How to Make Personalized Burlap Bags

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Love burlap…and I love these burlap bags from Dharma Trading. I thought they’d make great gifts or even stylish reusable grocery bags:

Use Blank Burlap or Jute Bags via Ashley Hackshaw /


Burlap or Jute Bags
Supersoft Transfer Paper
Ink Jet Printer


There are several ways you can personalize the bags:

1. Silk screening or freezer paper stencils. (see my Beach Bag Tote tutorial here)
2. Spray paint with stencils
3. Fabric applique
4. Transfer Paper

I chose transfer paper for these particular bags because I wante pretty detailed graphics and it takes way too much patience to hand cut a stencil for something like that.

First, I created this little “Groceries” graphic in Photoshop. If I’m making a graphic that prints out onto multiple pages I usually use Powerpoint to size and print it because it turns out easier to visualize and match up. I printed out the graphic onto Super Soft Transfer paper:

Use special iron on paper to transfer image via Ashley Hackshaw /

Transfer paper from Dharma Trading.


I carefully cut out my graphic and made sure the two sides matched up, placing them face down onto the burlap bag.  Pressing a hot iron for a few minutes (careful not to burn the paper or bag!) transfers the image to the bag: [Read more…]

How to Make a DIY Custom Instagram iPad Cover

How to Make a Custom Instagram iPad Cover via

Boo and I made this iPad cover highlighting some of our favorite Instagram photos from the last year.  Wouldn’t this make a great holiday gift for family members? You can have custom iPad covers made for around $55 online but this one cost me around $20 to make.

I used this blank “transfer ready” iPad case: [Read more…]

DIY Suede Fringe Handbag

DIY Upcycled Suede Fringe Handbag Tutorial and Template via

I see so much suede at the thrift store….I have a few jackets, a skirt, a few pairs of pants….it’s all outdated and just waiting to be cut up and made into something amazing. Here’s my first suede remake project……an old pair of suede pants and a thrift store belt into a fringe handbag. It was actually a fairly easy project. The key is to not cut the fringe until the handbag is finished. If you can’t find suede at the store you can also check Etsy and Ebay for remnants. You can also use leather or microfiber. Here are the original pants:

Original Suede Pants via

And here is the finished bag: [Read more…]

What’s in my bag?

When my friend Gussy asked me to be a part of her “What’s in your bag?” series I was so excited to show off my perfect purse life:

What's in my Gussy Sew's Market Tote via

I rock!

Except that……



Ok, maybe I didn’t really “LIE” but I might have left a few things out. Actually, I did lie about the house key. We don’t have any house keys. We lost them all….so we have combination keypads now. Those were Lisa’s keys in the photo.  Now let me break out the “SAW III” font for this next image……



What ELSE is in my Gussy Sew's Market Tote via


*Just a note: Boo’s “fine china” isn’t always itchy. I don’t want her to be embarrassed later in life about this. When it’s 115 degrees here in the desert sometimes she gets a rash.  I carry it with me so I’m not caught without it.

At school for a while she would be itchy at nap and wouldn’t tell the teacher how bad it was… I decided to call the school and mention it each afternoon so they’d ask her.

The first time I called, the woman who answers the phone yelled loud enough for the entire desert to pick up on: “WHO has a YEAST infection?”

My first reaction was all gangsta: “ME biaaaatchhh. I’m calling JUST to let you know that I have a yeast infection. What’s UP.”

Oh, I imagined that first reaction….nevermind, what I actually said was:

“Boo does…..could you just discretely check with her to see if I should pick her up? Thanks!”


Geez….I can never stay on track. This was supposed to just be a post about my friend Gussy’s awesome market tote.…but of course I had to go on a tangent.  And now this post includes itchy fine china, rubber chickens, the movie SAW III, menopause, leaky pens, and yeast infections.  I’m SO sorry!


DIY Nautical Inspired Altered Tote (A Tutorial)

Nautical Inspired Altered Tote DIY Tutorial via

I saw some large totes made from recycled canvas sails in Tahoe the last time I visited and wanted to make a similar nautical-inspired tote. I used a plain white tote as my starting point. If you don’t have one you can always make one from plain white canvas or even a canvas table cloth. I’ve got a simple pattern in the shop here and you would just leave off the handles.

Other materials:
Large “snap” curtain grommets (you can get these at Micheal’s or Joann’s)
3/4″ “by the yard” rope from the hardware store

Nautical Inspired Altered Tote DIY Tutorial via

[Read more…]