Saturday LBB Gallery Share

Short and sweet……a few beautiful photos taken by photographer Kristina of her daughter wearing Lil Blue Boo:

A limited edition fuchsia horse silk screen:
A “rockstar” dress from the Stephanie Corfee/Lil Blue Boo mini collection:
Have a wonderful Saturday! I’m on my way to L.A. today to do some knit shopping with my friend Lisa!

The Twirl Skirt – Now Available!

The Twirl Skirt is finally available! This is a 16-page PDF tutorial with 10 pattern pages and includes ALL of my tips and tricks for sewing knit fabrics on a regular sewing machine as well as a serger.

(photo on the cover is by Lisa from Ellebows)

Some highlights of what you’ll get in my original PDF pattern & tutorial:
:: 16 pages of easy to follow step-by-step complete sewing instructions
:: 41 full color images, diagrams and drawings to demonstrate pattern specifics
:: 10 pattern pages which include separate patterns for each size
:: Options for adding maternity waistband or lengthening the skirt and an idea book

The sizes included in the pattern are:
12-18M, 24M/2T, 3T/4T, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
Women’s XS to XL
Doll size patterns for 10″ and 15″ Waldorf dolls (Bamboletta, AppleTreeHouse, Dragonsfly Hollow etc), American Girl, Pottery Barn or other similarly sized dolls.

For those of you new to PDF patterns: The pattern pages print out directly from your computer onto regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper and there are guides for attaching them together.

Make sure to add photos of your finished skirts to the Lil Blue Boo Flickr Gallery!

Some fabulous photos from Olivia Hooper Photography (who also just happens to be a tester too!):

How fun that dolly can match….

….and mommy can match!

Don’t forget to join the Lil Blue Boo Patterns Facebook Page….set up specifically to share sewing tips and photos of what you’ve made!

Saturday LBB Gallery Share – Cuteness Overload

I post so many photos to the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page during the week I’ve got to play catch up on the weekend! Here are a few favorite images and fan photos from this week:

An itty bitty Stephanie Corfee/Lil Blue Boo “Rockstar” collaboration dress. Photos by Danielle.

Izzy in a Lil Blue Boo Matryoshka bubble dress. Photo by Olivia Hooper Photography.

Nookie Scooter” herself, wearing a Lil Blue Boo birthday dress:

Sandi sent me this great photo of her daughter in a Lil Blue Boo “Daddy’s Girl” dress. Love it!

Boo in her Matryoshka Pirate dress before school….here is a link to the graphic if you want to make your own!

New unicorn Croc clogs for Boo (from Zappos)…the horn glows in the dark…but now we have to keep all the lights off in the house so she can see it:

New seahorse Croc clogs….Boo is growing out of shoes faster than I can keep up! This is our new pajama top and lady bug shorts look:

A few favorite dresses made this week:

Morphing Matryoshkas

A larger sized “Rockstar” dress

A doll sized “Rockstar” dress:

A custom Harajuku dress, complete with cherry blossom trim:

Ugh, did I mention we had a big earthquake? The center was right next to us too. It felt like the house was going to come down and huge waves of water sloshing out of the pool. Boo was at school down the street…..I literally was out of the house in seconds even leaving the back door open. Everyone was okay, just shaken up. A reminder to restock my disaster kit again!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’ve been working on some little shorts/tee matching lady bug sets to upload to Big Cartel sometime on Monday. Then I’m going to retire the ladybug until next year! Check the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page for listing times!

Upcycled Bohemian

As soon as I saw this bottom print on a dress at the thrift store I knew I had to have it to pair with Stephanie’s “I Grow Up” print….and who better to model it than Grace! An elephant ear dress with an empire waist….upcycled from thrift store finds: a dress, 2 polo shirts and some silk screened and tie dyed yardage. Eclectic, one-of-a-kind, bohemian…and totally green. Stunning photos by Monika McSweeney Photography. Enjoy!

Infinite thanks to Monika and Grace for such beautiful photos!

An I.D. Tag for Dolly (A Tutorial)

I couldn’t imagine if we lost Li’l Sally (our 10″ AppleTreeHouse Waldorf doll). Boo would be traumatized, I would be traumatized, and my wallet would not be happy about having to replace her! These dolls are so popular now (along with Bamboletta and DragonFlysHollow dolls) and almost impossible to get. There was a discussion on the LBB Facebook page the other day about the horror of losing one of these dolls and the idea of an I.D. tag necklace or bracelet came up. And so, a distressed identification tag was born for Li’l Sally:

Li’l Sally is wearing a Lil Blue Boo silk screened dress! Pattern to come soon!

This tutorial is almost identical to my wooden pendant accessories tutorial. But here are the directions again…..

