Mini Smoky Mountains

I first picked up these little model railroad figures at a thrift store…and I now I keep a look out for them wherever I go.  Each is about 1/2″ tall and it’s fun to play with the scale of them. That’s all I can think to write about this subject right now….

tiny figures photography - smoky mountain black bears


miniature figure photography - acorn in cones #miniature


miniature figure photography - acorn lounge chair #miniature


miniature figure photography - banjo and grape fanta #miniature



miniature figure photography - window #miniature


A Frozen Winter Birthday Party and Free Printables

She’s 7! Here is my last minute “winter” party we put together for Boo’s birthday last weekend. It turned out better than I thought it would for the late start I got!

The background I made using burlap. The snowflakes I cut out of a large roll of drawing paper….as well as the popsicle stick snowflakes:

A Frozen Winter Birthday Party Free Printables with Snowflakes and Snowmen in Turquoise, Light Blue, Grey and White via Ashley Hackshaw / #frozen


She’s so big!

The Birthday Girl: A Frozen Winter Birthday Party with Snowflakes and Snowmen in Turquoise, Light Blue, Grey and White via Ashley Hackshaw / #frozen


Photo of the party table:

Desert Table: A Frozen Winter Birthday Party with Snowflakes and Snowmen in Turquoise, Light Blue, Grey and White via Ashley Hackshaw / #frozen


I made the t-shirts at the last minute…Mr. LBB is always a good sport wearing his: [Read more…]

Photo Challenge: Days 16 through 23

The Lil Blue Boo photo challenge is coming to an end! Only 2 more days! Here are my photos from days 16 through 23 plus some of your photos as well:

Lil Blue Boo Photo Challenge: my photos day 16 through 23

@lilblueboo on Instagram


Your photos:

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Photo Challenge: Days 7 through 15

The photos from the Lil Blue Boo photo challenge just keep getting better and better! Here are my photos from days 7 to 15 plus some of your photos as well:

Lil Blue Boo Photo Challenge: Days 7 through 15

@lilblueboo on Instagram

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Photo Challenge: Days 1 through 6

I love seeing all the photos from the January photo challenge! It’s just for January, and it’s still not too late to join in when you can. (I’d get bored if we did it every month, so maybe I’ll throw another challenge in mid year?) Also, I’m easy…no rules about posting everyday. Here are my first 6 days plus some of your photos as well:

@lilblueboo on Instagram


January Photo Challenge

Happy New Year! A little creative photo challenge for this month to keep the holiday creativity going.  Each day take a photo using Instagram that you think best signifies the word of the day.  At the end of the month I’ll round up my favorite from each day into a photo collage.  Can’t wait to see what you snap! Make sure to tag me @lilblueboo on Instagram so that I get a notification that you posted a photo (I can only see them if you have a public account, so you can upload just a single photo on Twitter or the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page too if you have a private account).

If you miss a day or only want to participate in just a few days that’s awesome too.  I’m easy.

Instagram Photo Challenge Lil Blue Boo



You can download the challenge printable here:


LBB Photo A Day Challenge for January - Free Download! via

This isn’t my only post for the day either…still wrapping the next one up for this evening.

Instant Photo Booth Printer Hack

Instant Photo Booth Printer Hack via


I thought this would be a fun  idea for a holiday party or birthday party….an instant photo booth set up to print the photos immediately.  I use the photo booth app Pocketbooth for my 4-photo snaps.


Pocketbooth app via

First I take the 4 photos. Anyone else get unnecessary anxiety in photo booths?


Photo booth app via


To maximize paper I cut 2.5″ wide pieces of cardstock.  I used popsicle sticks as the new tray guides because most printer trays do not shrink small enough.  The strips of paper slide right in to their new tray: [Read more…]

Pinhole Photography: Taking a Photo (Exposure Times)

Ok sorry it took me a little while to get to the second post in this series….I took some time off for our vacation. Back to the wide-angle pinhole camera! (click here for the first overview and assembly post ) By now you should have your pinhole camera made and your dark room supplies ordered.  It’s time to take some photos! If you are just stumbling on this post you can find the series from start to finish at the below link:

Your pinhole camera is ready to go!

