A Wedding in the North Carolina Mountains

NC Mountain Wedding at Hemlock Inn in Bryson City #wedding #rusticwedding

The innkeeper’s son was married a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful wedding with a theme of gray and yellow:

mason jar wedding invitations and programs


JT and Alli:

DIY wedding decor ideas


I took some photos behind the scenes:

setting up wedding


Behind the scenes of the florist, Tony Whitlock of Acorn Home and Garden (Marietta, GA):

yellow flower theme for wedding

yellow and sherbet color flowers for wedding

Behind the scenes of the photographer: Love the yellow shoes. Ancelet Photography at work in the photo.

weddingedits22web copy
Behind the scenes of the decor:

Rustic wedding decor ideas DIY painted
The ceremony was beautiful:

mountain wedding bryson city Hemlock Inn

September mountain wedding bryson city Hemlock Inn


After the ceremony, the Hemlock lawn needed to be switched out for dinner.  A popcorn bar kept the guests busy: [Read more…]

Fall Table Decor: Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns

Easy Fall Table Decor: Mason Jar Lantern Lights using LEDs #wedding #fall #entertaining #masonjar


This month’s theme for Michaels Makers is fall decor.  Fall is always hard for me because I rarely buy anything orange, yellow or red…all classic fall colors. But…I love acorns and barn wood and moss….so I made these cute little “firefly” inspired lanterns using mason jars and Michaels’ LED string lights (found in the floral section of the store):

diy firefly mason jar lanterns

I also made the barn wood tray and the small rustic twig balls but I’ll follow up with a tutorial on those. The acorns were collected on the Hemlock Inn driveway tonight:

fall table decor ideas and wedding table decor #wedding #falltabledecor #entertaining

To make the lanterns I used a mason jar and a battery operated set of LED string lights from Michaels.  Each set of lights takes 3 batteries and the pack can be tucked nicely into the back of the jar.  I used dried moss to give the inside of the jar an earthy rustic look. The great thing about the lights is that you can leave them on “timer” and they will come on at the same time each night.

diy mason jar lanterns using LED string lights #diy #masonjar #wedding


An easy way to decorate a table for fall entertaining:

fall entertaining decor ideas using mason jars #masonjar #fall


[Read more…]

A Rustic Wedding in the Smoky Mountains

One of the perks of living at the Hemlock Inn is that we get to watch beautiful weddings take place.  The 3rd weekend we were here a couple named Becca and Jake were married on the property. We were lucky enough to be seated for dinner with Becca, her parents and friends two days before the wedding and get to know them a little. Such nice folks.  Boo said Becca is her new BFF (and Becca sealed the deal by leaving her a bouquet of flowers when she left the morning after the wedding….)

Rustic Wedding Ideas - Hemlock Inn - Bryson City, NC #wedding #rusticwedding #ncwedding #brysoncity


I loved all the rustic touches like this pitchfork sign to greet guests as they came up the drive:

DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas and Smoky Mountains Venue - Hemlock Inn - Bryson City, NC #wedding #rusticwedding #ncwedding #brysoncity


Here’s a little before and after animation. Jake, the groom, and his step-father and a friend made the arbor:


I hid behind a tree to take this photo. It was drizzling during the ceremony but only for a few moments! [Read more…]

How to Make Personalized Burlap Bags

Gift Idea for Bridesmaids, Wedding Party, Graduation Etc: How to Make Personalized Burlap Bags via Ashley Hackshaw / lilblueboo.com #burlap #diy #tutorial #wedding #rustic #diywedding


Love burlap…and I love these burlap bags from Dharma Trading. I thought they’d make great gifts or even stylish reusable grocery bags:

Use Blank Burlap or Jute Bags via Ashley Hackshaw / lilblueboo.com


Burlap or Jute Bags
Supersoft Transfer Paper
Ink Jet Printer


There are several ways you can personalize the bags:

1. Silk screening or freezer paper stencils. (see my Beach Bag Tote tutorial here)
2. Spray paint with stencils
3. Fabric applique
4. Transfer Paper

I chose transfer paper for these particular bags because I wante pretty detailed graphics and it takes way too much patience to hand cut a stencil for something like that.

