A Frozen Winter Birthday Party and Free Printables

She’s 7! Here is my last minute “winter” party we put together for Boo’s birthday last weekend. It turned out better than I thought it would for the late start I got!

The background I made using burlap. The snowflakes I cut out of a large roll of drawing paper….as well as the popsicle stick snowflakes:

A Frozen Winter Birthday Party Free Printables with Snowflakes and Snowmen in Turquoise, Light Blue, Grey and White via Ashley Hackshaw / lilblueboo.com #frozen


She’s so big!

The Birthday Girl: A Frozen Winter Birthday Party with Snowflakes and Snowmen in Turquoise, Light Blue, Grey and White via Ashley Hackshaw / lilblueboo.com #frozen


Photo of the party table:

Desert Table: A Frozen Winter Birthday Party with Snowflakes and Snowmen in Turquoise, Light Blue, Grey and White via Ashley Hackshaw / lilblueboo.com #frozen


I made the t-shirts at the last minute…Mr. LBB is always a good sport wearing his: [Read more…]

Instant Photo Booth Printer Hack

Instant Photo Booth Printer Hack via lilblueboo.com


I thought this would be a fun  idea for a holiday party or birthday party….an instant photo booth set up to print the photos immediately.  I use the photo booth app Pocketbooth for my 4-photo snaps.


Pocketbooth app via lilblueboo.com

First I take the 4 photos. Anyone else get unnecessary anxiety in photo booths?


Photo booth app via lilblueboo.com


To maximize paper I cut 2.5″ wide pieces of cardstock.  I used popsicle sticks as the new tray guides because most printer trays do not shrink small enough.  The strips of paper slide right in to their new tray: [Read more…]

Make a Large Lightweight Chalkboard

Chalkboard Art: Make a Large Lightweight Portable Chalkboard via lilblueboo.com #diy #tutorial #chalkboard


You can make an oversized chalkboard for your home, business or school using this easy tutorial. It’s so lightweight almost anyone can lift it and move it around.  I wanted to make this large piece for a large blank wall in my studio…. it doubles as artwork and a photo prop.  I added two quotes to mine to fill up the space.   Total cost of materials was $35. [Read more…]

A Vintage Camera Dress (and Photography Fun)

A new summer racerback dress for Boo…..using a illustration of a vintage TLR camera I did a while back.  I made a few more for the shop as well as a limited edition. Boo playing with Lisa’s twin reflex camera:

New! Vintage TLR Camera Applique Dress (limited edition) via lilblueboo.com



See how to convert a TLR camera to use with your digital camera:

Convert a Twins Reflex Camera using a cardboard tube via lilblueboo.com #photography

Check out these fun tutorials for playing with your camera:
10 Awesome Photography Tricks via lilblueboo.com


Top 10 Party Tips and Behind the Scenes



Lil Blue Boo's Top 10 DIY Party Tips and Behind the Scenes via lilblueboo.com


Behind the Scenes: A Beauty Salon Glam Birthday Party with Mini Doll Salon via lilblueboo.com


Here’s the behind the scenes from Boo’s party and some of my tips for preparing a similar party….or any party for that matter!  You can see the full original Party Post with all the pretty photos here.

The decor was actually pretty simple.

I like to set up one main food and treat table that is the backdrop of the party…..hanging different types of poms.  I bought the pink tissue poms this year but the rest of the poms are from past parties. The lanterns are great because they are large and fold flat easily. I just recycle them all and repaint them if necessary. Spray paint is a great way to get all decor to match perfectly!


The Decor: A Beauty Salon Glam Birthday Party with Mini Doll Salon via lilblueboo.com



I have a sun problem on our patio for early parties….so last year I bought 2 bolts of 108″ muslin to cover the entire patio and block out the sun!  We hang it from the roof (a few gallon jugs filled with water are great to keep it in place if you have a flat patio…..other wise a few nails can keep it up)….it folds up easily for storage too. The best part is that I can pin bunting and other party decor to it…..and you can create a great backdrop for photos.

