Lunch Box Love: Easy Lunch Box Notes from Journaling Cards

I love leaving a little note in Boo’s lunch each morning. I picked up a few packs of those album journaling cards (the kind you put into photo albums) at Michaels. I even found 2 packs in the clearance section!  They are perfect for writing a quick little note on the back.

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Sometimes I write a note….sometimes a quick joke….or even draw a little picture.  Boo told me she saves them all in her desk so I’m pretty sure they will all be coming home at the end of the year.

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The packs are usually have a large variety and about 5 per variety……so you could even buy a few different variety packs and split them up with a friend. [Read more…]

Organizing and Recycling Junk Drawer Contents


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I can’t stand clutter around the house….so my junk drawers can tend to get out of control.  I also have more than one. They are located around the house.


The first thing I do is consolidate all the drawers in one place…..with a large work area.   I use paper plates to sort through everything.  Then I split the items up by drawer and return everything else to it’s right place.  Anything I’m not quite sure what to do with goes in the JUNK JAR. (see the junk jar tutorial here)

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I like for the containers to match the insides of the drawer if possible (makes the drawer look less cluttered)….so I use spray paint to paint various boxes and containers that will fit well:

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My newly organized junk drawers:

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I went through every single marker, pen, highlighter etc to see which were working and then sorted them into bins within these large wood caddies:

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The hardest part about my junk drawers is that I don’t like to throw anything away because I know it will end up in a landfill.  I found everything under the kitchen sink: medications, over 50 dried up pens, tons of old batteries. These are things I don’t want to throw in the trash because:

:: Over 10 billion writing instruments are sent to landfills every year.

:: Over 100 different pharmaceuticals have been detected in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams throughout the world.

:: 3 billion batteries are bought a year…and contain harmful metals that leak into our water and soil.


It takes a little more work to recycle and donate….but it’s worth it.  I created a little recycling station in our laundry room to make it easy on the rest of the family. I painted large coffee tins and added a simple paper label:

(CAUTION: Make sure to wrap any 9V batteries in electrical tape to prevent a complete circuit from being formed. Risk of fire!)

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This can is for random items that need sorting: writing instruments, old blades, medications etc:



Here’s where you can easily recycle items from your junk drawer….the links are below the images.  For office supplies that are still working and in good condition consider finding a local non-profit to donate them to!


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Simplify With A Monthly Household Worksheet

A monthly Household Organization Worksheet for Finances etc. via


A few years ago I created a worksheet for my business to help me keep on top of all the moving parts of accounting, taxes, inventory etc. I was a disaster before….but now I am always on top of everything. I’ve adapted it into a household worksheet as well to keep our monthly finances and other things in order. As technical as I am with computers and smart phones, over time I’ve come to the realization that there’s nothing better than handwritten notes and records. A few things I like about this system:

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The Office Makeover: Craft Storage (Free Vintage Label Download)

Martha eat your heart out. I labeled 70 boxes yesterday with vintage-inspired labels.  It’s part of my big office makeover. I can’t show you the office yet because it’s a disaster. Anyway, it took almost all day to organize the boxes and create the labels but I feel really organized now:

Craft and Art Supply Storage (with free vintage label printable) via

The shelves were an early Christmas present from Mr. LBB.  This area is a hallway behind my office….technically it’s a “butler’s pantry” for serving food and storage but it’s the perfect area to store supplies right off my work area.  The wall space above the countertop was just empty space.  The area used to be a huge sunken living room before we remodeled a few years ago. We added a wall at the end of the room to create the storage space.

Here’s what it looked like two weeks ago:

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Cheap DIY Fixes to Make Your Home More Livable


Katie White from DIY Mother is here to share some simple ideas to live comfortable on a budget!

 Budget friendly home renovation ideas via

Our first house was a serious fixer-upper: it was a small two-bedroom, and I’m convinced that there wasn’t a single thing in it—from the carpet to the wallpaper to the dishwasher—that was younger than we were. It was a pretty dismal place to live at first, but we decided to do some research and find ways to liven it up—and after some hard work, we had a real, comfortable home. Here are some of the best ideas we came up with.

Beautify your front entryway

You can really enhance your first impressions by making a few changes to your front entrance. Some of the simplest ideas include repainting your front door and exterior trim, trading up for nicer house numbers (they’re cheap), or even installing new lighting. For a quick, headache-free investment in your home, consider buying a new steel door—on average, homeowners who replace their front doors see their money back with considerable interest (5%-30%) when it’s time to sell.

Budget friendly home renovation ideas: paint your front door via lilblueboo.comKidspot

Open up your kitchen

Kitchens are busy, and it’s very easy to feel cramped and shut in if your home has a small one. Consider a few visual tricks to enhance the sense of space in your kitchen, like installing mirrored backsplash tiles, repainting in light, breezy colors, or removing the doors on your overhead cupboards. Fill the holes with putty, sand, and repaint. By pushing back the visible space to the walls, open shelving can really open up the room. Coordinated dishware makes them look even nicer.

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Home Management System and Free Printable Labels

If you loved Heather’s “Clean Your Room – A How-To Guide” set, you’ll love this for organizing your life…..

Pretty organizing printable sets by Heather B Design:

There are 2 sets available: Important Information and Organize Your Kitchen and you can choose from two different styles: neutral or bright. These are digital files that you can print as often as you need to organize and re-organize your life!


Each module has a neutral or bright color option. Included in each is a plain version for pages as well. [Read more…]

Organizing Electronics

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This is what my electronics box used to look like. I could never find anything and had no idea which cords went to what. During my organization spree last month I empties out the box, gathered every electronic manual, accessory, software CD and box from around the house and set to work on creating an organized system.


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First I created envelopes for items that are rarely used or need to probably be donated or sold:

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Easy, Eco-Friendly Silver Tarnish Remover


I recently pulled out a bunch of old jewelry and silverware that was in storage and was shocked to see how much tarnish had built up over the last 10 years!

I cleaned it all up easily and without any harsh tarnish removers using an eco-friendly stovetop method. All you need is a large pan (see bottom of the post on how to manage larger pieces of silver), mild dish soap, tin foil and baking soda:

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A Junk Jar (A Tutorial)

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We no longer have a junk drawer in our house……it’s a junk jar. It’s more of an art piece as our discarded and lost junk collects and fills it up:



Instead of throwing items into the back of a drawer, now everyone can see into the jar for what they might be looking for:

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