A Year of Doodles

I saw a few friends signing up for this and I jumped on the bandwagon.  My friend Stephanie Corfee is an amazing artist and I thought this could be a monthly, no-pressure activity that Boo and I could do together in our art journals:

A Year of Doodles by Stephanie Corfee - Kids activity #artjournaling


I know Boo will love it….but I could always use some doodle skills too.

Click here to read more about signing up. 

I do have plans to start up some more journal prompts this winter too (a good snow day project!)….so stay tuned. I know you have been asking for them and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. All prompts so far can be found here of click image below:


A Beauty Salon Glam Birthday Party with Mini Doll Salon

Beauty Salon Party (with American Girl Salon too!) via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy


I can’t believe Boo is six years old!!!  First off, I want to put a disclaimer on this post to admit that this party is just a little over the top.  I’m not really a party planner…..I don’t entertain a lot…..so Boo’s yearly birthday party is something I really love putting energy into.  Boo knows that while the party is centered around her…..it’s also about bringing our friends together, entertaining them and sending them home with some fun handmade swag.  She also knows that I reserve the right at any time to decide not to throw a party, serve $5 pizza and stick a candle in it!  I love coming up with cute ideas and sharing them with you…..and there are many ways to make a wonderful fun party with only a few elements from this post!

Boo wanted an American Girl themed party (shocker) so we talked about doing something interactive with lots of activities that her friends of all ages would enjoy and came up with the Beauty Salon theme….complete with American Girl-sized doll salon.  I always borrow, recycle and improvise for parties and all of that will come in the “behind the scenes” post to follow this one. I will say one thing about this party…..the doll salon was a TOTAL hit. I was actually surprised…..but the girls had so much fun putting capes on their dolls and primping and fixing their hair.  It was totally adorable and definitely something I’ll put together more often for playdates!

So here we go! I had a vision of what I wanted in my head for the graphics and Stephanie Corfee brought it all to life with her graphic design!  It turned out so amazingly cute that I convinced her to offer it to everyone as a printable in the shop complete with extra graphics to make it fully “do-it-yourself” customizable.


Just a note: we called it a “DOLL” salon party…..and invited Boo’s friends to bring any favorite doll for the salon…..because not everyone has an American Girl (Boo’s only had one for 2 months).  A few friends brought extra American Girl dolls too for those girls that didn’t have one.


Party Decor: Beauty Salon Party (with American Girl Salon too!) via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy


Oh my….the day before the party the wind in the desert was over 30 miles an hour! I couldn’t set anything up until the morning of the party!

DIY Party Decor: Beauty Salon Party via lilblueboo.com #americangirl #party #diy

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Tooth Fairy Pillow | A FREE Printable

Tooth fairy pillow free printable download by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com

Here’s a super-simple square pillow project for your little ones losing their choppers. All straight-line sewing + use of either printable fabric for your inkjet or iron-on transfer paper. Adding a little patch pocket on the pillow back makes for the perfect hide-away space for each precious tooth left for the tooth fairy. This is a great project for you to make together with your little one.

Basic directions are included on page 3 of either PDF download you choose.

Just click on the DOWNLOAD graphic below for the right-reading PDF that you can print onto inkjet-compatible fabric. Or click HERE for the REVERSED PDF file that you can print onto iron-on transfer paper instead.

Two colors: tooth fairy pillow free printable download by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com

Sweet Dreams!

The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download)


The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee) via lilblueboo.com #gift #christmas #diy #printable

So I was thinking about what I would have loved to get as a gift as a kid…..and this art box is definitely something I would have been overjoyed about.  Actually, I’m STILL overjoyed when I get art supplies! I have no self control when it comes to browsing the arts and crafts store…..sometimes I get lost in there for hours (as well as the hardware store). So here’s how I assembled these kits and where I purchased everything from. You can always buy the “ready made” art kits at the store….but the custom filled art box will always be 1000% more fun! Oh, and the awesome artwork? Stephanie Corfee created it….just for you…..because she’s awesome like that!

Here’s the front view of one example: [Read more…]

Bohemian Princess Crown | a Free Printable

Bohemian Princess Crown Download by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com

If I had a little girl, I would just love to host a Bohemian Princess party. We’d do a nature walk, and turn our found treasures of leaves, twigs, rocks and feathers into an art project and deck ourselves out in costume jewels. We’d braid each others’ hair and tuck daisies behind our ears. And we’d eat wild berries and cream in big bowls! In that vein, i thought it would be fun to make a little paper crown printable for all of you and your princesses. Have a Boho Princess Party of your own! [Read more…]

Lil Miss USA | A FREE Printable

Lil Miss USA a free printable by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com

Here’s a little bit of fun as you head into this long holiday weekend. It’s my Lil Miss USA illustration to download for FREE!

Use it for a Labor Day BBQ hostess gift tag, an iron-on for a cute holiday tee or, print out the B&W version and your kiddos have a fun little coloring sheet!

Click the tee graphic below to download the color image suitable for cards and tees. Don’t forget to click your printer’s MIRROR IMAGE option for iron-on transfers! [Read more…]

Making a T-Shirt Transfer Doll

Make a t-shirt transfer doll via lilblueboo.com

I recently asked Stephanie Corfee update my little matryoshka dolls in the shop……mostly because I wanted to make these little plushies!  I printed out one of the images onto t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it onto white fabric.  I cut out the image leaving a 1/2″ border and cut out the same size for the back: [Read more…]

JOY Screensavers | A Free Download

Free Joy Screensaver Download by Stephanie Corfee for lilblueboo.com

I wanted to change up my iPhone screensaver to something bright and cheerful this past weekend. I made this simple art and thought i would share it with you guys as well!

It features one of my paintings that i’ve digitally altered. Then i added the JOY penant overlay using my graphics tablet and stylus. So simple!

Just click the graphic below to instantly download a zip file that contains 2 screensaver jpg files; one sized better for a laptop/desktop computer, and one sized better for a smart phone.


Free Joy Screensaver Download (click to download) by Stephanie Corfee for lilblueboo.com

Have a great day!

Stephanie Corfee Artist for lilblueboo.com

Mini Art Prints | A Free Download

Free mini art prints download for diy jewelry pendants and accessories by @stephanie corfee  for lilblueboo.com

Ashley’s awesome  Miniature Resin Photo Charms tutorial made with popsicle sticks inspired my freebie download this week. So….. i totally swiped Ash’s lovely photo from the original post, and turned the charms into mini artworks. Sorry Mr. LBB!

And you can make your own!

Click the image below to download a sheet of 28 perfectly sized squares (.67″ squares for the jumbo popsicle sticks) of some of my artwork. These will make adorable spacers for your instagram photo charms. They will also make this project work for those not (gasp!) on instagram, and even kiddos. Easiest craft ever and ready in minutes!

Free sheet mini art prints download for diy jewelry pendants and accessories by @stephanie corfee  for lilblueboo.com

Be sure to share photos of your handiwork with us! We love to see them!