First, I created this little “Groceries” graphic in Photoshop. If I’m making a graphic that prints out onto multiple pages I usually use Powerpoint to size and print it because it turns out easier to visualize and match up. I printed out the graphic onto Super Soft Transfer paper:

Use special iron on paper to transfer image via Ashley Hackshaw / lilblueboo.com

Transfer paper from Dharma Trading.


I carefully cut out my graphic and made sure the two sides matched up, placing them face down onto the burlap bag.  Pressing a hot iron for a few minutes (careful not to burn the paper or bag!) transfers the image to the bag: [Read more…]

Instant Photo Booth Printer Hack

Instant Photo Booth Printer Hack via lilblueboo.com


I thought this would be a fun  idea for a holiday party or birthday party….an instant photo booth set up to print the photos immediately.  I use the photo booth app Pocketbooth for my 4-photo snaps.


Pocketbooth app via lilblueboo.com

First I take the 4 photos. Anyone else get unnecessary anxiety in photo booths?


Photo booth app via lilblueboo.com


To maximize paper I cut 2.5″ wide pieces of cardstock.  I used popsicle sticks as the new tray guides because most printer trays do not shrink small enough.  The strips of paper slide right in to their new tray: [Read more…]

Make A Wine Barrel Inspired Tray

DIY Wine Barrel Inspired Tray or Table via lilblueboo.com #wedding #gift #crafts #diy

I wanted to make something handmade and personal for my friends’ wedding recently and I decided on an oversized wine barrel inspired tray.  I used a precut wood table top from the hardward store. They actually come in several sizes. This was the medium size: [Read more…]

I Am the Night

It was a whirlwind weekend here at the Lil Blue Boo house. Our good friends George and Jodi got married this weekend so the last few days have been full of fun activities. We had the rehearsal dinner on Friday. And as usual I couldn’t even go a few days without making something…..I didn’t have anything to wear so I made some dresses on Friday….this is the one that made the cut for that evening. It’s just a variation on the Pieced Tunic Dress pattern:

The wedding was…..wow.  I can’t even put it into words.  Mr. LBB was in the wedding….it’s a pretty amazing thing that all of these groomsmen have known each other since elementary school and high school. I am really lucky to have married into such a close group of friends: [Read more…]

The Wedding…..

Did you watch the royal wedding today? I was up early…..it’s the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning. I think I might have had more anxiety than the bride and groom….I wanted everything to just be perfect for them!

For a week now I’ve watched every show on the royal family, royal weddings etc. I’m fascinated by the tradition, the lifestyle, the outfits….and I’m so glad I get to watch from the outside.

I thought her dress was just perfect…..you know I am a huge Alexander McQueen fan. (Remember Boo’s inspired outfit? her headpiece looks just like some of those hats worn today)

Some cool facts about the dress via Daily Mail:
:: The lacework for the dress was carried out at the studios at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace. The embroiderers were not told which bride would be receiving their painstaking work.
:: The lace applique, which featured the four floral emblems of the UK – rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock – was made using the Carrickmacross lace-making technique, which originated in Ireland in the 1820s.
:: The process is so time-consuming that it takes even experienced stitchers about an hour to sew an inch.
:: Each motif, some as small as a five-pence piece, was then crafted with minute stitches every two to three millimetres.
:: The workforce, estimated to be at least 12 strong, included students from Britain, Japan, China, the U.S., Thailand and Germany — aged between 19 and 70.
:: All were required to wash their hands every 30 minutes to keep the lace and threads pristine, and to renew needles every three hours to maintain optimum sharpness.
The dress was stitched in separate sections and put together only at the last possible moment, within the confines of Buckingham Palace where a special workroom was set up.


