The Sienna Dress 2.0 Pattern

The Lil Blue Boo Sienna Dress 2.0 PDF Sewing Pattern and Tutorial is here via

Introducing….The Sienna Dress 2.0 ePattern! This is a staple of the Lil Blue Boo clothing line! A versatile year-round dress great for layering or wearing alone. This pattern is great for recycling old t-shirts and making themed dresses. Make sure to check out all the a la carte “add on” options as they are added in the shop to customize your dress into different styles!

What makes this dress different from the original Sienna Dress? Besides a wider range of sizes, The Sienna Dress 2.0 is an improved pattern with a better neck and skirt option. It also shows you how to add trim to the short sleeves. The Sienna Dress 2.0 is divided into two patterns, one for sizes 6M to 4T and one for sizes 5 to 14 Years.


The Sienna Dress 2.0 PDF Sewing Pattern and Tutorial Sizes 6M to 4T via

A staple of the Lil Blue Boo clothing line! The Sienna Dress 2.0 available up to size 14 via [Read more…]

Sewing Pattern Sale

PDF Sewing Pattern Sale via

New Spring PDF Sewing Patterns are coming! To celebrate please take 20% off ALL current sewing patterns at Lil Blue Boo Digital! This includes all of our contributor patterns. We have patterns for almost anything: clothing for girls, boys and women, hair accessories, rag dolls and doll clothing, even an adorable tent. Some of the new contributor patterns we are excited about:


Great selection of patterns for boys and girls from Blank Slate Patterns.

Blank Slate PDF Sewing Patterns via

Blank Slate PDF Sewing Patterns on Sale via [Read more…]

Classic Ruffle Pants PDF Pattern for Girls and 18″ Dolls

Classic Ruffle Pant and Capri PDF Sewing Pattern (Pattern for 18" American Girl Style doll too!) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl


The Classic Ruffles are great for layering, lounging, and any occasion. Pattern includes options for a yoga style or elastic waist, hem or no hem, and pant or capri length.

Classic Ruffle Pant and Capri PDF Sewing Pattern (American Girl matching clothing pattern) Now Available by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

Some feedback from our testers:

“Love the pattern! It’s a great way to sew comfortable ruffles with knit.”

“The sizing was perfect. Pants usually run a little short but these were slightly long and easy to hem so she won’t outgrow them.”

“Love the options for a yoga waistband or an elastic waistband.”

“LOVE the pants pattern!!!!! I need to make about 10 more for this kid! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

“A quick sew and easy to put together!”


Classic Ruffle Pant PDF Sewing Pattern (American Girl size available too) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

Matching 18″ doll pattern too!

American Girl Style 18 inch Doll Ruffle Pant PDF Sewing Pattern (12M to 12 Year Girl size available too) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

The Classic Ruffle Pants
The Classic Ruffle Pants for 18″ Dolls


Photography by:

Monika McSweeney
Paint the Moon
Brenda Acuncius
Bebe Gear



Other new patterns you should check out in the shop!

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The Year in Review 2012

A year is a long time when you look back on it.  My mom was here until today so we all filled out some New Year’s Resolutions sheets and shared them.  Here is Boo’s sheet:


The big thing that stood out to me in Boo’s highlights: “Nothing” was hard this year. What a blessing considering the last two years we had. Boo thinks it was all an awesome rollercoaster.  When I think back 12 months it doesn’t even seem like January was part of this year.  Twelve months ago I was starting the new year with more aggressive chemotherapy.


So, the first real memorable event of 2012 was losing my hair:


I don’t remember much about the rest of the first half of the year…..I attribute that to the “fog” of chemotherapy. My posts were all over the place: Cancer, Parenting, Nothing, DIY, Random, repeat.  As I started to look through posts from last year it was hard to pick out any one thing that stood out…..but based on comments and visits……some of your favorite non-DIY posts were:

White Coat Syndrome

Boo Hack

Lisbeth Saaaahl-Laaahnder

Please Comment or Lisa Will Cry (this one might have been cheating from the title….)

A Confession

A Comfort Shower

Mr. LBB: An Interview

Email Love

Email Love Volume 2

Other People’s Cars

My Life is a Lumpy Circle

Only If You Want To

Why I’ll Never Tell You How To Parent

Little House in the Desert


Apparently poop is popular (based on Google searches to my blog too). Human or otherwise:

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Handmade Gift Ideas

handmade gift ideas for kids and adults from lilblueboo.comPhoto by Olivia’s Ultimate.

