Printed Canvas Bunting (A Tutorial)

The first thing I made with my new Silhouette machine was this printed canvas bunting! I downloaded 2 different bunting graphics from the Silhouette online store and had the machine cut out the designs on vinyl:



I placed the vinyl cutout onto a basic screen. The bunting is a “positive” image so I had to cut a few pieces of vinyl to create an outline around it:



I used a large canvas tablecloth for my fabric. First I did a row of charcoal colored flags in one design:


Then I did a second design in hot pink:


I was tempted to silk screen the entire table cloth with this print and leave it at that!



I cut out each flag:



I left the edges of the flags raw…..the ink keeps them from fraying:


I used a 1/4″ ribbon as the string……


……and sewed each flag to it along the top:



So festive! An easy way to decorate for a party or just spruce up a room or table:



For more on screen printing and where to buy supplies check out my other detailed tutorials:


The Casbah Carryall (and my new Silhouette!)

I started a new project……


……inspired by my new Silhouette machine!



I knew exactly what I wanted to try first…..I had the machine cut out a bunting design (a download from the Silhouette store) onto vinyl adhesive:



Here’s the cutout on the screen. Since the cut is a “positive” cut, I added pieces of vinyl to outline the bunting triangle…….



……and masked the other areas of the screen:


Now I just have to finish the rest of the pieces today:



I’ve been ready to release a new carryall pattern and as I silk screened I decided to use the bunting design to make myself a new bag! I silk screened the design on a canvas tablecloth and then cut out the pattern pieces.



I love wearing white all summer and this bag will be perfect to compliment it!


Love how detailed the Silhouette can cut!


The Casbah Carryall is the perfect design for a tote, handbag, beach bag, grocery bag etc. 8 pages of instructions and 8 pattern pages…..great for any level. It’s in the shop now!

I’m giving away 2 free patterns  so leave a comment to be entered! (Giveaway ends Tuesday night at 12pm PST)






Boo Style

“Please take a picture of me with my new family”

Romper: Lil Blue Boo Blue Label (you can make your own too)
Shoes: Dragonfly Mary Janes by Snanimals

Somehow this “mini cone” didn’t make a “mini mess”……



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Baker’s Twine Art

Baker's Twine Art (great for recording first signatures) #mothersday via


I recently came across Debbie Smyth’s art on Pinterest…..and was floored. It is AMaZinG. She draws with thread. I would LOVE to own one of these pieces!


Photo source Debbie Smyth

Photo source Debbie Smyth


I have all this beautiful baker’s twine (from the Twinery) and decided to try some thread art myself:


I found this paper where Boo wrote her full name “Sienna” for the first time last year:


….and made it into artwork using twine:

These shadow boxes are on clearance at Michael’s right now for $5:

I used white spray paint to cover the brown frame:



I took out the foam back of the shadow box and replaced it with an 8″x10″ piece of hardboard:


I marked dots on Boo’s letters at every twist, curve and turn:

I taped the paper to the top of the hard board and nailed a 3/4″ brad nail into each dot:


Lots o’ nails:


Once all the nails were in place I carefully pulled off the paper:



Then I took baker’s twine, knotted it around one nail and then started to wind and loop the twine back and forth around the nails to form each letter:


I used different colors to make it more whimsical:

Boo is much better at writing her name now but still gets her “e” backwards every once in a while. This writing was from a year ago and it is forever sculpted in thread:


Father’s Day is coming up! How about some baker’s twine art made from one of your child’s drawings!


The Ruffle Bustle Skirt

I’m a guest over at Grosgrain today for Free Pattern Month Day 14! Make sure to visit to see all the great patterns…..there’s a new free pattern every single day this month! Look at all these goodies so far (click to image to visit Grosgrain):


My contribution is the Ruffle Bustle Skirt (you might remember this design from WAY back….. SYTYC Contest November 2009. This is a fun, flirty knit skirt with a yoga style “fold over”  waistband. The ruffled bustle is perfect for using up those small knit scraps you might have laying around.



Download the complete PDF pattern and tutorial by clicking the cover below:

The Maliboo Romper

Introducing….a new Lil Blue Boo sewing pattern just in time for summer…..The Maliboo Romper!  Approved by Boo herself:

The MaliBoo Romper DIY Sewing ePattern via

I love the proportions of this cute little romper and the pattern is so easy you can sew one of these knit rompers in under an hour….using a serger or regular single needle sewing machine. I’ve included step-by-step photos to help beginners and an idea book for the more advanced! 12 pattern pages that print out on regular 8.5″x11″ paper and tape together for sizes 6-12M, 12-18M, 18-24M, 2T/3T, 3T/4T, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12.


The MaliBoo Romper DIY Sewing ePattern via

Love the spin that Katherine, one of my pattern testers, put on it by adding ruffles:

The MaliBoo Romper DIY Sewing ePattern via


The MaliBoo Romper DIY Sewing ePattern via

Adorable as a play romper or as a bathing suit coverup for the beach! It is just so darn comfortable too. And if you don’t sew? Good news….I’m making them for the shop too (and listing one-of-a-kinds on Blue Label).

The MaliBoo Romper DIY Sewing ePattern via








Kindred Spirits

So many of you commented on “Boo’s Heartache” that I couldn’t wait to give an update…..we found Ava! Recently, Ava invited Boo to a little Easter party at her grandparents after the school contacted them on my behalf. The day of the party Boo told ANYONE that would listen that she was going to see her best friend Ava and that it was “the best day ever.”



It pretty much WAS the best day ever.



Boo was giddy for days.



As we left, the following conversation took place:

Boo: “Ava, I love you with all my heart.”

Ava: “I love you with all my heart too.”


I’m not exaggerating….that’s exactly what they said. I teared up a little and asked myself “are these kids really only 4 years old?”  It’s like they are old souls. Their friendship reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and her friend Diana Barry……kindred spirits, and a little mischievous too: