Easy Doll Clothing Storage Rack

How to make a doll clothing rack (doll wardrobe) via lilblueboo.com #diy #tutorial #americangirl


Isn’t this cute? A miniature clothing rack for Boo’s doll clothing. I made it for her birthday party knowing that it would also be used afterwards!

DIY doll clothing storage via lilblueboo.com #diy #tutorial #americangirl

The top part serves as a clothing rack and the bottom hold shoes and accessories:

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Cyanotype Blueprints

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When Boo and I were making our pinhole camera I wanted to teach her how 35mm film worked.  I gave her this pack of cyanotype fabric and let her decide what to use from around the house to make her prints. Cyanotype is what they used to reproduce blueprints and diagrams a hundred years ago or more……those pretty architectural type drawings you wish you’d find in a thrift store one day (or at least I’m always looking for them!)? Cyanotype is basically a photographic printing process that results in a blue or “cyan” print.

Blueprints on Fabric via lilblueboo.com


I gave Boo a clipboard to lay the fabric on as she took each piece one at a time out of the “light proof” bag (it took a few reminders that she had to make sure to close it back up carefully):

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The Office Makeover: Craft Storage (Free Vintage Label Download)

Martha eat your heart out. I labeled 70 boxes yesterday with vintage-inspired labels.  It’s part of my big office makeover. I can’t show you the office yet because it’s a disaster. Anyway, it took almost all day to organize the boxes and create the labels but I feel really organized now:

Craft and Art Supply Storage (with free vintage label printable) via lilblueboo.com

The shelves were an early Christmas present from Mr. LBB.  This area is a hallway behind my office….technically it’s a “butler’s pantry” for serving food and storage but it’s the perfect area to store supplies right off my work area.  The wall space above the countertop was just empty space.  The area used to be a huge sunken living room before we remodeled a few years ago. We added a wall at the end of the room to create the storage space.

Here’s what it looked like two weeks ago:

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The Gift of Journaling (DIY Journal Kit and Artwork Download)

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I wanted to do a version of the DIY Art Kit but for a “journal” version so that it could be used for gifts.  My artist friend Stephanie Corfee was so helpful in making the free artwork download for it. She made the large labels and small labels for labeling all the contents! [Read more…]

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – The Finished Tree

A few weeks ago Michaels asked me to be a part of their Holiday Dream Tree Challenge…..of course I jumped at the chance because I love Michaels and I love a challenge!   I finished up my Dream Christmas Tree for Michaels Dream Tree Challenge…..and made a little HD “process” movie to accompany it!  Here’s a peek at the ornaments I made that you’ll see in the movie:

(Update: I had a few questions on equipment and software I use to film and edit HD videos…..click here for my list and FAQ!)

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Here’s a fun little video I made of all the decor being made and the final tree:



A top view of the finished tree! [Read more…]

Turning Old Books and Papers into Doilies


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I recently had the chance to try out a new product that Martha Stewart Crafts is introducing…..the Circle Edge Punch!

The Circle Edge Punch by Martha Stewart Crafts via lilblueboo.com

I knew exactly what I’d do with it the second I got it. I have so many old books, magazines and vintage papers stacking up…..calling my name for a project…..and I used them to make these little themes doily packs for a crafty hostess-type gift:

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Each packet is completely different and one of a kind.  I think I would snatch them right up if I saw them in a store:

How to make your own doilies via lilblueboo.com #diy #doily #marthastewart

First, I gathered some old art books:

Things to make with old books via lilblueboo.com #diy #recycled #upcycled

I have so many “bargain” picture art books just ready to be made into something:

Recycled Book Project Ideas via lilblueboo.com

Not to mention vintage maps, papers and sheet music:

Recycled MAP Project Ideas via lilblueboo.com

I think I am officially a hoarder for keeping all these vintage magazine ads:

Book Pages Project Ideas via lilblueboo.com

The Circle Edge Punch is ready to go right out of the box and the best part about it is that there is no pre-cutting of paper necessary. It punches a continuous, die-cut border in 7 different sizes for paper up to 12 inches:

What to make with the Circle Edge Punch via lilblueboo.com #diy #doily #marthastewart


The Circle Edge Punch just trims the paper as you punch:

Things to make with maps via lilblueboo.com #diy #doily #marthastewart

Here are a few examples of the doily packets I made:

Vintage magazine ads:

Vintage Magazine Doilies via lilblueboo.com

Sheet music:

Sheet music project idea via lilblueboo.com

Pages from an old Calder art book….these are definitely my favorite! Lithograph doilies!

How to recycle old art books idea via lilblueboo.com

Pages from a Michelangelo art book:

How to make your own doilies via lilblueboo.com #diy #doily #marthastewart

Art by the Japanese artist Hokusai:

Origami project ideas via lilblueboo.com #diy #doily #marthastewart

Pages from children’s books and magazines…..these would be great for a themed party….like punching out an Olivia book!

Recycled children's book ideas via lilblueboo.com #diy #recycled

Vintage map doilies:

Recycled map ideas via lilblueboo.com #diy #recycled

Yes I did a TON of punching. Here’s a quick tip….use aluminum foil to sharpen your scrapbook and craft punches!

How to sharpen scrapbook punches via lilblueboo.com

After all of my doilies were punched, I placed them in plastic sleeves:

Packaging ideas via lilblueboo.com

I used the same paper as the doilies to make little tent cards to cover the bag opening:

Unique Packaging ideas via lilblueboo.com

The folded tent cards are just stapled shut over the bag opening:

Staple vintage paper for packaging ideas via lilblueboo.com


Love how whimsical the children’s book pages turned out:

Children's birthday party favor ideas via lilblueboo.com

Each pack is completely unique:

Children's birthday party favor ideas via lilblueboo.com

They can be used for so many projects.  Great as a gift:

Hostess Gift Ideas via lilblueboo.com

The vintage ads are great for the nostalgic friend:

Handmade Gift Ideas via lilblueboo.com

The Calder doilies would definitely be appreciated by an art lover:

Handmade Gift Ideas via lilblueboo.com

And who doesn’t love vintage maps?!

Recycled Project Ideas vial lilblueboo.com


Don’t they all look pretty together?

Handmade Gift Ideas for the Holidays via lilblueboo.com


What would you do with them?

Crafty Gift Ideas for the Crafter or DIYer via lilblueboo.com

What would you make with the Circle Edge Punch?
The Circle Edge Punch by Martha Stewart Crafts via lilblueboo.com



Make A Wine Barrel Inspired Tray

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I wanted to make something handmade and personal for my friends’ wedding recently and I decided on an oversized wine barrel inspired tray.  I used a precut wood table top from the hardward store. They actually come in several sizes. This was the medium size: [Read more…]

Creative Doodling on Photos

Creative Doodling on Photos via lilblueboo.com #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

As part of the Lil Journal Project: another technique to work on in your journal this week: doodling on photos!  A few of these techniques come from my friend Stephanie Corfee’s  book: Creative Doodling and Beyond. Like drawing interesting borders:

Try adding photos into your journal and embellishing the photos with borders….even if it’s just a few lines:

Creative Art Journal Doodling on Photos via lilblueboo.com #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

Use a white gel pen or a correction pen (White Out) for drawing on dark backgrounds: [Read more…]