Planning a Roadtrip

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22 days until we move cross country to the Hemlock Inn! I’ve been plotting out our route using Roadtrippers. I added our start and finish points and then a few crucial stops in between. It’s still moving around but the whole trip is planned around visiting Lindsborgh, Kansas where my grandfather’s old farmhouse still stands and 2 of the presidential libraries on the trajectory back down to North Carolina.You can click here to see the itinerary.  Let me know if there’s any place you think we should stop (as long as it’s not too far out of the way….northern states will be another summer!).

Cross country roadtrip from California to North Carolina


A few cool things about Roadtrippers:

1. It plots the most efficient route and when you add new destinations along the way it’s easy to drag them into chronological order and everything recalculates.

2. You can zoom in and see what sites are nearby and click through for more info.  It’s easy to click and add to your trip or to your bucket list:

3. Each site even has a “rad-o-meter” that tells you if it’s worth stopping:

4. The blogs. That’s how I found this amazing timelapse of the Albuguerque Balloon Festival:


I also like Roadside America. Mostly because I am a huge fan of offbeat tourist attractions.  I also just love wandering and exploring abandoned places.

Oh, and I still have to have a BIG paper map or over-sized atlas.

What was your favorite road trip or one you can’t wait to take one day?


The Implacable Grandeur of Life

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Boo and I have been in North Carolina since the 12th visiting my family.  I’ve tried to stay unplugged as much as possible. Boo and I have turned most of our technology for good old fashioned compositions books the last week. It feels really great to write with a pen a little more. Maybe this will be the start of some new habits for me.

Here are a few of the things that Boo would want me to share with you so far:

1. North Carolina has very interesting leaves and trees.  (The most interesting part for her is that there ARE leaves.  There aren’t a lot of leaves in the desert. If you live in NC….notice your trees today please.)

Is that a squirrel?  It’s like a zoo here!

2. There’s a cool restaurant concept called a cafeteria.  (She had her first experience….and she’s hooked for life….which would be an issue in this family if she wasn’t.)

K&W Cafeteria – Charlotte, NC


3. The best part about becoming a better swimmer year over year is not having to anticipate the bottom of a waterslide with dread anymore. Yahoo.

4. Bojangles is the best restaurant ever. (The goal is to eat as much as possible until we can’t stand it anymore so it won’t be hard to leave behind.)

5. Deer poop is easily recognizable when your Aunt and Uncle have 2 deer families using their yard as a nightly hangout.

6. This….is a good slingshot stick. Found at a haunted house. A real abandoned haunted house. Well….it was really abandoned. Not sure about the haunting….but the odds are about 72.44% based on looks alone. CONTINUE READING

Travel Gift Ideas


Fun travel gift ideas from Fab via


Doing any traveling this summer? Here are some awesome items you might want to take on your next trip!


1. Feel comfortable and look cute during your travels with the Travel More Tee.

2. Stick anything to the front like sand from the beach and mail away with these Sticky Postcards.

3. Nothing beats a photo taken with a Polaroid Camera.

4. The Floral Travel Pouch is roomy and will look cute in your carry on.

5. Hate finding sand in your beach bag? This Canvas Backpack has a sifting mesh bottom. Genius!

6. Protect your phone with the Mail iPhone Cover.

7. With the Gold Foil Map you can scratch off the gold top foil layer on each new destination you travel to. So cool!

8. You can’t travel without a pair of Headphones. How cute are these bike and milk and cookie ear buds?

9. This stylish Blue Camera Bag is roomy enough for all your camera needs.

10. A Journal is a must have travel item.

11. Kids and adults too, will love receiving an Airplane Postcard in the mail!


Fab is an online design curated shop featuring quirky, fun, modern and colorful products. You will find clothing, home decor, art, gadgets and more! Items on Fab are only there for a limited time so if you like something…act quick! Register a free account with Fab to receive updates for Fab’s newest sales and find something fun for everyone!


*This post is in partnership with Fab. If you would like more information on sponsoring the Lil Blue Boo blog and to read our disclaimer policy please go here.

DIY Road Trip Activities for Kids


DIY Road Trip Activities for Kids via


Summer is here…and so are long family road trips! We have rounded up 10 awesome DIY Road Trip Activities for Kids to help keep you sane and your children entertained.


The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download)


The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee) via #gift #christmas #diy #printable

So I was thinking about what I would have loved to get as a gift as a kid…..and this art box is definitely something I would have been overjoyed about.  Actually, I’m STILL overjoyed when I get art supplies! I have no self control when it comes to browsing the arts and crafts store…..sometimes I get lost in there for hours (as well as the hardware store). So here’s how I assembled these kits and where I purchased everything from. You can always buy the “ready made” art kits at the store….but the custom filled art box will always be 1000% more fun! Oh, and the awesome artwork? Stephanie Corfee created it….just for you…..because she’s awesome like that!

Here’s the front view of one example: CONTINUE READING

Printable USA Map and State Capital Flashcards

Boo has to learn where the states are this year. My first reaction? Oh no….that means I have to learn them too. I was never that great at geography. I wanted a fun and unique way to help her learn them, as well as the capitals, and worked with Lindsay from Pen and Paint to come up with these fun illustrated printable flashcards:

Learning the States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


Lindsay even made a printable map to accompany the flashcards to help learn the location of each state:

DIY States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


They are easy to make and I love that I can throw them in my purse and take in the car and to restaurants: CONTINUE READING

Making Mementos and Jewelry With Coins

Making Mementos and Jewelry With Coins Tutorial via

Note: A quick note before I get a gazillion comments….it’s not illegal to alter coins….as long as you never try to spend them again.
I checked with the treasury department. I might be breaking some law with the international coins….so extradite me.

Everywhere I’ve traveled overseas….I’ve kept a coin from that country. I had them in a jar, but I recently took each one and stamped them with the year I traveled there: CONTINUE READING

Let’s Do This

It’s our last day in Tahoe.  It’s just us girls. I promised Boo that today we would go rafting down the Truckee River.  We got up early and headed into Tahoe City around 10:00am so we’d be one of the early ones. The river rafting companies wouldn’t let us go…..because apparently you need two adults on each boat.  Determined to keep my promise, we trekked across the bridge over the river, crossed the highway…..and bought our own boat. I’m not the strongest person in the world and with the boat, the oars, our huge bag of lunch, drinks, Boo’s life preserver……I think I looked like an ant carrying 50 times it’s weight.  Boo and I waited to cross over the highway so we could get back to the river access and cars on both sides stopped on the highway… let us pass. We must have looked that pitiful.

It was drizzling and 58 degrees and the water was freezing, but here we are….stoked and ready for our adventure:

Truckee River Rafting via

As I was figuring out how I was going to steer this boat down the river it actually ended up being easier with one oar. Right away, we met the nicest family who had met up from Grass Valley and San Francisco.  They were all tethered together and were jokingly making fun of our boat model. We had model 300 and they had model 400. I have to admit I did have boat envy for a brief moment…..but they didn’t have oars.  I traded an oar for a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  (Hey, Float-illa the Hun, if you’re out there somewhere… was nice meeting you all!) CONTINUE READING

I’ll Jump With You

Goodbye Seattle. Thanks for the great time.  A few photos to remember you by:

Boo and her Papa doing some morning paddling:



Just stopping in to say hi!

We left the heat of the desert behind to visit Lake Sammamish outside of Seattle. CONTINUE READING

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