - Neutral Nursery Decor and Ideas - Click through for paint colors and details #diy #nursery #nurserydecor #baby


The crib is the Roselle Crib that she picked up at Restoration Hardware Finale Sale:


Neutral Nursery Decor - The Roselle Crib Restoration Hardware Baby


The wall color is Edgecomb Gray from Benjamin Moore:

Neutral Nursery Wall Colors - Restoration Hardware Inspired - Edgecomb Gray from Benjamin Moore


The cute wall prints behind the crib are vintage Winnie the Pooh book pages from an Etsy shop called Cloud Nine Prints. The frames were from Home Goods.

Neutral Nursery Wall Decor Ideas - Vintage Winnie The Pooh Book Pages


A cute little chair and ottoman that was a gift:

Neutral Nursery Decor Ideas - Restoration Hardware Inspired


I love this vintage Winnie The Pooh that was a baby gift. It’s the Kids Preferred Giant Plush Winnie the Pooh.

Vintage Winnie the Pooh (where to buy)  - Baby Gift Ideas


The chair is the washed linen camelback swivel glider chair with slipcover:

Neutral Nursery Chair for Restoration Hardware Baby Nursery


A sequined pillow:

Neutral Taupe Nursery - Sequined Pillow



The vanity was our grandmother’s.  Perry re-painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White.  The mirror was from Marshall’s and she painted it to match:

A Neutral Nursery - using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Old White


I love how she painted these to look old and uses the vanity as a changing table: [Read more…]

How to Antique and Age Wood Instantly for a Weathered Look

How to Antique and age wood instantly with items you p (weathering wood with vinegar and steel wool)

This is one of my favorite tricks that I use with home decor….a simple solution of white vinegar and steel wool.  You can use it to age brand new wood to varying degrees depending on how the solution ages.

White Distilled Vinegar
0000 Steel Wool*

For the sign:
8″ Oil Board Stencils
Black spray paint

*I prefer the fine graded because it disintegrates faster.

Aging Wood: Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution (steel and vinegar wood stain directions) #diy #tutorial #distressed #antique

To make the mixture you pour vinegar into a bowl or jar and add steel wool (without the soap kind!):

How to faux paint barn wood or antique wood with Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution  #diy #tutorial #distressed #antique

The trick is figuring out how long to age it.  A solution left to age just 15 minutes will produce different effect than a solution left aging for hours, months or years.

Here is a solution left aging for 15 minutes where the vinegar has just started to disintegrate the steel wool.  One or two coats of the mixture leaves just a light gray barn-wood like finish:

Aging and Antiquing Wood (Faux Barn Wood) - 15 minute solution #diy #vinegar #barnwood

Leaving the solution to age a few more hours will produce a darker gray finish:

Leaving the solution to age a few more hours will produce a darker gray finish (steel and vinegar wood stain directions)

I keep varying solutions in jars because if you leave it long enough the steel wool disintegrates completely and the mixture is allowed to produce rust, adding a reddish brown tone.

Aging Wood: Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution  (if you leave it long enough the steel wool disintegrates completely and the mixture is allowed to produce rust, adding a reddish brown tone)


Here’s a ten minute sign I made using a pre-cut piece of wood from the hardware store and 8″ Oil Board Stencils:

Making a sign with pre-cut piece of wood from the hardware store and 8" Oil Board Stencils:


I spaced the letters out and taped them into place together: [Read more…]

A Tour of Our House – Master Bedroom and Master Bath

Next in the house tour: master bedroom and master bathroom.

The Master Bedroom: There’s not much to see…I haven’t really spent any time on either since we first moved in.  The master bedroom was next on our list of projects.  The two dressers and two nightstands were mine growing up. My sister has an identical set. It’s like deja vu when we go and visit her because the furniture is in her guest bedroom. The lamps we’ve had since we were first married 13 years ago…..one was broken and I glued it back together with super glue. No one would ever notice except for me.

The bed we picked up at a furniture clearance…no story behind that. The artwork I made one day out of boredom using some large oil stencils. I had just read a line in a magazine: Please love me. I call it my “Banksy-inspired” street art.  (never heard of him? read here.)

Our master bedroom with Banksy-inspired street art via Ashley HAckshaw / Lil Blue Boo

We’ve always had white linens….and we probably always will.  I love white sheets and white duvets.  Crisp.

