Make a Button Art Collage

Boo and I finished her Cinderella button collage this weekend!  I made a time lapse process video filled with our tips and tricks and where to buy buttons:

(here’s the direct video link if you have trouble viewing)


Here’s the finished piece:

Cinderella Button Art Collage via (click through to see the "DIY How To" HD  time lapse video)


Now we’ve got three…..I have a few others in mind right now for the next installment.

Button Project Ideas via (click through to see the "DIY How To" HD  time lapse video)

Here are some closeups of the collage so you can see some of the cool little buttons we used: (click continue to read more….)

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Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – The Finished Tree

A few weeks ago Michaels asked me to be a part of their Holiday Dream Tree Challenge…..of course I jumped at the chance because I love Michaels and I love a challenge!   I finished up my Dream Christmas Tree for Michaels Dream Tree Challenge…..and made a little HD “process” movie to accompany it!  Here’s a peek at the ornaments I made that you’ll see in the movie:

(Update: I had a few questions on equipment and software I use to film and edit HD videos… here for my list and FAQ!)

Handmade ornament ideas via


Here’s a fun little video I made of all the decor being made and the final tree:



A top view of the finished tree! [Read more…]

Permission to Be Messy (Time Lapse)

I’m taking a week off from The Lil Journal Project….so I can catch up and so any newcomers can catch up as well.  I made this fun time lapse video of some art journal pages to show my process. Notice I don’t put a lot of thought into the pages….I just do it….making a mess as I go.  I love the song too: Lights by Ellie Goulding.

Permission to be Messy (time lapse video) via

So here’s your permission to be messy:

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That was awesome, I don’t know why, but it was awesome.

I made this little movie today for Levi’s over on 1 pair of jeans….and 13 outfits….all using stuff I’ve had sitting in the back of my closet. This wasn’t the easiest thing to do….considering I consider myself the most awkward, uncoordinated 5’11” amazon woman on earth…..

(Note: Make sure to view the Macy’s/Levi’s invite here! I’ll be in San Francisco hosting the September 27th event and would love to meet you!)


A few people asked where I got some of the items…..really? You’re kidding right? Hell has frozen over…..maybe I’ll start a fashion blog. (with all 23.5 fashion items I own)

:: The jeans are Levi’s denim leggings…purchased from Macy’s. They are sold in the store….all they say is “Super Stretch” on the tag.

:: The metallic heels? $17.99 from Payless. Holla.

:: The suede buckle boots were the Buckie Boot from Steve Madden last year. But I found some other awesome boots by Steve Madden on Amazon.

:: No idea where I purchased the off-white crocheted wrap. It’s seriously so old. It’s just a wrap with a piece of yarn holding one side shut……so it’s an easy DIY if you can find any crocheted wrap.

:: The black sweatshirt at the end is Lululemon.

:: The boots in the last outfit were black ankle Uggs.

:: The tops? A mixture of Forever 21 and Old Navy. I only spend money on: boots, jeans, Lululemon. If it falls into any other category….I’m cheap and miserly.



I have no idea what happened to my old motorcycle boots. I must have lost them in a move at some point. So, I ordered this pair as my new winter boots off Amazon…yeah!

Lisbeth Salander eat your heart out.

Steve Madden Frankie Boots via


It was between the Steve Madden ones above or these:

Steve Madden Bandit Boots via


Oh, and for my video, I thought about doing something like the PSY video below…but you just can’t mess with brilliance. Watching this video makes me so freakin’ happy.  Even today in church, when I should have been listening, I was daydreaming about horses, waddling side-to-side dances, neon suits and singing in my head: “heeeyyyyyy…….sexxxxxy laddddy.” Although I did hear Boo speak up when the children were asked what they could do with a silver dollar: use it to make more money. Yeah….Gangnam style….she watches the stock market with Daddy every morning. Oh, did you see the Saturday Night Live skit last night?  It’s like they read my mind:

“that was awesome, I don’t know why, but it was awesome.”

