The "T" Patchwork Dress Now Available!

The Lil Blue Boo “T” Patchwork Dress is now available in the shop! Make any t-shirt or tank top into a patchwork dress! No guess work involved….it has measurements for exactly where to cut your t-shirt and individual pattern pieces for every size 12M to 12 years. You can recycle an old tee or use a new one! It also includes an option for adding a ruffle flower!

The instant download ePattern includes separate patterns for sizes 12-18M, 18-24M, 2T/3T, 3T/4T, 4T/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12.

Doll size pattern included for 10″ and 15″ Waldorf-style dolls, American Girl, Bitty Baby, Pottery Barn or other similarly sized dolls.

Thank You Veterans!

Everyone at Lil Blue Boo was up bright and early this morning to create a painting in honor of our veterans! Thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served our country to ensure our liberty. We thank you and your families for your tremendous sacrifice!

A Christmas Outfit (Tutorial and Download)


I can’t believe that December is almost here! Here’s a sweet and easy Christmas outfit…..

….the result of a fun collaboration with Keren from Free Pretty Things for You! Keren has the sweetest vintage artwork and images on her website as well as some fun DIY tutorials! I love seeing what other people have done with the images she has offered as downloads too…so many ideas!

Keren sent me this adorable Christmas reindeer to use in a tutorial and you can download it from her site by clicking the small image below! Thank you Keren!

This outfit is super easy to make because you can take an existing t-shirt and a pair of pants and embellish them with minimal sewing! A great way to make coordinated, inexpensive outfits for Christmas card photos!

To make the shirt:

First I printed off a large image of the reindeer onto Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Inkjet Transfer Paper (see tutorials on transferring the images here).

I trimmed around the image as in my other transfer tutorials and ironed it onto the t-shirt. If you are using a dark colored shirt you can transfer the image to a light colored piece of fabric and applique it to the shirt instead:

To make the pants:

First, I started with a plain pair of pants that would coordinate with the top and reindeer images. I made this particular pair for Boo but any store bought pair of knit pants, jeans or even a skirt will do!

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements I made a small repeat of the reindeer image to transfer to some plain white fabric:

I cut the reindeer repeat into small strips and cut the white knit (you could use regular white woven fabric as well) into long strips slightly wider than the images and long enough to wrap around a pant leg. Then I ironed the images onto the fabric:

My finished strips of reindeer:

I sprayed fabric spray adhesive to the back of the strips……

….and laid them across a large piece of red knit:

With the strips secure, I cut the red fabric so it formed a 1/2″ border around the white knit:

Starting at the b0ttom inside of one leg of the pants, I stitched along the bottom of the white knit to attach it:

Then I carefully stitched the other side:

Finished reindeer trim!

Love how the reindeer on the top and bottom pull the whole outfit together…..the colors remind me of a little elf too.

Is it too early to put up my Christmas tree? I put it up pretty early last year!

Winners of the "Nix the Auto" Photo Contest!

I don’t think you could have made the decision any more difficult for Gayle from Mom & Camera! We had 116 entries for the “Nix the Auto” Photo Contest. Each and every photo was fantastic. We were so impressed with the amateurs who took on the challenge of shooting in manual mode, and we felt very inspired by the professionals!

The entries in each category were narrowed down to 15 and Gayle chose one winner from each. The winners of the “Nix the Auto” Photo Contest are…

Amateur Winner: Misha


Congrats Misha! You have won a custom designed Lil Blue Boo Outfit!

Professional Winner: Photography by Misty Smith


Congrats Misty! You have also won a custom Lil Blue Boo outfit AND a month of advertising on the blog!

Thank you to everyone that participated! We have another contest in the works, but for kids! So stay tuned, and keep saying NO to Auto Mode! You have proved that you can do it, just keep practicing. Follow along with Mom & Camera for more invaluable photography advice.

You can view all of the amazing entries on the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page under the Photos tab.