Wide angle of Master Bedroom - White Linens, Requisite Gray Walls Sherwin Williams via lilblueboo.com

“Banksy” art in progress:

Banksy inspired street art using large oil stencils via Art Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

@lilblueboo on Instagram

Mr. LBB’s closet is right off the bedroom.  It actually used to be just an overhang on the side of the house.  Since the roof was already in place all we had to do was pour a slab of concrete and reframe the corner of the house to add a large walk in closet. I built his shelves while he was at work one day. I designed and ordered from Easy Closets. All the pieces show up in numbered boxes.  As long as you can follow directions it’s pretty easy.

(Weird thing about this photo is that hanger of ties….there’s about 50 ties.  All 50 ties have disappeared! He doesn’t have a SINGLE tie. We’ve looked everywhere.)

"His" Master Closet via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

Aww….we were so young back in May 2001. We got married in my parent’s back yard, where I grew up, in Charlotte, N.C.  I remember that moment.  I was telling him that the wedding planner was getting on my nerves because she was trying to keep us to a schedule.  I didn’t want to do all the normal wedding stuff just because that was what was expected…we were married, that was it.  Party!

Framed Wedding Photos via lilblueboo.com #weddingphoto #weddding


On my side of the bed is a HUGE “jumbo” FAO Schwartz Patrick. I’m not kidding it’s the biggest stuff animal I’ve ever seen. Boo got it from my inlaws for her first Christmas. But now Diesel has claimed it as his own.  It’s his bed, but he’s so small he just sleeps on the very tippy top of Patrick’s head, in-between the ears. I really don’t want a huge stuffed animal in my room….but I feel bad moving it.  I’m sure prospective buyers are like: oh that’s cute, they have a huge stuffed animal in the master bedroom.

As much as I try, I guess I’ll never be an adult. It feels like romper room.

Diesel on his bed (aka FAO Schwarz Jumbo Patrick)

@lilblueboo on Instagram


At night Mr. LBB tucks him into bed under one of the ears.  My Instagram feed is full of Diesel/Patrick photos:

Diesel on his bed under covers (aka FAO Schwarz Jumbo Patrick's Ear)

@lilblueboo on Instagram


The Master Bath: This is the tub and my sink:

The Master Bathroom - Travertine and Porcelain Tile - Master Bath decor idea via lilbliueboo.com #masterbath #bathdecor

That’s Mr. LBB’s sink and the shower.  His angel was a gift from Boo. No light fixture above the sink….because I haven’t found the right ones yet. I just painted the electrical “pancake” the wall color for now.  We have enough overhead light so it really doesn’t matter.  The door on the right side is my closet:

The Master Bathroom - Walk in Shower - Master Bath decor idea via lilbliueboo.com #masterbath #bathdecor

I picked out all neutral Travertine for all the bathrooms in the house. I like a subtle palette.  All the bathrooms are pretty much the same just with slight differences.  I love love love consistency.  Every single travertine countertop was made from a scrap piece we were able to find at a stone yard.  The angels were from Boo. She loves going to the Christian bookstore with her grandparents to pick out gifts.  You’ll see all my “gifts” toward the end of the post. I’m going to have to rent storage for Boo gifts.

The Master Bathroom - Travertine Scrap Countertops and Backsplash - Master Bath decor ideas via lilbliueboo.com #masterbath #bathdecor


I keep my bathroom counter organized with a ceramic tray:

Bathroom organization ideas - corraling clutter - via lilblueboo.com #bathroom #organization

Next to my sink I made a shadow box to display my grandmother’s jewelry that my Aunt Sharon gave me.  I was really into horses when I was younger….I used to wear the pins when I rode competitively. The charm bracelet is from the 1940’s. I love the story they tell: a Bible, a mailbox, a typewriter eraser, a bell, a baby shoe, a baby carriage, a camera, a cigarette lighter, and a clown.

Bathroom decor ideas, how to display jewelry in a shadowbox - via lilblueboo.com #shadowbox #jewelry

That’s her in the photo below, wearing the bracelet. Love the saddle shoes.

Above the tub is a huge candelabra that was Mr. LBB’s grandmother’s.

Our master bathroom - decor ideas - large candelabra over tub via lilblueboo.com #tub #bath #decor

I found some small glass candles at Target that fit the holders perfectly:

Master bath decor - candelabra c. 1960s via lilblueboo.com

I went through some photos tonight and found this one of Mr. LBB’s mom on prom night 1967. Look what’s in the background:

The large statues were hers too. I remember them in her bathroom when we first got married:

The Master Bathroom - Statues in the tub niche from grandmother via lilblueboo.com

The painting I finished recently.  I didn’t plan it for the bathroom but the niche was empty and it actually ended up fitting perfectly.  A few closeups:

DIY artwork for the master bathroom via lilblueboo.com #diy #artwork


DIY artwork for the master bathroom via lilblueboo.com #diy #artwork

The smaller statue was my grandmother’s.  I rescued it from being thrown out after she died. I found out later she had made it.

