An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

We recently went solar…50 solar panels installed on the roof of our house.  It’s exciting to try to be more green.

So now my new focus is to try and reduce waste in the kitchen. We’ve done pretty good until now….we always have way more recycling than trash:

Easy Recycling Station via



I think paper towels were our guilty pleasure.  I recently added a drawer full of white hand towels to a drawer in the kitchen.  You can buy them in bulk (I got mine at Costco):

how to make reusable paper towels via


Now instead of using a gazillion paper towels each day we use far less.  It’s easy to grab a quick towel….much easier than the “re-useable” paper towel system I think.

reusable paper towels diy via

I even use them to mop….as reusable “swiffer” attachments:

cleaning and mopping with vinegar via


All the used hand towels have a place to collect when they are dirty too:

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This is one of  my favorite eco-friendly tutorials….there’s something so gratifying about seeing the tarnish vaporize!  Click the image below:

Easy eco-friendly silver tarnish remover via


I asked all of you on Facebook for tips and there were some great ones!  (The post is here if you would like to read through them all or add your own.)


A few of your tips:

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Clean Your Room – A How-To Guide

Heather Boissonneau, graphic designer and mom of two, designed this step-by-step guide to take her kids through the complete process of cleaning their rooms using a series of very simple steps.


Help kids to clean their room with this how-to guide printable by HB Design via

It neatly answers the questions her children usually ask during room cleaning time like: “Where do I start?” and “What do I do next?” It also helps to settle the debate around when the room is actually “finished” (A.K.A. Mom’s definition of finished as opposed to the children’s definition of finished) which, at least in Heather’s house, typically means that they are finished cleaning regardless of the state of the room. [Read more…]

Drawer Reorganizing

Two things to organize today: your underwear drawer and the kitchen junk drawer. I can be completely random when it comes to organizing. Make sure to read my ten BIG organizing tips from the fall!

Yep…that’s my underwear drawer. And I’m not embarrassed to show it because I threw away every single thing that I wouldn’t want to be caught wearing if I were ever found unconscious. (but I hope they wouldn’t be looking at my underwear first anyways)


And here’s my kitchen junk drawer, nicely reorganized using a container Boo’s Melissa and Doug Sushi Set came in:


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The Mother-of-All Spring Cleaning Lists

Here it is….the mother-of-all spring cleaning lists!  I compiled everything I could think of. Don’t feel like you have to do it all….but it’s a great reminder to do some things you might otherwise forget. For example,  I always forget to change the direction of the ceiling fans!

Just click below to download the PDF version of my list….then hand it to your husband….just kidding.

I don’t dread Spring cleaning….I welcome it. It’s a way to de-clutter my life.  Enjoy!

The Mother-of-All Spring Cleaning Lists (Printable Download) via

Make sure to check out what else is in the Spring Cleaning series so far!

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Spring Cleaning: De-cluttering the Bathroom

I’m starting my spring cleaning early! I’m going to be doing a short series on spring cleaning as I go so you can follow along if you like! Don’t feel like you have to do everything I do……I tend to go overboard. But even taking an hour here and there to accomplish one task on the list will help you get organized! Feel free to share any tips or products you love in the comments….I’m always open to suggestions!

Today I tackled the clutter in the master bathroom. Here are a few before photos of some drawers and cabinets:



Here’s the plan…

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