Process: Making of a Choose Joy Necklace

When Erin of The Vintage Pearl decided to make the first Choose Joy Necklace…..I was ecstatic……she’s good people. I told Erin that I wanted to try my own design from start to finish with her blessing…..and I finally finished it.  I started with a sketch, had the master made, and then made the long trek up to Northern California to meet the team that would make it for me.  You see…..when something has this much meaning for me…’s important who has a hand in making it. (I want honest, positive, hardworking energy going into these pieces.) Robert Snell and his team at Snell Casting opened their doors wide open for me…..and I soon knew that they were good people too. I spent the day at Snell Casting as Robert walked me through each and every step in the process to make my Choose Joy design.  We made little changes as we went until it was just as I imagined.

Choose Joy via

So you can see my finished piece at the end of the video……perfectly imperfect. I wanted it to be a distressed and worn piece…..accepted flaws….just like life. Handmade by hardworking employees in the U.S.A.

And now you can watch the process from start to finish….because you know I had to film it so I could share it with you. I spent most of yesterday editing the video and adding the perfect music. Enjoy!



The finished piece measures is around 7/8″ and they are available in the shop. Thank you so much for supporting handmade.

P.S. If any of you are interested in having something cast, please consider Snell Casting.  Robert has an amazing team of artisans…..and he and his team are good people. When you call…tell Frankie I said hi.


Choose Joy via

Starting a Project…..of 2,000 Buttons

So here’s a perfect example of how I start a project…..on a whim. I never quite know what I’m going to make each day. It all usually depends on how I feel, what I run into that morning, something I might see in passing. Today is no exception…..since I have chemo tomorrow and I don’t have a ton of energy today I decided to start a project I can do from the couch. Another piece of button art…..recorded for another process video. I have an entire series of portraits I want to do now!



In case you missed the other two pieces Boo and I have made…..check out the process on time lapse video….you’ll see Boo eating ice cream on the artwork in the Mona Lisa one…..and I have LONG hair!

A Rite of Passage (A Video)

A rite of passage is a ceremony that marks a milestone event.  Hair loss just means that the chemotherapy is doing it’s job….it’s killing the bad cells in my body… just happens to be killing my poor hair cells at the same time. They’ll get over it. It’s just a milestone. It’s just hair. We filmed today to make a little movie. The biggest thing for me is that now I LOOK like I have cancer. It will be a social study over the next few weeks for me. Anyways, I wanted to cut my hair off before it all fell out…..I’d already lost a ton of it. We plan to donate the ponytail…..but Boo couldn’t part with it just yet. We let her keep it as a “pet” for just a bit and then we’ll turn it over to my friend Tara to send off to someone who can use it.

If you missed my last post, my mom shaved her head so I wouldn’t have to go first. It lessened the blow for Boo as well. Thank you Mom. I love you. You are always so selfless and giving. I’m sorry Boo cried at your hair. You are the most beautiful bald woman I’ve ever seen. Now Boo wants us bald all the time and doesn’t like when we wear anything on my head…..go figure. My sweet friend Aileen said my head would get cold….and I didn’t believe her. Aileen, you were right!

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. -Dr. Seuss

The Mona Lisa……in Buttons (Time Lapse Video)

The Mona Lisa button collage via (click through to see the time lapse video!)


I finally got around to making a video of the Mona Lisa piece Boo and I did last weekend!  Here it is….see if you recognize the song (from a movie) before you get to the end of the video!

The Mona Lisa in Buttons from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.


If you missed the Frida video click here to check it out!


Boo Style: A Digital Short

I took Boo to Old Navy yesterday.  She never gets to shop for anything “store bought” and I thought it would be fun to let her get a few outfits for the fall. She calls the mannequins her “other family” and has a slight obsession with the doggy….so I lugged my T1i camera along to test the HD video out.  I love how the video turned out and I love the outfits Boo picked.  We ended up spending $150 and ended up with the most fabulous faux leather riding boots and 7 amazing outfits….some of which Boo pulled from the Boys section!



Here is her $150 wardrobe… a pair of Joe’s Skinny Jeans (which are from her grandparents because I don’t even own Joe’s Jeans):