Master Bathroom decor - small statue over tub via lilblueboo.com

My aunt sent me this photo of my grandparents in their living room in the 1950’s. There’s the statue.

Aside: I have a slight obsession with placing things in old family photographs.

The shower.  The tile pattern matches the backsplash on the sinks. The bench is where mad-scientist-Boo mixes all of her concoctions of shampoos and soaps:

Master Bath - Walk in Shower - tile pattern mixes travertine and ceramic tile for decorating on a budget via lilblueboo.com

I mixed the real travertine border with ceramic tile….less expensive and easier to clean:

Master Bath - Walk in Shower - tile pattern mixes travertine and ceramic tile for decorating on a budget via lilblueboo.com

This is an old photo and frame I bought close to 15 years ago.  The frame is falling apart but I still love it.  No idea who the children are in the photo.

L.O. Grienwaldt Wall 86 Bremen  - love this unique old frame and photo for the wall decor  via lilblueboo.com #lostphoto #orphanphoto

This is what the back of the frame says.  Maybe it’s a clue to who they are but I haven’t been able to figure anything out:

L.O. Grienwaldt Wall 86 Bremen


We put in a glass door for the toilet but added frosting for privacy. It’s just a film, applied like tinting using a soap mixture.

Master Bath - frosted door for privacy on water closet / toilet via lilblueboo.com


This is what you see as you exit the bathroom. Boo picked it out for Mr. LBB’s birthday last year:

Master Bath Decor via lilblueboo.com


My closet: I built my closet same as Mr. LBB’s only I added drawers to mine.  I ordered it all through Easy Closets. The entire installation took me a full day.  What will you find in my closet? Mostly boots, jeans, and t-shirts. Evy’s Tree hoodies and Ephiphanie camera bags.

My DIY closet - Master closet off the bathroom - built these using Easy Closets  #organization #closet #diy #easyclosets


And Converse:

My shoe rack for Converse - Master Closet via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

All my handbags are hung using shower curtain rings and large office rings. They all just sit there.  I should probably just get rid of them all.  I just lug my camera bag around everywhere.  (what’s in my camera bag?)

3″ Nickel Plated Rings
Chrome Rolling Shower Rings

Master Closet - organizing and hanging handbags in closet via lilblueboo.com #organization #storage #closet


Not much on the top shelves except for the skateboard I made not too long ago.  It hasn’t gotten a lot of use…but it’s pretty.  And those are my favorite boots….the Frye Veronica Slouch Boot:

My closet - DIY skateboard and Frye boots via lilblueboo.com

And that’s about all the clothing I own. I’m thinning it out slowly to the bare basics. I read recently in O Magazine that you really only need 33 items of clothing.  Each day I’ve been removing a few pieces for Goodwill and the church rummage sale.  It’s not such a shock that way.

My master closet - 2 rows of hanging rods via lilblueboo.com


And my closet is where I keep all my tchotchkes…it’s the only place I let clutter accumulate.  Boo LOVES giving tchotchkes as gifts.  Most are from her…a few were gifts from others as well.

Organizing  tchotchkes and trinkets in my closet via lilblueboo.com

The big wood jewelry box was my mother’s/grandmother’s.  It’s pretty much empty because I don’t really wear any jewelry.  I don’t even wear a wedding ring….I’d ruin it with all the paint and tools I use all day.

Vintage Jewelry Box via lilblueboo.com


Is it weird sharing all this?  I guess I’m kind of making a memory for Mr. LBB, me and Boo really…so we can look back on where we used to live.  I kind of wish I’d done this to every house I’d ever lived in.

Thanks for touring!


So far in the tour:

Exterior and Landscaping

Kitchen and Laundry Room

Living Room and Office


Tutorials featured in this post if you want more information:


Home Decor

Organizing and De-cluttering the Bathroom

10 Ways I Keep Organized



How to Make a Custom Skateboard and Custom Grip Tape

A Tour of Our House – Living Room and Office

Now onto the living room and office…which are just off the kitchen.

This is the view from the kitchen down the hallway. You can see the edge of the couch in the living room:

A tour of the living room - photo wall, refinished tv cabinet, lifted couch via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #livingroom #office #diy

The couch seemed a little too low to me so we raised it up (so it would be the right height for the silver side table too).   To raise it up Mr. LBB made some new wood feet, sprayed them black and just used the old feed as a template for drilling the holes:

How to lift a couch 3 inches via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #livingroom #office #diy

This is our TV cabinet. One of the first pieces of furniture we bought as a married couple.  We refinished it last year to the antique distressed look:

Our refinished TV cabinet (distressed ivory) refinished furniture via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #livingroom #office #diy


This is what it looked like before:

The BEFORE of our refinished TV cabinet (distressed ivory) refinished furniture via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #livingroom #office #diy

This is a before photo of the living room with our old brown couch. The paint color of the walls has changed twice.  I think what really dates this photo are the baby bottles on the sink, the baby gate to the office, and my pink flip phone on the counter!

