Tiny Pastry Erasers (A Tutorial)


I was resting in bed today getting ready for my surgery tomorrow and decided to make some cute little pastry erasers. A small crafting project…..so I wouldn’t make too big of a mess in my bed. Aren’t they cute? I could see these being “Barbie food” too…..so tiny and realistic:


I used a fun product called Clayzee…..the eraser version. It’s like a putty and you put it in the microwave (in water) once you are done and it turns into an eraser!

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Photo of the Day: Crafting….in Bed

When my grandparents were still alive, my brother, sister and I ate about once a week with them at this great Chinese restaurant called Shun Lee Palace in Charlotte, NC. It’s kind of stuck in the 80′s but the food is amazing. When we got the fortunes we would play the “in bed” game with them. I don’t think they completely got it but we would die laughing hysterically…..disrupting the entire restaurant. It is a great memory.

If you’ve never played the game, all you do is add “in bed” to the end of every fortune as you are reading it:

Something you lost will soon turn up….in bed.
Good luck is the result of good planning….in bed.
You were born with the skill to communicate with people easily…..in bed.

Anyways, the title of this post made me think of that memory. I’m resting and crafting in bed today:



My mom flies in today too! I’m so excited!

Loma Linda and OX

Mr. LBB and I woke up at the crack of dawn Monday morning to head to Loma Linda to meet with the oncologist.  Boo spent the night with her grandparents and asked us to take care of her Ugly Doll OX. I took him along and took photos of him all over Loma Linda. (the last time I was asked to take care of her baby doll I left her in the car all day and she almost melted……and Boo said I was a horrible babysitter).


Okay, okay…..I know, so how did the day go already!?

Well, I felt awesome Monday morning and popped out of bed at 5:30am. I didn’t even need to take any pain medicine for the trip.

We met with my new oncologist. He confirmed what my doctor in the desert suspected: I had an abnormal pregnancy/molar pregnancy and the cancerous cells spread to my lungs and liver. I’ll spare you the graphic details about my uterus. They scheduled me for the first available surgery on Friday. After the surgery, everything will be sent to the pathologist and then they’ll be able to tell what type of chemotherapy I’ll have to undergo. It was a little hard discussing whether we wanted to have more children but the outlook is that I should be able to.

After the surgery was scheduled and blood work was done,  a pre-op interview was scheduled for 3 hours later. If you know me well, you know I am annoyingly efficient so the first thing I thought was: why the heck to I have to be interviewed, I just did this 12 weeks ago. Did the surgery procedures change?
Thought #2: We can make it to L.A. and back in 2 hours if we hurry! (to pick up a fabric order I had on hold)……so we jumped in the car and drove to L.A.

First stop: Chic-Fil-A with OX

I made Brett take a detour so I could show him all the news truck chaos at Michael Jackson’s Doctor Trial. Here’s OX in front of Court TV:


Finally, made it to the fabric place. OX doesn’t want you to be sorry of his one-eye……that one-eye has super powers:



Thank you for all the words of faith and encouragement. It’s meant the world and my family and I have read every single comment. I’m exhausted and in bed watching Secretariat with Boo for the 5,000th time.



As aside note: I never had a chance to post the post just written Monday night! Later Monday night I had to be rushed to the ER for severe abdominal pain. I was admitted in the ER and they determined from some new CT scans and ultrasound that the tumor in my uterus had expanded out the other side (like an alien invader!) and there was fluid in my abdomen….but they didn’t know if the fluid was from the uterus or from something else. My in-laws Barry and Gale met us at the hospital. Barry is an angel…seriously. He’s a doctor there and helped coordinate everything, explaining medical history and hooking up my other doctors with the ER doctor. Also angels: our friend Todd and Jodi who were at our house THREE minutes after Brett called them to watch Sienna.

So what do we do in the ER room to pass the time? Take photos of course. Eisenhower gives you a gazillion bracelets and they all fit into this old school label maker…..it makes me think of crafting every time they print one:


After my dilaudid kicked in….I wasn’t feeling a thing:


My inlaws gave me the best gift ever and upgraded my room as I was admitted to the new Renker VIP building. I’ll never be the same after this. It was nicer than my house…..and they had L’Occitane toiletries in the bathroom….woot woot!


What are the odds that Lisa and her daughter would be at the hospital at the same time that I was? Crazy. Little Elle was admitted for croup the night before.  Lisa came down to visit me for a bit. I told her she needed to come and see the “mother-of-all” hospital suites and grab something from the mini-bar since I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything! Lisa sent me back a photo of Elle in her tiny room…..I was feeling a little guilty after that and wished we could have been roomies! She looks so much cuter than I do in my hospital bed:


First thing Tuesday morning I was transferred to Loma Linda by ambulance for observation. It was my first time in an ambulance….so you know I had to take my iPhone with me for a photo op. You can see the windmills in the back as we left Palm Springs:


At Loma Linda I was admitted and I guess Brett or Gale took this photo while I was resting. Our good friends (and Sienna’s godparents) Jackie and Derek picked up Sienna from school with their daughter and kept her for the night…..Boo is a trooper and was so excited when she learned she would be going home with them and that Miss Lisa had already packed her a suitcase.