The Official Royal Wedding photographsPhoto source

I’m just in awe of all the wedding details:

The Royal Wedding CakePhoto source

The official Royal Wedding Commemorative China Photo source


I think Will and Kate are just adorable…and so happy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leaving Westminster AbbeyPhoto source


I can’t wait for the royal baby now!


My family (and many others) think my younger brother Swen  looks JUST like Prince William….can you see a resemblance? I have to do a double take when I see a photo of Prince William on a magazine stand!

Wedding Part VI: The Final Post

Remember all those posts leading up to my sister’s wedding?

Wedding Part I:
Making the ring pillow, starting the flower girl dress
Wedding Part II: My grandfather’s book, my wedding, heirlooms, THE phone call
Wedding Part III: Sewing the rehearsal dresses, engagement photo shoot preview
Wedding Part IV: Finishing the flower girl dress, more engagement photos
Wedding Part V: Handmade jewelry, gift and favor bags, flip-flops and golf tees, fast food

Well, I finally have the photos from my sister’s wedding! Ash Little did an amazing job (check out his commentary on his blog here). The ceremony and reception took place at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC where we grew up playing golf, swimming and celebrating every holiday and birthday. My favorite photo from the wedding……Perry swinging Boo around on the dance floor:

Before the Ceremony

Boo getting her hair done at Carmen Carmen. See the ballet dancers from the Nutcracker in the background? They entertained her the whole time!

She won’t even let me brush her hair….but she sat perfectly still to get her “flower girl” look!

Perry’s dress was SO beautiful…..and tiny……I probably could have fit ONE leg in it:

Attaching the veil:

Justin’s sister Jenny clasping the bracelet she made Perry:

Putting on Sienna’s jewelry that Jenny made:

Hide and seek:

Watching all the guests arrive:

Almost time to walk down the aisle!

Meanwhile the guys were getting ready:

Here is Justin’s dad entertaining the groomsmen with one of his card tricks:

Justin and the guys playing pool before the wedding:

The Ceremony

Sienna walked with me down the aisle….carrying pretzels in her basket:

One of my favorite photos:

Instead of walking up the aisle…..my dad brought Perry from the front and over the putting green (where my sister started golfing at the age of 3). Here he is reaching into his pocket for a golf ball which he rolled across the green…..it almost went in:

My dad is a member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews…..and one day wants his ashes walked over the Swilcan Bridge and thrown into the Road Hole Bunker…..bagpipes were required:

The vows:

The Reception

Mr. Lil Blue Boo and Boo sharing a father/daughter dance:

Boo danced the entire night as the center of attention:

Perry and Justin sharing a moment:

If you’ve never met us all….then you might not know that everyone in our family is a ham:

My sister and I are the loudest and craziest:

….and we like to drag everyone into our fun:

My dad started the train:

Perry and my dad surprised everyone by singing Rocky Top:

My brother doing the robot to Rocky Top….he’s quite the comedian:

The Details

Perry, Justin, my mother and Tim Bagwell (the family interior designer) did an amazing job putting everything together. They did everything themselves…..from putting together the centerpieces and flowers, to printing all the paper goods etc.

All the tall centerpieces were made using branches spray painted gold. Tea lights and flowers were added.

The “sweet” table: Perry spray painted different hat boxes she picked up at discount stores a robin’s egg blue and collected jars and bowls of different heights and styles.

Favor bags for the cookies and candy….decorated with the wedding logo (Emily Ley Paper designed the wedding monogram and my sister used it to print up all her labels, programs, etc):

The End of the Night

Telling my sister what to expect on her wedding night….LOL!!!

And they live happily ever after!

Wedding Part V: Preview

We are back from my sister and Justin’s wedding in Charlotte, NC. Every detail was perfect: the bagpipes, my dad rolling a golf ball as he walked my sister across the putting green, my dad and sister singing Rocky Top as a duet, Sienna dancing for 4 hours straight! I am not going to even post photos from the ceremony or reception until Ash Little’s are ready….mine won’t even do it justice. But I thought I’d post some photos from the days before right up to zipping the dress!

