Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – The Finished Tree

A few weeks ago Michaels asked me to be a part of their Holiday Dream Tree Challenge…..of course I jumped at the chance because I love Michaels and I love a challenge!   I finished up my Dream Christmas Tree for Michaels Dream Tree Challenge…..and made a little HD “process” movie to accompany it!  Here’s a peek at the ornaments I made that you’ll see in the movie:

(Update: I had a few questions on equipment and software I use to film and edit HD videos…..click here for my list and FAQ!)

Handmade ornament ideas via lilblueboo.com


Here’s a fun little video I made of all the decor being made and the final tree:



A top view of the finished tree! [Read more…]

How To Make Resin Pendants

How to Make DIY Resin Pendants via lilblueboo.com

Here’s a fun, easy way to make resin jewelry without the scary chemical mixing!  First I bought these silver plated bezels: [Read more…]

10 Cool Things to Make From Legos

10 Cool Things to Make Using LEGOs via lilblueboo.com



The first: a cute DIY LEGO minifig necklace I made for Boo….it takes under 5 minutes to make. Use the same technique to make keychains or leather pendants for party favors for boys or girls….or Christmas ornaments!

DIY Lego Mini Figure Necklace via lilblueboo.com

No special tools needed. All I used was industrial glue and a mini screw eye: [Read more…]

Making Mementos and Jewelry With Coins

Making Mementos and Jewelry With Coins Tutorial via lilblueboo.com

Note: A quick note before I get a gazillion comments….it’s not illegal to alter coins….as long as you never try to spend them again.
I checked with the treasury department. I might be breaking some law with the international coins….so extradite me.

Everywhere I’ve traveled overseas….I’ve kept a coin from that country. I had them in a jar, but I recently took each one and stamped them with the year I traveled there: [Read more…]

Carving Rocks with a Dremel

How to carve and drill holes through rocks with a Dremel via lilblueboo.com

There is something very gratifying about carving into a rock.  This project was kind of therapeutic. I was thinking I’d carve some words into rocks and maybe start leaving them around Palm Desert to see if people find them…. [Read more…]

Free Vintage Label Silhouette Sticker Download

Free Vintage Label Silhouette Sticker Download via lilblueboo.com


I made these little illustrated doodle labels to label my office supplies with.  You can download all three templates (plain, lined and with editable text) at the bottom of the post!  [Read more…]

Easy DIY Hand Stamped Jewelry

How to Make Hand Stamped Jewelry via lilblueboo.com

I’ve stamped metal before for but never on jewelry. Here’s what the basic metal stamping kit includes:

Materials Needed for  Hand Stamped Jewelry via lilblueboo.com [Read more…]

How to Make Chalkboard Tags

How to make chalkboard tags via lilblueboo.com

Isn’t this little gift tag cute? And because it’s a chalkboard it can be used over and over again. It’s like a gift on a gift!

Chalkboard gift tags via lilblueboo.com

I ordered a bunch of different shaped wood cut-outs to keep on hand. (My source was Casey’s Wood Products.) [Read more…]

How to Make Miniature Resin Photo Charms

How to Make Miniature Photo Pendants #instagram via lilblueboo.com

Boo and I made the little charms shown above using Instagram photos and jumbo popsicle sticks.  Aren’t they cute?  We made a few photo magnets with them too for our chalkboard wall. (Just a tip: make sure to use neodymium scientific magnets.….they are super powerful. But keep them away from kids under the age of 3!) [Read more…]

Photo of the Day: 60-years of Wisdom and Strength

I love this little vignette from Rosie….a sweet woman that works with my sister Perry. Rosie doesn’t know this……but I used to find four leaf clovers for my dad when I was little since he was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Recently I was looking for something meaningful to give my 30-year-old niece who is going through breast cancer and remembered I had tucked away a few 4-leaf clovers in my Grandfather’s bible. Frankly it was about 60 years ago. I use the 4-leaf clovers to make you and my niece a little keepsake. I like to feel like they have been soaking up the wisdom and strength in that wonderful book.

60-years of wisdom and strength….and it reminds me of my dad too. So thoughtful. Ever feel like you are getting sent little signs?

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