Live the life you’ve dreamed.

The Golf Channel and WCC gave my family a gift tonight….footage and interviews of my father in the last days of his life. Watching it was a wave of emotions, but the biggest takeaway was that he was extremely happy in those last days and in his element. I felt like he was looking straight at me through the screen a few times with his signature grin saying: It’s okay. Everything is how it’s supposed to be.

(it will re-air on Thursday 12/29 at 2:00pEST)

Norman Swenson, the true champion of the game, defined all that is great about golf: a gentlemen, a competitor, a friend, grace and victory in defeat. He brought people together with a smile, a laugh and a southern accent that made the experience better for everybody.



They showed a clip of Dad showing a smiley face on the top of one of his tees…..Boo says he did that for her. I think he did too.



In another clip the camera zooms in from the side….it’s a tee from my sister’s wedding that he took all the way over the Korea.

Live the life you’ve dreamed.


Life is short. You never know when your last day will be.

Live your life fully…and live it full of joy.

Nothing else really matters.



MORE Almost R-Rated Elf on the Shelf Outtakes

Yep…..he gets worse. This elf is definitely going to jail! This will be the LAST installment of Elf on the Shelf photos this year….because I officially will be the world’s biggest loser if this continues…..and my family will stage an elf-intervention. Let’s start out with the harmless ones…..enjoy!


Camel Toe Elf


Body Art Elf


Urban Legend Elf


Team Jacob Elf


Preserved Elf


Kidney Theft Elf


Double Parked Elf


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Tribute on the Golf Channel

I’ve shared so much of the journey of the days following my father’s death this year that I wanted to share this in case any of you might want to watch it.  You’ve all been so supportive and encouraging to us and I’m so appreciative. The Golf Channel is airing the World Club Championship highlights tomorrow (12/8) at 4:30 (eastern). It was the last tournament my dad played in and he passed away on the flight back. There will be a tribute to my dad in the programming. I’m nervous, excited, sad, thankful and hesitant all at the same time. I’ll be recording it so we can watch it together as a family tomorrow night.

If you happen to miss it tomorrow it will re-air on Thursday 12/29 at 2:00p (eastern).


Today I will be…..

….Iron Man (or Iron Girl I guess). Gicela made me these jeggings as a joke but I actually love them. I will be a superhero today if I complete one task: make it to Costco…’s only 5 miles away but it seems like 100.  It’s all relative. Compared to how I felt yesterday, today I am Samson. I’m going to wear my jeggings too.

Cram THAT up your cramhole Cancer!


I didn’t even have to spin the “Spin-spiration” wheel….Boo puts it on Iron Man every morning anyways.

Almost R-Rated Elf on the Shelf Outtakes

By popular demand……a second round of Elf on the Shelf for us adults. If only Boo knew what happened to her poor Elf when she goes off to school……I’ll be able to share these with her in about 20 years. Make sure to visit the PG-13 version and the kid-friendly version too! Apparently I have a sick sense of humor because this could go on ALL day….I think chemotherapy is making me evil.


Crack is Whack El



Good Time Elf


Flat Tire Elf


On the Rocks Elf



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The Traveling Shirt

It was a morning full of doctor visits….three to be exact. A self portrait with my go-go-gadget arm:



After chemo first thing I had a visit with my regular doctor. It was humorous in the waiting room because the visitors there aren’t used to seeing someone with a mask. Everyone treated me like I had ebola…..and sat accordingly. I might wear a mask for the rest of my life….everywhere I go….if I can get THAT much personal space:


My sister sent me this shirt to wear……it’s her “sisterhood of the traveling shirt” t-shirt… the movie, her and her friends have passed it back and forth since 2006 and written milestones on it. I get to write on it now and send it back:



Since I get intramuscular injections….it takes longer for the chemo to absorb into the bloodstream so I usually have a few hours before I start to feel it. It’s like a race for me……fit in whatever I can right afterwards. Today I stopped at the thrift store on my way home to see what furniture they had in:


Once I got home I was able to do a little bit of work sorting out some fabric scraps before I started feeling crummy…..then I had to lay down until tonight. I’ve got to take a few days off now before I can work on my new project of moving into the new office area. I’ve got big plans for it: pretty repainted furniture, a chandelier, larger desk areas for Lisa and I and a project table. The old office will become a writing nook for me and playroom combo for Boo… seems like a ton of work right now but it will get done eventually!



My HCG levels are moving in the right direction….just too slow….so somethings up…..the MRI scans this week will tell us more! For now I’ll just be patient and work on my Li’l Journal Project and design some new dresses from my lair of rest : )


Don’t forget! Choose Joy!