Wood Play Money (A Tutorial and Free Download)

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that there is a juice addiction in our house. One night I was so fed up at the “begging” for juice that I made “juice money” so that Boo would have to ration her juice herself. Guess what…..it worked! Every morning when Boo wakes up she gets 5 juice dollars to budget throughout the day (including her lunch juice) and she’s really good at it.


I’ve expanded to TV and Computer Time Money as well and the money has now been upgraded to these cute wood-nickel type pieces.



I’ve added a PDF version of my template that you can print off for yourself at the bottom of the page and it includes the following:

I used Citra Solv to transfer a photocopy to 1.5″ wooden disks (please click here for my FULL Citra Solv tutorial and an explanation of the photocopy or laser printer you have to use for the image).



I cut out each image from my template and placed them face down on the wood disk and used a paper towel to rub Citra Solv onto the back of the paper:


Using my finger I rubbed the back of the paper to transfer the image….


…..and peeled back the paper leaving the image behind:



Finished money! Ready for budgeting!



The PDF template includes graphics for juice, milk, TV/computer time, sweets, and video games! If there are others you would like mention it in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!  Thanks!


SnapShop Photography Workshop & Giveaway


~contributed by Lisa



Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore is no stranger to the Lil Blue Boo blog. She gave our readers some very helpful tips on how to take better pictures with a point and shoot camera during our 2 Weeks of Photography, and she participated in last months WWYM and created the cutest fabric coasters out of the challenge fabric. Today, we are thrilled to tell you more about her online photography course: SnapShop.

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Booisms: From the Archives I

A few Booisms from the archives:


Boo: From now on I’m wearing a shower cap and my shoes in the shower.
Me: Fine, but nothing else…..otherwise the shower will be pointless.



Me: WHY did you draw on Li’l Sally’s (her doll) back?
Boo: I thought she was paper.
Me: Really?! You thought she was paper?!
Boo: No (long pause)…..actually….I wanted her to have a tattoo.



Boo: “I don’t want to read anymore of The Giving Tree where the people take all her stuff. I don’t like when they take all her stuff. Why would they take all her stuff?”



Me: Please….no “pirate” pose this time, okay?
Boo: Okay.
Me: (take photo) What on earth was that?
Boo: THAT…..was my awesome “scary monster behind you” pose!



Overheard from Boo’s room one night: “The truth is……I am Ironman.”



Me: WHAT is on your cheeks?
Boo: Glittery glue.
Me: What?! You aren’t supposed to put that on your face!
Boo: DON’T touch it! You might mess it up!




Boo (with a basket of knit scraps): Who wants to buy a blanket from me?
Me: Are you trying to sell my own fabric to me?
Boo: No, I’m selling it to Daddy too. I’m selling it to everybody.



Boo: Everyone tells me I’m cute.
Me: Hmmm….do you think you are cute?
Boo: No. I think I’m handsome.
Me: Well, I think that’s cool…kind of unconventional.
Boo: Yep.



Boo: Here’s how I’m writing my name now…..no more S, just a dollar sign: $ienna
Me: You are ripping off Ke$ha.



Preview up for Boom Town 2

The previews are up for Boom Town 2 tonight! The collection will be available to purchase tomorrow at 3pmPST/6pmEST. Quantities are limited and will not be offered again. So excited about this collection and the photography by Monika McSweeney!


(Please note: the lookbook requires Flash.)


Making a Crown Part II: A Citra Solv Transfer onto Wood (A Tutorial)


I heart Citra Solv. I used it years ago in my art journals but just recently picked a bottle up to complete a long list of projects. Stay tuned for more projects coming soon!

Citra Solv is a citrus solvent that is used as a natural, powerful degreaser but it great for art projects! You can find it at natural food stores….I found mine at Clark’s.



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Boom Town 2 Look Book

Introducing the second Boom Town collection! Previews will be up in the shop tomorrow with pricing. Not all items are shown in the look book. The collection will be available for purchase on Friday, September 23rd at 3pmPST/6pmEST. A huge thanks to Monika McSweeney for the amazing photography of this collection.

(Please note: the lookbook requires Flash.)

Boo Style: Picture Day

Boo: Wake UP Mommy! It’s picture day!
Me: Let me sleep another 30 minutes.
Boo: There’s not enough time. Meet me in the den so I can get ready!
…a few minutes later…
Me: Oh, that’s not your dress…..I bought that as a gift for someone.
Boo: No, you bought it for my photo day! I know you did.

guess who won?

Dress: Mim Pi from Happy Chickadee
Leggings: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Crocs

How to Make a Wood Crown – Part I (A Tutorial)

How to make a crown via lilblueboo.com


Boo loves her new wood princess crown…..perfect for a party!


How to make a birthday crown via lilblueboo.com

Part I of this tutorial shows how to take an ordinary piece of 1/16″ basswood and mold it into a curved shape to make a crown. Tomorrow’s Part II will show how to do a toner transfer onto the crown for decoration.

Note: you can find 1/16″ basswood in most craft stores in the wood craft section.

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Puffy Paint Dolls & Monsters (A Tutorial)


Are these cute? I originally ordered a bunch of blank dolls for a party or kid project idea but Boo and I ended up making them all ourselves this weekend!



These pre-made muslin dolls come in a range of sizes and run about $2 to $6 a piece:


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The Mona Lisa……in Buttons (Time Lapse Video)

The Mona Lisa button collage via lilblueboo.com (click through to see the time lapse video!)


I finally got around to making a video of the Mona Lisa piece Boo and I did last weekend!  Here it is….see if you recognize the song (from a movie) before you get to the end of the video!

The Mona Lisa in Buttons from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.


If you missed the Frida video click here to check it out!


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