Lil Blue Boo

Lil Blue Boo Adelaide Pattern in Sew Hip!

Sew Hip is my favorite sewing magazine. I mean….I LOVE LOVE it. I have almost every issue and I read them cover to cover…..over and over again. My Adelaide Beret pattern is featured in their December 2010 issue (Issue 23)! I’m so excited but at the same time I feel faint, a little nauseous and giddy all at once…I just keep looking at it wondering if it is really true! That’s a hat I made on the model in the lower right hand corner….on the cover!

It isn’t available quite yet in the U.S. so Laura, who is also featured in the magazine, sent me a few photos! So sweet of her to take the time to do that so I could see the layout! Thank you Laura! She has the most amazing site called Bugs and Fishes by Lupin….make sure to visit and read about her feature in Sew Hip as well!

The Adelaide Beret pattern is included as a pullout template in the magazine and there are a few pages of instructions, diagrams and photos. I don’t think that was an actual quote of mine below….but who cares haha! The hat pictured was silk screened with a Chinese symbol for “Luck”….and of course the inks were from Dharma Trading.

The whole pattern started with a hat I made for Boo for a collaboration with artist Stephanie Corfee. I silk screened Stephanie’s “When I Grow Up” print for a small limited edition for my shop a few months back:

Boo’s hat has led to many, many more hats. Some are upcycled and recycled from t-shirts:

By the way….these photo collages are super easy to make in Photobucket if you haven’t tried them yet :)

Some are dyed and silk screened:

One of my favorite upcycled hats photographed by Monika McSweeney on her daughter Grace:

I hope the magazine gets to the U.S. soon! It is carried at Joann’s and large bookstores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble…..or you can always buy it straight from Sew Hip! There is much more in the issue by some amazing artists!

I’m Off Auto!

It’s true….I’ve been photographing on manual after 2 Weeks of Photography. I’m so much happier with my photos! AND I’ve been using Annie’s (Paint the Moon) actions to spruce up all my photos. It’s addicting! Actions I’ve been using most? Passion Fruit Tea, Paint on Color, Twinkle Eyes and Skin Smoother.

Boo’s been a little more willing to pose too. I’m trying to make photos more fun. She’s wearing a new dress I made out of her school t-shirt. She accessorized with Lil Blue Boo Li’l Mei shoes, some Hello Kitty socks and a bunch of new scrapes on her knees.

I’m so excited about this new set showing up in my shop tomorrow! But it needs a name! It’s a mix of vintage-inspired print, silk screened knit, color washed leggings and some ultra soft navy/white jersey.

I’ve got a running list of names on the Lil Blue Boo Facebook Page! Leave your suggestion and if I pick yours (the first suggestion), you’ll get 15% off your next purchase!

Painting on Fabric (A Tutorial)

Boo and I did some fabric painting this weekend! She made a cute rainbow applique top and I transformed a stained t-shirt into a bright, fun top!

We started with this Setacolor transparent fabric paint starter kit:

Other materials we used:
Freezer Paper
Light colored knit or woven fabric (or an old t-shirt)
Disappearing ink pen

First, I cut out freezer paper and ironed it to the back of my white knit to stabilize it for Boo to paint on (waxy side to wrong side of fabric).

I used a disappearing ink pen to sketch out a rainbow shape for a guide:

I mixed each paint color with a bit of water and spritzed the fabric a little to dampen it so the color would flow onto the fabric easier:

The artist at work:

After the entire rainbow was painted…..

…..we sprinkled it with a little table salt and spritzed it with a light mist of water again to get a “crystal” look….

…..and then laid it in the sun to dry (with a guard dog):

The artist added some light blue paint to some more fabric for clouds:

Once the fabric was dry I removed the freezer paper from the back and ironed both sides of the fabric for 2-3 minutes to set the paint:

To make the rainbow applique I ironed paper-backed fusible adhesive to the back of the painted fabric and then sketched out the rainbow and clouds on the paper:

I cut out shapes and ironed them to activate the fusible adhesive paper:

I used my sewing machine to secure the appliques and add decorative stitching:

The artist happy with her work:

I did some painting of my own inspired by this landscape painting I did last year using an old t-shirt:

I dampened the entire t-shirt and painted in horizontal lines across the entire shirt:

I just kept adding color until I was happy with the look. Then I sprinkled it with salt and left it to dry in the sun.