To the left of the previous picture the “lazy susan turned spinning artwork” used to hang. I haven’t figured out where I want to hang that back up again yet.

What will you be today? Dreamy, Joyful, Awesome, Inspired, Iron Man, On Cloud 9, Sweet, a Firecracker, Curious, A Spicy Meatball, or all of the above?

DIY Folk Art Spinning Wheel via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #education #art #diy

I love the new finish on the TV cabinet:

Refinishing Furniture (our TV cabinet before and after) via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo


For the TV speakers to be able to go inside the cabinet, we replaced the wood panels with a linen fabric. I popped out the panels and then used a staple gun to stretch the fabric into place:

Making a cabinet into a stereo speaker cabinet via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo  #diy #electronics

Can you guess what the drapery panels are made out of ?  (they need to be ironed obviously)

DIY Curtains made out of painters drop cloth canvas via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo


My drapes are just 9×12 foot canvas drop cloths.  They were $19 each from Pittsburgh Paint.

How to Make inexpensive drapes / curtains via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo


I used to paint children’s portraits and murals to keep myself busy when Boo was first born.  This is one of the last ones I painted….I thought Boo should have her own portrait since I was always painting other people’s kids:

Children's portraits using layering technique

The original photo. Precious Boo.

I like to paint in a messy, layering technique. Her portrait is layers upon layers sanded down repeatedly. There’s even old stamps and papers worked into the mix:

I picked up this driftwood in the flower district of L.A. It’s actually two pieces that I layered on top of one another to make it appear bigger:

DIY driftwood art home decor via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

This…is an old rustic chicken feeder.

Rustic Home Decor - A chicken feeder

Instead of photo frames I like to display some favorite photos as little beanbags in a large wooden bowl. People like to pick them up and rearrange them:

DIY photo pillows as an alternative to framing photos for display via Ashley HAckshaw / Lil Blue Boo

That’s my decrepit old trunk I found while thrifting. It’s one of my favorite finds. It used to be covered in fabric but it was in such bad shape that it was all ripped off.

An old steamer trunk used as our side table

I’ve love to know where it has traveled:

I’ve been looking for a new coffee table but haven’t really found one I like yet.  I love the metal look of this Restoration Hardware one but it’s a little too shiny for me, and a little out of my budget. I added casters to the bottom of the table below so that it can be easily moved by Boo.

Our coffee table on wheels via Ashley HAckshaw / Lil Blue Boo

This is what our coffee table usually look like….covered with Lego friendsL

Keeping it real.

Adding the casters:

Adding Casters to a table via Ashley HAckshaw / Lil Blue Boo #tutorial #diy


I made the pillows a while back to match the subway-inspired art in the kitchen.  I just bought ready made pillows from Ikea and added the white letters. The streets have significance to our families:

DIy subway art pillows


Diesel in his lounging space:

DIY subway art-inspired pillows ( Ikea Hack ) via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #pillow #subwayart #diy


The living room opens out to the backyard:


In one of the niches off the living room is an old weather vane. It used to hang on my childhood home.  When my parent were selling it I climbed up to the roof and took it down. An identical one is on the roof of Carmel Country Club in Charlotte where my dad grew up caddying as a child, and where we grew up:

Weathervane from my childhood home as home decor via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

The niche opposite to the weathervane holds a rusted reindeer that I decided that I’d leave out all year round, a painting I painted in college,  and the giraffe that Boo and I made using wine corks:

Painting and wine cork project in the niche

The Office. It’s not really supposed to be an office….it used to be a huge sunken living room before we renovated.  Now it’s a dining room, and we just eat in the breakfast nook.  Turns out I’m not really the entertaining hostess I thought I was. The table in the middle is just where I organize papers. The clear file holders I LOVE….and own close to 30 of them.  They keep paper work, books and receipts organized until they can be put away. I got them at the 99 cent store.

My office and all the clutter associated with it!  via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

I made the rustic Coca-Cola sign and the dinosaur pop art painting:

Art made for the office: Pop Art Dinosaur and vintage-inspired Coca-Cola sign via Ashley HAckshaw / Lil Blue Boo


We added the wall to create a division between the butler’s pantry.  The wall was supposed to be made specifically for a china cabinet my parents gave us but it ended up being about an inch too short.  My desk fits right into it. The desk is actually just a 3 foot wide hollow core door that I stacked onto some bookshelves.