A DIY Coffee Can Pinhole Camera (Wide Angle) via #pinhole #diy #tutorial #photography

For this type of pinhole camera, instead of 35mm film, you’ll be using B&W photo paper (see the source list at the bottom of the post). I find this much easier and more fun than film. With 35mm film you have to enlarge the negatives….with photo paper you have an instant 5×7 sized negative. There’s one more step to reversing the negative in the darkroom, but you can also scan your negative into your computer and then “invert it” using Photoshop. This is also a great step if you need to tweak contrast or lighting slightly to see your image better.


Once you have your B&W photo paper you can load the camera! Make sure not to open your packet of paper until you are in the darkroom or you will expose it. It is LIGHT SENSITIVE.  (Note: I’m loading the paper in the light below just so you can see it….but this must be done in the darkroom!)

Take a piece of photo paper and place it into the camera as shown. The slightly glossy/smooth side is the side that is light sensitive. Make sure that side is centered facing the pinhole. (The glossy texture will wash away in the dark room trays.)

Make sure your shutter is closed before leaving the dark room!

Loading B&W photo paper into a pinhole camera via #pinhole #diy #tutorial #wideangle #photography

The paper works the best in bright sunlight. Take the camera outdoors and set up the camera facing your subject. Open the shutter to allow light to enter the can and expose the image.  Then make sure your shutter is CLOSED completely.  Don’t open the shutter again until you have the can in the dark room again.
How the pinhole camera works via #pinhole #pinholephotography #photography #darkroom

You’ll have to experiment with exposure times as you start out….but then you’ll get a feel for it. (which is why I recommend multiple cameras….number them so that you can keep track of how long you leave the shutter open for later  comparison)



Here’s a little chart I made that might help as a starting point for exposure times.  [Read more…]

Pinhole Photography: Making A Wide Angle Pinhole Camera

Pinhole Photography: Making A Wide Angle Pinhole Camera via #photography #darkroom #pinhole #pinholecamera

I’ve been teaching Boo about traditional photography.  We did the film thing….now for the photographic paper and dark room process. I’ve used oatmeal box cameras in the past but I think it’s a much faster process with a metal can….so I’ve substituted with coffee cans and paint cans now. It’s actually really easy to create a temporary mini darkroom in a spare bathroom or a small closet. See the bottom of the post for the complete supply source list.

Note: If you think it’s something you or your kid will really enjoy doing…..I recommend making multiple cameras….out of different size cans.  I used to lug over 10 cans around in a box because then I could take 10 photos at one location without having to worry about reloading film paper until I get home.  Then you can experiment with exposure times.  Number the cans so you can make notes and compare.


The cool thing about the cameras I’m making in this post is that because of the curved shape…..they are the same as a wide angle lens.

A self portrait by Boo with her American Girl dolls:

Pinhole Photos via #photography #darkroom #pinhole #pinholecamera

A photo of Boo’s toy horses:

pinhole photographers


pinhole photo gallery

The B&W paper produces a negative.  I usually scan it into Photoshop (or any photo program) and invert the image to produce the print.  I will also be doing a post about making the actual prints from the negative. It’s just involves an additional processing step in the darkroom:

Using photographic paper as film

Developing her photos:

Developing and Printing Pinhole Photos via #photography #darkroom #pinhole #pinholecamera


To make your pinhole camera you will need a metal coffee can or paint can. It’s nice to make more than one camera because you can reload and develop film paper in batches in your dark room:

making a pinhole camera for kids


Other supplies you’ll need:

Black Spraypaint (flat/matte)
Wood Clothespin
A few small sewing needles
Super fine sandpaper or a fine nail file
A sheet of card stock
A small strip of cardboard (like from a flat mailer)
Electrical tape
A piece of black construction paper
Black Sharpie Marker

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July 2013 Dress of the Month

Introducing the July Dress of the Month along with the pre-order listing for the August dress! The month of the July will include a French themed dress along with a coordinating beret and two double sided trading cards (one for a friend!) to collect or frame. The trading card this month includes the colors of the rainbow in French on the front and fun, interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower on the back.

July 2013 Dress of the Month - French Theme via


Purchase the July dress of the month at any time as long as limited supplies last. However, when you pre-order the following month’s dress you will guarantee your size. You will also receive free shipping. I’ve even given you a hint of next month’s theme!


Lil Blue Boo July 2013 Dress of the Month: What you will get via

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