Turned out totally cool and unique!

Custom Dresses are Back!

After closing the custom dress book for several months, it’s finally back open…and with a faster turnaround! The listing has been up for a short while, but we are just now getting around to blogging about it. The response has been amazing, and we are having so much fun making these special dresses.

We recently designed a custom dress for this adorable little equestrian. We knew she wanted an asymmetrical skirt and that she loved horses. We also knew she could handle the wild print! This dress is so her.

Do you need the perfect gift, birthday dress or just a special one-of-a-kind dress for everyday wear? Send in a special t-shirt, design a specific dress or let us make you a surprise creation! We can handle most requests!

You can find more information about the order process in the custom dress listings in the shop. Please read all of the details. There’s an “a la carte menu” as well! The fully custom dress listing can be found HERE or you can create a dress by sending in your own special tee HERE.

As soon as you order you will be sent a link to the downloadable Lil Blue Boo Custom Order Form to fill out with every detail of your dress. Take as long as you need to fill it out…..once we receive your completed form you can expect a 3-4 week turnaround. We try to finish your custom much sooner but this allows us ample time to find the perfect coordinating knits for your order.

If you are thinking about Christmas gifts we encourage you to place your order by November 25th to ensure that your item arrives in time. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Here are some recent custom orders that are on their way to some very lucky little girls.

Camera Art (and free download!)

It wouldn’t be Two Weeks of Photography in true Lil Blue Boo fashion without some clothing involved! I knew I wanted to do an outline of an vintage camera and I left the artwork up to my talented artist friend Stephanie Corfee. As usual she came up with something fabulous! I added a little bit of Andy Warhol inspiration for color/multiple print and I ended up with this fun little number!

Camera Art Free Download for DIY crafts and clothing #photography via


The best part? Stephanie has a surprise for all of you…..she created some awesome camera graphics that you can download to make something of your own!

Click through the graphic below:

Camera Art Free Download for DIY crafts and clothing #photography via
You could silk screen them, iron-on transfer them, or make some cute stationary! I’ve linked up a few of my tutorials on silk screening and iron on transfers in case you are new to Lil Blue Boo!

Screen Printing 101
Screen Printing with Contact Paper
Pirate Matryoshka Transfer (with Download)
Vintage Harvest Crate Stamp/Label Patches

photography via


Camera Bag Insert (A Tutorial and Free Download)

Camera bag insert for purse free tutorial pattern diy via


Every photographer needs a stylish camera bag. The designer camera bags are all so darn expensive, and well they resemble so many bags I already have up on the top shelf of my closet. I’ve got so many large handbags that would be awesome camera bags that I created an insert that to convert them! This way I can change my camera bag easily to keep up with latest bag trends! The insert has adjustable and removable dividers as well so that I can store different lenses or even carry a camera and a camcorder all at once.

This Marc Jacobs handbag is easily transformed…….


Camera bag insert for purse free tutorial pattern diy via
……into the perfect camera bag!


Camera bag insert for purse free tutorial pattern diy via

You can make camera bag insert out of your favorite fabric or just plain black nylon like I did. I’m often putting juice boxes in my bag for Boo too and I wanted one that was water resistant. The materials for this project cost me around $5.

Materials needed:
32″ Velcro
1.5 yards of Fabric or Woven Nylon
1/2″ foam
Heavy poster board or thin cardboard

There were so many steps to this tutorial that I thought it would be better to create a downloadable PDF that could easily be printed off. Just click, download and print this 9-page tutorial off and make your own!



Camera bag insert for purse free tutorial pattern diy via

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