Here are all the gift bags and welcome baskets my sister and Justin made:

Wedding Part V: Preview gift bags via lilblueboo.com
A stack of flip-flops for the bridesmaids so we wouldn’t have to wear our heels at the reception:

Wedding Part V: Preview flip flops via lilblueboo.com
Justin’s sister Jenny made all of the jewelry for the bridesmaids….

Wedding Part V: Preview jewelry via lilblueboo.com
…..and this Swarovski Crystal and pearl bracelet for Perry on her wedding day. Isn’t it amazing?

Wedding Part V: Preview bracelet via lilblueboo.com
Thousands of golf tees for everyone…..

Wedding Part V: Preview golf tees via lilblueboo.com
Perry’s shoes and part of her veil:

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry's shoes via lilblueboo.com

Sienna playing “pool” with her soon-to-be Uncle Justin:

Wedding Part V: Preview playing pool via lilblueboo.com

Perry with the guys bowling at Strike City. We had the VIP room with 4 lanes and our own bar which made it SO much fun! My dad and Justin’s dad are on the bottom right.

Wedding Part V: Preview bowling via lilblueboo.com
I finally got a chance to meet my 4-month-old nephew Cameron (my brother’s son):

Wedding Part V: Preview nephew via lilblueboo.com
The rehearsal was COLD. Here are the ring bearers Ethan and Brady (Justin’s nephews) and Sienna practicing:

Wedding Part V: Preview rehersal via lilblueboo.com
Sienna and my matching dresses worked out great! Here we are with Brett and Perry at the rehearsal dinner at Duke Mansion. My sister made the most amazing video for us all to watch with video clips and photos from the years.

Wedding Part V: Preview matching dresses via lilblueboo.com
Perry and my brother Swen. Sienna kept trying to sneak up the stairs.

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry and Swen via lilblueboo.com
Judy, Justin’s mother, used flowers from her friend’s farm for the rehearsal dinner arrangements.

Wedding Part V: Preview flowers via lilblueboo.com
My mom and dad at the rehearsal. Justin was telling how he had to track my dad down at a golf tournament to ask for Perry’s hand in marriage…..and finally found him in China…..but my dad corrected him that it was actually Australia. Whatever….it was STILL far!!!

Wedding Part V: Preview mom and dad via lilblueboo.com
Sienna getting her hair curled on the day of the wedding:

Wedding Part V: Preview Sienna's hair via lilblueboo.com
I took a photo of the photographers Ash and Harrison. I’m sure they’ll cringe at the quality of the photo. Aren’t they handsome?! They did the most amazing job…..everywhere I turned the whole day they were right there.

Wedding Part V: Preview photographers via lilblueboo.com
A gift from my Aunt Sharon to the couple. The photo is of our great-grandmother Mabel (Marjorie’s mother) and the carving set is over a 100 years old and belonged to an woman named Marie Ammon that lived on Hermitage Court for years who had no children. My grandfather’s aunt used to own a large white mansion on Hermitage Court long ago….it is now a nursing home.

Wedding Part V: Preview gift via lilblueboo.com
Sienna gave Aunt Perry a little gift before she walked down the aisle. A necklace from Hip Mom Jewelry with Perry’s new initials on it. The tag had a little diamond inset. Thanks Ann! She loved it! I added the ring charm that I had bought for my wedding years ago.

Wedding Part V: Preview necklace via lilblueboo.com
Helping Perry zip up the dress (she’ll love that I posted a photo of her in mid-sentence):

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry's dress via lilblueboo.com
Sienna being SO patient with her cousin Cameron before the ceremony:

Wedding Part V: Preview Sienna's cousin via lilblueboo.com
Right before walking down the aisle….Perry loves Diet Coke as much as I do!

Wedding Part V: Preview Diet Coke via lilblueboo.com
More to come soon! I’ve only been gone a week but it feels like forever! I already miss my family in NC though….and the following fast food:

Chic-Fil-A: Ate there TWO times
Bojangles: Ate there THREE times
Jersey Mikes: Ate there TWO times