Last night when they decided to keep the surgery scheduled for Friday I was pretty frustrated, but the doctor wouldn’t have his whole team with him if I was an add-on to the surgery day. Friday is the day they will be the most prepared and they can check out the abdomen too to see what’s going on. The second I knew I wasn’t having surgery I started asking to be discharged….I think they thought I was crazy at 12am trying to get “out of jail.” The next morning they confirmed that I was stabilized and pain management at home would be okay. I wanted to get out of there so bad I unhooked all the machines myself.  I think it might have been the fastest discharge on earth…..

I kept chuckling on the way home about how chaotic my night was at Loma Linda. My roommate was about my age and had been there a week for surgery. In the middle of the night it seemed like all of our machine alarms were going off all at once. They had my IV in the crook of my arm and I kept crimping it when I slept…..which would set off the alarm. I couldn’t get the nurses attention. I accidentally ripped a plug apart trying to move to the restroom and then that set off another alarm and I was tangled in a sea of IV cords.

So now I’m home! Everyone has been so supportive and helpful and I feel so out of my element. I’ve never been in a place where I needed so much help and assistance. I feel so lucky that I have such wonderful friends and family that are so encouraging. Everyone has been pitching in with Boo, meals, etc and my house looks like a florist shop. I’m so humbled.

So I’ll be hanging out at home until Friday for surgery. I’ve never looked so forward to surgery in my life….it will be like Christmas for me if that makes sense. Put me under, remove the bad stuff, and figure out what it all is so I can get chemo started asap.

My mom is flying out tomorrow too….so excited.


I love you all!  Thanks for reading…..I know many of you are curious as to what’s been going on and I’m trying to remember as much as I can.




P.S. Mr. LBB is a trooper. I’ve insisted that he go home every night to sleep in our comfy bed so he can come back the next morning….I know he doesn’t want to but it’s the best thing. I joke with him “I’ll text you if I go into shock or something.” He’s been juggling Boo, our friends and family and me too. He doesn’t get annoyed when I scold him for not using his knuckle to press the elevator button (just one of my many suggestions I made up to prevent the spread of germs in our house….hopefully Boo doesn’t grow up to be Howard Hughes.) He tries his best to pack my clothes when I ask him to….and he actually did a pretty good job!



The Cancer Chronicles via lilblueboo.com

Circus Party!

Elle celebrated her 4th birthday over the weekend and the kids had a blast and left on a sugar high. Here is a preview of her circus themed party! Elle loves reptiles, and this is as close as she will ever get to owning any! So much more to come: pictures, tutorials, and free printables! We will tell you more about her outfit and show you the cutest, and easiest party favor bags you can make! Stay tuned!


Circus Carnival Birthay Party via lilblueboo.com

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Babble Roundup: Pretty Little Things

I write daily for Babble.com’s The New Home Ec. Here are a few recent roundups and posts I’ve written….click image to view:

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Frida K-owl-o

Well, I put her on a dress this afternoon! I love how the owl drawing turned out…..50% sugar skull design, 50% nocturnal bird of prey. I think I’ll put her on a few things including some adult items. This dress will be available in a few days because I’ll be in Loma Linda tomorrow and I have some cute turquoise star ruffles (that need to be finished as a sample first) that make a funky head-turning outfit.


P.S. Thanks Andrea for the name suggestion!

Photo of the Day: The Matrix

My mother gave me this book Jesus Calling after my father died. I read it every day and each reading seems to be tailored perfectly to that particular day.

I am convinced that the book comes empty and it fills in differently for each person. To prove it, I’d peek at tomorrow’s reading but I might create a glitch in the matrix or alter how the future is supposed to be.  I can’t have my hubby peek either because it might create some sort of black hole.

I know, I’m weird.


Photo of the Day: Frida the Owl

Happy Saturday! Boo and Mr. LBB are working on my herb garden this morning….can’t wait to share the little garden markers I made for it.  I’m resting and finalizing a drawing for a new dress coming out this week some time. I think I’ll call her Frida:


Frida the Owl via lilblueboo.com


Update: She’s finished!

Frida the Owl Print via lilblueboo.com

A Matching Game (A Tutorial and Download)

A Matching Game (A Tutorial and Download)  via lilblueboo.com

I’m starting to think about holiday gifts…and so I’ll be sharing a bunch of ideas for handmade holiday gifts over the next few weeks. I made this cute little matching game using wood craft disks and Citra Solv. It’s easy to make, inexpensive and the recipient will love the handmade quality! It’s a great game to throw in your purse for on-the-go entertainment….for all ages.


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Photo of the Day: New HQ

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I can stay in bed with everything I need!  Thank you all for the outpouring of encouragement and prayers. It’s very uplifting and the power of prayer is just that: powerful.  Working on a tutorial this morning from my new headquarters….my bed is now an office, conference table and a lounge. Lisa says my toes look extra pretty today too:



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