Social Media Icons | A Free Download (Updated)

Note: These icons have been updated. I didn’t realize that Twitter had recently rebranded to the bird instead of the lowercase “t” so these icons reflect their new guidelines. -Ashley

Social media icons - free download - via

Ashley had the great idea that I should offer some fun and colorful social media icons for use on your blogs or websites. So, I made a Scribble Set and a Sketchy Set in bright, happy colors.

Social media icons / buttons - free download - via


Click HERE to download the Scribble Set.

Click HERE to download the Sketchy Set.

Have a great weekend!

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Fun Dollar Coupons | A Free Printable

Fun Dollar Coupons Free Printable via

Here’s a great little gift your kiddos can create for grandparents, babysitters, or even add onto a birthday gift for fun.

My 6 year old gives these to me often. I stockpile them! I love to redeem my “tickle” or “knock-knock joke” coupons with him when he’s in a grumpy mood. It’s guaranteed to get a smile back on his face in no time!

Kids can staple a whole book of coupons together for a very special gift.

And even parents can fill them in to reward kids for great behavior or help around the house.

Fun Dollar Coupons Free Printable via

Just click on the download link below and print to a letter size piece of paper or cardstock. I used light green paper to make our look even more like real bills.

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T-Shirt Coloring Party

I love what my friend Katherine did for her daughter’s birthday party recently! She used the free download by Stephanie Corfee to have a tank top coloring station. All the girls made their own designs.

(Stephanie also made an image for the boys too (or girls that are fans of sharks).)


Her daughter in the photo above is wearing a purple Cascading Ruffle Skirt too… can get the free download for the skirt here.

Check out all of our free downloads here!

Visit all of our party planning posts here!





Boys of Summer Art | A FREE Printable

So many folks asked for a boy-friendly coloring page/tee transfer when i posted the super-girly one last week! So, i asked my 6-year-old son what kind of art HE would like to color on a tee. He pretty much SCREAMED, “Sharks!” So, sharks it is. i know my niece would actually like this too. But it’s only fair i make one with boys in mind, because my poor kiddos always get the shaft when it comes to my art. What can i say? i have a twirly, girly aesthetic and no daughters! It has to come out somewhere!

Anyway, click on the image below for your free coloring page download. Or, if you want a flipped version for use on t-shirt transfers, click here.


Also check out the Summer Love Art for girls!


Happy coloring and have a great summer!

Summer Love Art | A FREE Printable

Summer Love Art Free Printable for DIY via


Kick off school vacation with a summery coloring page to pass the kids’ now-lazy days. This doodle prints perfectly on a plain letter sized piece of paper. OR, print the mirror image onto soft inkjet transfer paper like this. Then iron it onto a white or light colored tee and let your little one color it in with fabric markers. They will be so proud of their wearable masterpiece! It would also be a great project for a summer birthday or pool party!

Boo tested out the new doodle print recently:

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Superhero Photo Overlays | A FREE Download

Free superhero photo overlays #photography #photoshop via

You have a superkid, right? Or you know one? Well,  here are some fun photo overlays to download just for giggles.

Document evil schemes ~ like above, when my son plotted to blow up his big wheel. Jazz up standard school pics.

Free superhero photo overlays #photography #photoshop via

Or document battle scars ~ like this one my little guy got fighting the nemesis big brother.

Free superhero photo overlays #photography #photoshop via

Just click on the download graphic below and you’ll get a zip file with the images shown all saved as PNG files ready to drag and drop onto your photos using Photoshop or Elements. You can even use Powerpoint and just save your image as a picture!


Free superhero photo overlays #photography #photoshop via


Choose Joy and One of Me in All Time (Free Downloads)

I promised some free downloads when the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page hit 20,000 fans….and guess what!? Today it did! So here’s some of the most popular artwork from the LBB clothing line. Print it off and frame it for some wall art, use it on transfer paper for some clothing, or even use it for some stationary! Just remember it’s not for any commercial use.  You can download it at the bottom of the post! My friend Stephanie Corfee spruced them up with some color! Enjoy!


Choose Joy and One of Me in All Time Free Download Printable Art DIY Tutorial via

Choose Joy and One of Me in All Time Free Download Printable Art DIY Tutorial via




Choose Joy and One of Me in All Time Free Download Printable Art DIY Tutorial via



I sat on the beach and a beautiful wave
Came tumbling right up to me.

It threw some pink shells on the sand at my feet,
Then hurried straight back out to sea.



It ran away swiftly and leaped up in foam;
It bumped other waves in its glee.



I think it was hurrying to gather more shells,
To bring as a present for me.
-from “The Wave” by Gussie Osborne


Clothing from The Nautical Collection by Lil Blue Boo.


A huge THANK YOU to Katie from Peekaboo Photos for the gorgeous photography.

Thank you to Carrie from The Little Stitch for the beautiful coordinating hair accessories.


Artwork on clothing designed by Stephanie Corfee especially for Lil Blue Boo.





Happy Holidays! Stephanie Corfee/Lil Blue Boo Paper Dolls

We know this is early…..but we thought we’d give you these before you start your travel for Thanksgiving so you can take them along! A gift for you from Stephanie Corfee and Lil Blue Boo! Stephanie drew the adorable fashionistas to go with my Lil Blue Boo dress prints and the result is fun activity for your little designer!

Free paper doll download printable via

Just print these off onto regular letter sized paper or cardstock and let your kiddos be the fashion designers! Or print off multiple copies and create an entire army of fashion dolls!


Free paper doll download printable via

Camera Art (and free download!)

It wouldn’t be Two Weeks of Photography in true Lil Blue Boo fashion without some clothing involved! I knew I wanted to do an outline of an vintage camera and I left the artwork up to my talented artist friend Stephanie Corfee. As usual she came up with something fabulous! I added a little bit of Andy Warhol inspiration for color/multiple print and I ended up with this fun little number!

Camera Art Free Download for DIY crafts and clothing #photography via


The best part? Stephanie has a surprise for all of you…..she created some awesome camera graphics that you can download to make something of your own!

Click through the graphic below:

Camera Art Free Download for DIY crafts and clothing #photography via
You could silk screen them, iron-on transfer them, or make some cute stationary! I’ve linked up a few of my tutorials on silk screening and iron on transfers in case you are new to Lil Blue Boo!

Screen Printing 101
Screen Printing with Contact Paper
Pirate Matryoshka Transfer (with Download)
Vintage Harvest Crate Stamp/Label Patches

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