Creating a Backdrop: Lil Blue Boo's Top 10 DIY Party Tips and Behind the Scenes via lilblueboo.com

I always buy generic type items that can be reused year after year. I also look for items that can be packed away easily in a large bin. I just re-spraypaint items to match the new theme.  I have large white bowls and platters that can be used with any theme. I use large paper mache nesting boxes and hat boxes to add height to the tables (just re-spraypaint them!)

[Read more…]

A Beauty Salon Glam Birthday Party with Mini Doll Salon

Beauty Salon Party (with American Girl Salon too!) via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy


I can’t believe Boo is six years old!!!  First off, I want to put a disclaimer on this post to admit that this party is just a little over the top.  I’m not really a party planner…..I don’t entertain a lot…..so Boo’s yearly birthday party is something I really love putting energy into.  Boo knows that while the party is centered around her…..it’s also about bringing our friends together, entertaining them and sending them home with some fun handmade swag.  She also knows that I reserve the right at any time to decide not to throw a party, serve $5 pizza and stick a candle in it!  I love coming up with cute ideas and sharing them with you…..and there are many ways to make a wonderful fun party with only a few elements from this post!

Boo wanted an American Girl themed party (shocker) so we talked about doing something interactive with lots of activities that her friends of all ages would enjoy and came up with the Beauty Salon theme….complete with American Girl-sized doll salon.  I always borrow, recycle and improvise for parties and all of that will come in the “behind the scenes” post to follow this one. I will say one thing about this party…..the doll salon was a TOTAL hit. I was actually surprised…..but the girls had so much fun putting capes on their dolls and primping and fixing their hair.  It was totally adorable and definitely something I’ll put together more often for playdates!

So here we go! I had a vision of what I wanted in my head for the graphics and Stephanie Corfee brought it all to life with her graphic design!  It turned out so amazingly cute that I convinced her to offer it to everyone as a printable in the shop complete with extra graphics to make it fully “do-it-yourself” customizable.


Just a note: we called it a “DOLL” salon party…..and invited Boo’s friends to bring any favorite doll for the salon…..because not everyone has an American Girl (Boo’s only had one for 2 months).  A few friends brought extra American Girl dolls too for those girls that didn’t have one.


Party Decor: Beauty Salon Party (with American Girl Salon too!) via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy


Oh my….the day before the party the wind in the desert was over 30 miles an hour! I couldn’t set anything up until the morning of the party!

DIY Party Decor: Beauty Salon Party via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy

[Read more…]

Glue Gun Cabochons

How to make glue gun cabochons using silicon molds via lilblueboo.com #diy #jewelry #gift #accessories


Do you have any of these little silicon molds that you use with resin and clay? The one below is one of my favorites…. [Read more…]

Make A Wine Barrel Inspired Tray

DIY Wine Barrel Inspired Tray or Table via lilblueboo.com #wedding #gift #crafts #diy

I wanted to make something handmade and personal for my friends’ wedding recently and I decided on an oversized wine barrel inspired tray.  I used a precut wood table top from the hardward store. They actually come in several sizes. This was the medium size: [Read more…]

How To Make Resin Pendants

How to Make DIY Resin Pendants via lilblueboo.com

Here’s a fun, easy way to make resin jewelry without the scary chemical mixing!  First I bought these silver plated bezels: [Read more…]

Bohemian Princess Crown | a Free Printable

Bohemian Princess Crown Download by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com

If I had a little girl, I would just love to host a Bohemian Princess party. We’d do a nature walk, and turn our found treasures of leaves, twigs, rocks and feathers into an art project and deck ourselves out in costume jewels. We’d braid each others’ hair and tuck daisies behind our ears. And we’d eat wild berries and cream in big bowls! In that vein, i thought it would be fun to make a little paper crown printable for all of you and your princesses. Have a Boho Princess Party of your own! [Read more…]

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