Still searching for a handmade gift idea to give this holiday season? We have rounded up some Lil Blue Boo tutorials and free downloads along with several awesome products from our digital contributors that would make great gifts for kids and adults!

Click “read more” below to see the gallery and links:
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The Racerback Tunic/Dress ePattern

A brand new knit sewing pattern just in time for the warmer months: the Racerback Tunic/Dress!

Some reviews from our testers!

There is only one person I’d ever imagine testing a pattern for at 10 PM at night. LBB patterns rock and they’re always a quick and easy sew! – Chrystyna J.

This pattern is simple, fast, and absolutely adorable. An instant favorite. – Megan H.

In true LBB fashion….this pattern is simple and precious! Pure AWESOMESAUCE! – Melanie B.


Photo credit Katherine Ewald of Bebe Gear


Photo credit Katherine Ewald of Bebe Gear


The Racerback Tunic/Dress ePattern & tutorial includes:
: 11 pages of easy to follow step-by-step complete sewing instructions
: 10 pattern pages which include separate patterns for sizes 12-18M, 18-24M, 2T/3T, 3T/4T, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10

The pattern pages print out directly from your computer onto regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper and there are guides for attaching them together.


Click here to purchase the new Lil Blue Boo Racerback pattern!


Happy Sewing! I hope to add a tween/adult sized version of this pattern soon!

The Year in Review

I went to bed early last night, and woke up at 8am….I missed bringing in the New Year but I needed the sleep!  This morning I have this overwhelming feeling of emotion that 2012 is going to be a most amazing year. It’s the first day of the rest of our lives.

I look back with a little bit of shock that so many life changing events could be wrapped up into 365 days:

My father passed away.
I had a miscarriage.
I was diagnosed with cancer.
A 6-inch tumor invaded straight through my uterus.
I came close to death on an operating table.
My cousin-in-law Cole was in a car wreck and is learning to walk and talk again.
I started more aggressive chemotherapy.

I hear all the time: how much more can your family take? I don’t view it that way. I know that God has a plan for us and all of these things are part of it. I look at how much my family has been blessed….many times over. SO many times over. I know I’ve said it many times, but I can choose how to let these things affect my life…..and I choose joy. My dad is in heaven waiting for us, I’m strong and healthy and ready to battle this cancer, the rest of my family is healthy, loving and supportive, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table…..what else could we possibly ask for?! My heart aches for those who are in abusive situations, homeless, hungry etc in this new year…..and I pray for them fervently.

Most of all…..I’m thankful for all of you! The blog took a big personal turn this year…..and I’m so thankful that you’ve kept following. Who would have ever thought I’d be blogging about poop and oral sex and sharing photos of my bum? So much has happened here at Lil Blue Boo and I never could have imagined I’d be so close to so many people I’ve never met in person.  You are so supportive and encouraging and thankful… provide the positive energy that gets me up in the morning to create, blog and give back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am truly humbled. Thank you for helping me to spread the message of “Choose Joy”….to date there are SIX THOUSAND Choose Joy bracelets floating around!

Okay, enough of all the sappy talk….let’s look back at Lil Blue Boo this year:

2011 started out with some of my favorite projects and photo shoots to date….all associated with the Project Run and Play competition. I never turn down a good challenge….so I was completely on board to come up with a new outfit each week:



Early last year, Lisa had just started working full time for Lil Blue Boo. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She’s the glue that has kept Lil Blue Boo running so smoothly: making sure my tutorials are posted right, helping to keep up with email, doing ALL customer service and managing the clothing line. I love her like a sister…..although sometimes she acts like she’s my mother haha. Gicela joined the team to help produce the clothing line.  I’m so proud of everything the team has done!  Along with countless limited editions, we launched the following lines…..all produced in-house…100% handmade this past year:

What the Folk (2011 Spring)
LBB Nautical (2011 Summer)
Boom Town I (2011 Fall)
Boom Town II (2011 Fall)


No idea how, but I managed to publish six new patterns this year:

The Pieced Tunic
The Maliboo Romper

The Perfect Short
The Casbah Carryall
The Reversible Bubble Hoodie

The Sweet Aline

I started writing daily for’s The New Home Ec…’s been a huge workload….but one that I’ve enjoyed because it’s forced me to leave my comfort zone of writing!