My desk against the dividing wall with a hand me down chandelier and a thrift store painting

Here’s when the wall was added. The shelves in the butler’s pantry for all my craft and art supplies was added a few years later.

The chandelier was an old one my in-laws took out of their house:

Another project, a wood pen holder, with a favorite quote…again made to match the “subway” theme around the house:

DIy pencil holder gift idea for a writer or teacher via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

This is the painting above my desk. I bought it for $40 at a thrift store because I was going to reuse the sturdy maple/glass frame for some other artwork. But I ended up hanging it the way it was and it slowly is growing on me. My friend and art dealer Shari said it’s cute.  I think I needed her to reassure me that it was artistic in some way.  It says V. Hollman 1986 in the corner.  Probably someone in the desert….maybe someone know who painted it. It’s actually the only piece of artwork in the main house that isn’t mine. I think I’ll name it:

Inflated Surgical Glove Cacti

Opposite my desk is a table on casters that I painted white.  It’s where I take photos.  It’s also a place for stuff I don’t know what do with yet:

How I photograph indoors: my painted table and lighting

The china cabinet and a piece of chalkboard art I made with some favorite quotes.  The chalkboard was made from another hollow core door:

Large DIY Chalkboard Art

A full photo of the chalkboard:


In the china cabinet I keep books, files and vintage cameras:

Vintage Cameras on Display

I found this huge dresser at a thrift store for $99. It was already repainted too. The red typewriter was a gift from a friend who knows I love typewriters.

I have three of these large wooden garden bins for storing supplies:

Storing Art supplies

Ideas and inspiration are kept in large 11.75×9.25 computation books. It’s my own tactile form of Pinterest:

Inspiration Scrapbooks - my tactile form of Pinterest

I’ve become a bit of an art hoarder.  I paint something and then it just becomes part of another stack in the house somewhere.  I just can’t figure out what to do with them. There’s only so much art you can display. I’m planning some type of art liquidation soon.

My artwork collecting dust

Past my desk is the butler’s pantry…it did not come with a butler. There are two wine refrigerators…even though I do not drink.  Mr. LBB built the shelving for me last year for Christmas. It’s where I store all my art supplies and the wireless printers. Originally I had faux painted the entire house…you can see the remnants on the back wall. We repainted last year. I made the vintage labels for all of the boxes on sticker paper. You can download the template here.

Kitchen Makeover / Renovation - Craft Storage (actually a Butler's Pantry)


My plans for the butler’s pantry was to add a rolling ladder to reach the tall shelves….but that hasn’t happened yet. One thing I kept of my grandfather’s when he died in 2003 was his awesome vintage step stool….so that’s what I use right now:

vintage step stool


One of my pieces of button art. (I’m officially an art hoarder….going to have an art and furniture sale when our house sells….I’d like to lighten our load so I’m willing to part with just about everything. I’ll be putting some vintage and art items in the Etsy shop too to try and get some of it on it’s way before then.)

Recycled Mona Lisa Art (made with buttons) - the wine fridges

The view from the office to the living room.  I love how Diesel ends up in so many photos….just chillin’ out.

The view from my office to the living room

Down the hall to the bedrooms and playroom/old office. That’s my big photo wall….46 photos in all:

The photo wall down the hall (living room tour) via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #photography #photowall #office #diy

I’ve just collected random black frames over the years and the black and white photos are changed out periodically:

Photo Wall via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo #homedecor #photography #photowall #office #diy

On the other side of the hall is some artwork I painted.  Both I did for an art show in college. Funny but at a critique, my classmates and teacher said that they didn’t think it was finished so I added the black “film” boxes in a disgruntled manner afterwards.  Then they said it was great. I used to build all my own canvases back in the day…I love a thick 2.5″ border.

Abstract painting in the hallway by Ashley Hackshaw  / Lil Blue Boo


This painting is 4 feet by 4 feet and is a set of 4 that I did in a series called Reap, Ripe, Rope, Repair. Each painting had some sort of skeletal figure in them and mixtures of glazes/resins over top. The one below was the Ripe painting.  I picked all 4 names on a whim at the last minute.

Abstract painting in the hallway (1 of 4 series) by Ashley Hackshaw  / Lil Blue Boo


They were all kind of creepy and disturbing on some level.

So that’s the living area.  Lots of stuff to get rid of before we move as you can imagine.  I’ll show you the bedrooms and the workspaces soon.



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