Easy Doll Clothing Storage Rack

How to make a doll clothing rack (doll wardrobe) via lilblueboo.com #diy #tutorial #americangirl


Isn’t this cute? A miniature clothing rack for Boo’s doll clothing. I made it for her birthday party knowing that it would also be used afterwards!

DIY doll clothing storage via lilblueboo.com #diy #tutorial #americangirl

The top part serves as a clothing rack and the bottom hold shoes and accessories:

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Handmade Gift Ideas

handmade gift ideas for kids and adults from lilblueboo.comPhoto by Olivia’s Ultimate.

Still searching for a handmade gift idea to give this holiday season? We have rounded up some Lil Blue Boo tutorials and free downloads along with several awesome products from our digital contributors that would make great gifts for kids and adults!

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Handmade Doll Bunk Beds

Boo and her cousins are getting handmade doll bunk beds for Christmas! The guys started working on them last weekend. They still need to be painted and I’m going to make a mattress, sheets and pillows.


Making Doll Bunk Beds via lilblueboo.com


We downloaded these easy free doll bunk bed plans from Ana White:


Doll bed plans from ana white via lilblueboo.com


The plans tell you what size to cut all the wood:


Doll bunk bed plans from ana white via lilblueboo.com


And then the beds are assembled:


American Girl Doll bunk bed plans - progress -  via lilblueboo.com


Three doll bunk beds finished!


American Girl Doll bunk bed plans  via lilblueboo.com


Now they need putty, primer and paint!


Doll bunk bed plans from ana white via lilblueboo.com

First Day of School = Productive Day

Today was Boo’s first day back at school! Of all the beautiful clothing I’ve made her…she picked her Pinto halter dress from last year that she’s pretty much grown out of and a pair of cropped white pants. I cleaned her Unicorn Crocs to shiny new appearance (magic erasers are great for this), packed a nutritious lunch and we were set to go!

The first thing I did after dropping her off? I hit all my favorite thrift stores!

I had spent the weekend silk screening some NEW Lil Blue Boo signature knit…..

….and today I used it for the sleeves of this cute dress:

My new backdrop for clothing photos……look familiar?

Oh, and I made Boo’s doll Li’l Sally a new Cinderella-inspired princess dress:

Boo loved every second of school today….I missed my little sidekick though.


Li’l Miss Mei (with Download)

I made a new little nesting doll graphic for some doll dresses…..introducing Li’l Mei (modeled by Li’l Sally, Boo’s Apple Tree House Waldorf-style doll):

You can use my pirate matryoshka tutorial (with download as well) to learn how to transfer image to doll clothes, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants etc. Feel free to use the graphic for your own creations….just remember that it is for personal use only! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! (Click the link below if you have trouble viewing the graphic)

Pair Li’l Mei with some cherry blossom fabric and you’ve got an adorable combo!

An I.D. Tag for Dolly (A Tutorial)

I couldn’t imagine if we lost Li’l Sally (our 10″ AppleTreeHouse Waldorf doll). Boo would be traumatized, I would be traumatized, and my wallet would not be happy about having to replace her! These dolls are so popular now (along with Bamboletta and DragonFlysHollow dolls) and almost impossible to get. There was a discussion on the LBB Facebook page the other day about the horror of losing one of these dolls and the idea of an I.D. tag necklace or bracelet came up. And so, a distressed identification tag was born for Li’l Sally:

Li’l Sally is wearing a Lil Blue Boo silk screened dress! Pattern to come soon!

This tutorial is almost identical to my wooden pendant accessories tutorial. But here are the directions again…..

Step 1: Create your text in a word program or Adobe Photoshop and reverse the text so that it prints backwards. (if you are using a word program you’ll need to save the text as a picture first and then import it back in so that you can reverse it). Print it out using a laser printer (which uses dry ink, an inkjet will not work) or send your printout through a black and white copier.

Our tag reads: Li’l Sally, if found call: xxx-xxx-xxxxn (I blurred out my phone number).

Step 2: Apply an acrylic paint base coat to a small piece of craft wood. These can be found at any craft store for about 20 cents a piece.

Step 3: When your base coat is dry, apply thick coat…..

……of Golden or Liquitex soft gel mat medium (also found at most craft stores). This is what will transfer the black toner from the paper to the wood.

Step 4: Cut out your text and press the paper face down onto the gel….burnish/rub the paper to make sure it is adhered and there are no air bubbles.

Step 5: When the gel is completely dry, apply a few drops of tap water to the back of the paper and peel off as much of the wet paper as possible.

Step 6: Rub the rest of the wet paper off with your finger. The text will stay behind.

Step 7:
Use sandpaper to distress the edges of the wood pendant.

Step 8: Dilute some brown acrylic paint with water and paint onto the distressed areas. Wipe off any excess. Once dry you can seal the pendant with acrylic gloss varnish.

Step 9: Drill a tiny hole in one end of the pendant.

Step 10: Add string or a leather cord through the hole and you are done!

Now if your doll gets lost at the mall or restaurant she’ll have some form of identification on her! Just tuck the pendant down into her clothing and he/she is ready to go!