Photo of the Day: Art….in Bed

A fun Sunday watching movies and drawing in Mommy’s bed. Mr. LBB bought us new sharpies last night so we’ve been drawing up a storm. We went on a shopping spree this morning at Micheal’s to make an art care package for some special girls and ran into an old friend too. Life is good. What are you doing for fun today?

A conversation last night:
Boo: Where did Daddy go?
Me: To buy us some new, SERIOUS markers.
Boo: PERMANENT markers?
Me: Yep. Sharpies.
Boo: YES!

Everyone needs a new set of Sharpies to brighten their day.

Photo of the Day: Like Daughter, Like Mother

It’s a rainy Saturday here and so cozy inside. Boo washed my hair for me this morning…..she loves to help Mommy. She calls the shower her “barber shop.”

It’s battle of the leggings today. I love that Boo mismatches her Crocs….I don’t think I could pull that look off.


My appetite is back up today….and all I want is veggies with tons and tons of lemon! Oh, and still capers…..straight out of the jar. It’s so interesting to hear what others have also craved during chemotherapy….I keep hearing salt and Gatorade. And then I’m constantly thirsty…..drinking so much water and melon flavored Vitamin Waters. Lots of vitamin C : )

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Thank you…

….Veterans! Thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served our country to ensure our liberty. We thank you and your families for your tremendous sacrifice!

Boo and Elle painted this huge painting a year ago today…’s still one of my favorite photos ever.

DIY iPad/iPhone Gloves (A Tutorial)

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

Note: these gloves were tested on my hubby’s Android too and work great.

So it’s a little annoying that iPad and iPhones don’t work with gloves on! I did some research around how the iPad/iPhone works and you need the conductive property of the human finger… that sent my investigative nature into overdrive and after a bunch of experiments I came up with something that worked! These would be a fun stocking stuffer or holiday gift!

I bought a $1 pair of gloves…..


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

…..and some metallic thread. I wasn’t sure if metallic thread was actually “metal” but turns out it is!

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

The metallic thread that worked for me was silver DMC thread. You might have to experiment with a few different kinds but mine was just the basic silver DMC thread that I bought from Michael’s Craft Store:


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

I put the glove on my left hand and stitched rows of stitches on the top of the finger to cover it:

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

You need two fingers for the majority of iPad and iPhone functions so here’s how they looked when I was finished:


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via


I added a pretty tag and added “Handmade Just For You….iPad/iPhone Gloves”:

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

Anyone with an iPhone or IPad will be so excited to get them! Now I have to make a pair for Boo so she can play games on my iPhone when we are out and about!


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via


I don’t always show the ideas that didn’t make the cut……but these are kind of funny. I seriously felt like Mr. (or Mrs.) Wizard…..remember that show? I knew I needed some kind of conductive material so I tried everything that I thought might have conductive metallic properties. All of these failed the test:


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

My initial idea was to paint the end of the gloves with some type of metallic paint so it would soak through to the other side….I could make my own paint mixture with metallic powder and it would do the trick. My friend Walker educated me on aluminum powder and gave me the idea to make my own. I filed aluminum off the end of a level and mixed it with fabric glue to apply to the end of the gloves. IT WORKED! BUT…..the aluminum filings were too scratchy and I was afraid they would scratch the iPad/iPhone surface. Aluminum powder would be perfect but it’s too expensive to make this a budget project (unless you are making a few hundred pairs of gloves!)


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

These worked too! Aluminum eyelets! The only problem with this one was I was afraid they would get too cold on the end of the gloves. But if you don’t sew at all….this is an easy alternative option. Just make sure to add glue or fray check so your gloves don’t unravel.


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via


So the metallic thread was the best solution!  Enjoy!

Photo of the Day: My “New” Buddy

A few new things in my life in the last few weeks that I can’t explain:

I drink coffee first thing in the morning (never did before).  I haven’t had a soda since being in the hospital.
I haven’t bitten my fingernails since my surgery…..they were always in my mouth before.
My doggy Diesel actually likes me and wants to cuddle.
I crave capers. Weird.



Has anyone else ever experienced alternate personalities like this? : )

Guest Post – Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore

Over the next several weeks you will see guest posts popping up here and there from some of our friends in the blogging community. They have generously donated their time to write a post for the Lil Blue Boo blog as Ashley goes through chemotherapy. We are incredibly grateful to these wonderful people, and we are excited to share their posts with you. We gave them a subject to write about: how do you find joy in blogging or crafting? They were welcome to interpret that however they wanted. Enjoy!


To read past guest posts please click here.



Please welcome Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore.


It is an honor to be guest posting here today. Lil Blue Boo always shares incredible diy tutorials, but these days I find myself mainly checking in for updates from Ashley. What a picture of grace she has been these last few weeks.

Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m another Ashley, but I sure don’t know how to sew the way you see on Lil Boo Blue. I consider myself more of a MacGyver-style crafter. Meaning, I leave perfection behind and do what works. My projects aren’t always perfect, but I do what I can during naptime! My house is pretty loud and full of life. I’m married to one incredible guy, Chris, and we have 4 kids with one on the way. Our little one on the way is coming via the path of adoption. We are ready to be a whole family around the dinner table.


When the girls said the guest post series would be on how we find joy in blogging and crafting, that was an easy topic for me. I started my blog, Under the Sycamore, about 4 years ago. It originally started as a photography blog, but when I stepped away from professional photography – it changed. Now it is a hodge podge mess of the things I love. Though crafting and creating are an integral part of who I am, the joy in blogging has often come in the process and relationships. I could write pages about the relationships I’ve made through my blog and the joy they’ve brought to my life. However, I doubt you want to read that much, so I am going to share something else.

I read a post by Katrina of Pugly Pixel once. She referred to bloggers as tourists of life. A tourist of life. A blogger. That stuck with me. Blogging is just that for me…I am a tourist of life. And on my journeys, like any good tourist, I pull out my camera and capture the trip. Only, my trips and journeys basically all take place on a little patch of land in Oklahoma. So, in a nutshell, being a tourist, with camera in hand for my life, is where I find joy in photography & blogging.

How about a few ‘tourist’ pictures, some from my blog that remind me I am living my greatest adventure….


I’m grateful Ashley has been a tourist, in a sense, of this journey she is on right now. I’m thankful for the courage she has to share her story…booty and belly button shots too…I’m grateful she is sharing her journey.

Thanks for having me Ashley & Lisa. We look forward to your strong return Ashley!

Ashley Ann
Under the Sycamore

Photo of the Day: Jazzercize

It’s a good day!

My HCG levels went from 7800 last week to 5066 this week. Another big drop thanks to the chemo!

I had a rough morning but slowly have felt better all day. Then I found out that Cole (whose been in a coma since last week) opened his eyes for the first time today…..only for a second but that’s an amazing sign. It gave me a huge burst of energy. Thank you so much for the prayers for him too!

A good day calls for neon leggings. Rad, right? I look like I’m going to Jazzercise class….but 20 years ago. I think my mom might have had this exact same outfit way back when….but as a leotard.

I ventured into the office for a photo op….if I can get a laugh out of someone it was worth it:



I’ve linked all the posts about my recent health “adventure” and the loss of my father here. Thanks for reading…..I hope my stories will help others that might be going through similar experiences.


Update: My mom called in a panic thinking I was exercising today. Don’t worry mom, I wasn’t exercising. The band was just for the photo : )

Photos of the Day: Bum Shots and a Wedding Dress

I had my chemo at the Lucy Curci Center today. I love the place….it’s so nice, so close and convenient and I’ll have the same nurses every time I go.

My mother-in-law Gale drove me today and snapped some photos. I felt so great right before the treatment! Even though I know I won’t feel great later tonight and the next few days I look forward to my treatments. Bring it on….at least it’s one step closer to being better. I won’t get my blood results until this evening or tomorrow but I’m praying for a good result!



And then the dreaded butt shot…..they can’t fit it all in one syringe… I have to get two (one in each cheek). All I repeat to myself is: at least it’s not Boo, at least it’s not Boo. They can do anything they want to me as long as it’s not Boo that has to go through it….I’m so super thankful it’s me. Thank you God for choosing me.



My weight went down again so Gale bought me some Boost to try this time.  390 calories a bottle! I think if it’s really super cold and I use a bendy straw I’ll be able to get it down. Seriously, is the bendy straw not the greatest invention ever? I don’t even have to burn any calories moving my head to drink the Boost……so it might be the equivalent of 420 calories.


I miss my mom and sister. I wish I could be with my mom today. She just drove home to my parents house in Florida last night…..the first time since my father passed away. I know it was really sad for her because that is where she was when she got the phone call in May. She has so many friends that have been helpful down there and supportive though. Friends showed up to unpack her car and one even came over to set up her computer. So much kindness in people. And so much kindness when no one is even looking. I feel so overwhelmed by kindness recently I just need an outlet. I need to do something!  I can’t take it all in. A friend Alberto sent someone over to clean my car today just because. How selfless is that? I didn’t even think my car was that dirty!

My mother-in-law Kathy is here too for a week to help out. We are lucky to have a huge blended family. She and Boo put up our Christmas decorations today. I don’t see any reason why we can’t have them up for 7 weeks. I’ll start a new trend….decorating in early November……the malls do it, so it must be a sign.  Mr. LBB accidentally threw away the box that we usually lift the tree up with so I used the only other box I had: my wedding dress! It’s the perfect tree prop….and actually makes it useful:


Anyone else putting up decorations early?  If anyone makes fun of you tell them Ashley from Lil Blue Boo says it’s the cool thing to do this year.