I started a few new personal series: Photo of the Day, Boo Style, My Li’l List

And a few ongoing series were started:


I put together ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR tutorials and downloads for the blog in the last 365 days…..that’s an average of 1 tutorial every 3.5 days (you know I love statistics):



A few of my very favorite tutorials from 2011 include:

Ombre Dyed Streamer Garland
Box o’ Princesses and Boyville

Hand Stamped Leggings
The Knit Headband Pattern
The Cascading Ruffle Skirt
The Travel Map Bulletin Board
A Wine Cork Sculpture
Vinyl Tablecloth Rollup Diaper Changer
Folk Art Spin-spiration

A Wine Barrel Lazy Susan
Bohemian Leather Button Cuff

Doodle Shoes


With your help Lil Blue Boo was able to give back this year too!

Your support of Lil Blue Boo allowed us to mail out clothing care packages to over 20 families for Christmas this year.
Your votes helped me raise $5,000 for Shelter for the Storm by winning the Mominations.
We collected over 300 pairs of handmade bobby socks and 100 bows for the children at Three Angel’s Haiti.
You bought $1,365 worth of patterns to help the efforts in Japan.
You donated yards and yards of fabrics, notions and patterns for the children at Three Angel’s Haiti to use in their sewing classes.
You helped me raise $200 for the Liz Logelin Foundation by purchasing Valentine’s dresses.

Amazing. Thank you.


So how will I approach this next year? The same as I did last year: day by day. I never try to plan too far ahead…..I make “bucket lists” of things I want to do and accomplish but I don’t put a timeline out there. The best I can do is try to get through today….and enjoy every minute of it whether I’m sitting in an infusion center getting chemotherapy or spending the day with the family finishing a fun project. I know I freak a lot of people out by walking into my doctor’s office excited to be there…..but I am. I’m happy to just be here on earth for a short while or a long while…..I’d prefer the long while but you never know so I try to live like it’s a short while. I don’t know what God has in store for me and for you this year but I know he has a great plan. Bring it!

Oh….and most importantly:




Hey you…..wanna fight? (Handpainted Applique Tutorial)

I’m so excited to be a part of No Big Dill’s Once Upon a Thread this month!

Earlier this year in the first series of Once Upon a Thread I made a dress inspired by The Giving Tree….it was one of my favorite books growing up. This time around I let Boo pick the book and she chose The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carl.

[Read more…]

A Party Dress (A Tutorial)

How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

I love this fun, sassy dress style! I made this cute circus style party dress for Lisa’s daughter Elle’s recent birthday:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

I made a similar dress for Boo last Valentine’s day (click to see the photo shoot for the V-Graffiti dress):


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

The “built in” petticoat gives the bottom of the dress lots of twirl and volume. I used fabric spray paint and fabric markers to do all the graffiti:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via


I used my Twirl Skirt pattern but went up a few sizes since I wasn’t using stretchy material:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

I cut an identical skirt out of a contrasting material but made it an inch longer for the petticoat layer:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

I cut long strips 5″ wide and connected them together so it was about 8 or 9 feet long…..over twice the length of the bottom of the skirt. I folded the strip in half and sewed the top closed. Then I pulled the bobbin thread to gather the entire length:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

I placed the ruffle as shown on the right side of the petticoat layer and then I sewed the ruffle to the bottom:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

To create the cinching in the top layer of the dress bottom I used a ruler to mark 2 places on the seams……one 6″ above the hem and the other 4″ above the hem:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

Then I used thread to sew through both my markings……


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

……and I tied the thread in knot underneath gathering the fabric into a bunch. I repeated this in several places around the skirt bottom.


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

For the top of the dress I cut about 1.5″ inches off the bottom of a tank top and added a scanned image of a vintage playing card (the same images used on the favor bags). The image was printed onto Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper and ironed on. I sewed the skirt bottom to the tank.


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

To embellish the skirt further I sewed polka dot ribbon and crochet trim on top of the gathered areas:


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via

The finished dress!


How to make a party dress using a tank top or t-shirt via


Click on image below for more circus party posts!

Circus party ideas and printables via