Step 1: Create your text in a word program or Adobe Photoshop and reverse the text so that it prints backwards. (if you are using a word program you’ll need to save the text as a picture first and then import it back in so that you can reverse it). Print it out using a laser printer (which uses dry ink, an inkjet will not work) or send your printout through a black and white copier.

Our tag reads: Li’l Sally, if found call: xxx-xxx-xxxxn (I blurred out my phone number).

Step 2: Apply an acrylic paint base coat to a small piece of craft wood. These can be found at any craft store for about 20 cents a piece.

Step 3: When your base coat is dry, apply thick coat…..

……of Golden or Liquitex soft gel mat medium (also found at most craft stores). This is what will transfer the black toner from the paper to the wood.

Step 4: Cut out your text and press the paper face down onto the gel….burnish/rub the paper to make sure it is adhered and there are no air bubbles.

Step 5: When the gel is completely dry, apply a few drops of tap water to the back of the paper and peel off as much of the wet paper as possible.

Step 6: Rub the rest of the wet paper off with your finger. The text will stay behind.

Step 7:
Use sandpaper to distress the edges of the wood pendant.

Step 8: Dilute some brown acrylic paint with water and paint onto the distressed areas. Wipe off any excess. Once dry you can seal the pendant with acrylic gloss varnish.

Step 9: Drill a tiny hole in one end of the pendant.

Step 10: Add string or a leather cord through the hole and you are done!

Now if your doll gets lost at the mall or restaurant she’ll have some form of identification on her! Just tuck the pendant down into her clothing and he/she is ready to go!

Saturday LBB Gallery Share

Hope you are having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! A few of my favorite things this week to share!

I LOVE these flag dresses made by Becky for The CSI Project using the Sienna Dress Pattern! Let Freedom Ring!!!!

How cute is little Harlow with her LBB ladybug shorts! Glad to know that the shorts can accommodate cloth diapers! Harlow’s adorable shirt was made by her mother….she sells them in her shop Sparkle Your Kids if you want to check them out!

I love this photo of Kacey’s daughter wearing her Lil Blue Boo birthday dress! Photo by Kasi Daine – Dallas/Fort Worth Photographer

I bought a few of these Haiti Tees from Rage Against the Minivan to make into dresses. Each t-shirt purchase benefits Heartline Haiti!

I’m FINALLY finishing up the twirl skirt pattern and sending it out for testing this weekend. It should be in the shop this week…I’ll hold a giveaway to announce it sometime this week! I had some requests for adult sizes….so that’s what I’ve been working on today. It will be a pattern for almost everyone now! Kids, dolls, adults, maternity etc!

Meanwhile, if you need a project for the weekend, check out my ribbon camera strap tutorial!

When I grow up…..

….I want to be just like Grace! Comfy dress, sneakers, upcycled t-shirt bangles….did I mention that she loves karate and camping? Here she is sporting a dress from the Stephanie Corfee/Lil Blue Boo Limited Edition Collection… elephant ear style sleeve on a twirly knit dress. Beautiful photos by Monika McSweeney Photography.

Another upload of these limited dresses this afternoon in my Lil Blue Boo clothing store on Big Cartel!

A Pirate Matryoshka (with Download)

This is for the boys (and pirate-loving girls too)! Last year, Christy from Beachbrights asked me to do a pirate matryoshka doll for her son Max, he is adopted from Russia. I’m a little embarrassed that I am finally getting around to it! You can use this tutorial to transfer my pirate matryoshka image to t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants etc. I used a plain white dress in this tutorial since I don’t have a little boy…..and Boo loves pirates anyways….so this dress will be worn a gazillion times over.

The easiest way to transfer this image to fabric is to print it out onto transfer paper using your inkjet printer. I use Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper…it’s the best out there…your image will end up looking almost like a silk screen. Cheaper transfer paper from the store will look too plastic-like.

Cut out the image…with the Dharma Trading transfer paper you can leave a border…it won’t be noticeable on the fabric.

Place the cut out face down onto your fabric. I used Dharma Trading’s Double Lettuce Edge Spagetti Strap Dress (Boo wears a 4T….they do not run small).

Follow the instructions of the transfer paper…..but make sure you use a hard surface like table….not an ironing board. For the Super Soft Transfer Paper you will use the hottest setting and iron firmly back and forth for about 20 seconds.

While the paper is still hot peel off the backing…leaving a a perfect pirate matryoshka doll!

Shiver me timbers!

On Boo’s dress I used a Fabricmate pen to add a treasure map path….

…..all the way around the dress.


Glammed Up Lil Blue Boo

We had our Lil Blue Boo photo shoot yesterday….to be revealed in a few weeks! Both Boo and I were “glammed” up by the best stylist in the world….Tara Correnti. We shot in 106 degree heat. It was SO hot….but so fun. Taili Song Roth was the photographer. Her work is AMAZING and I can’t wait to see the final photos! Boo and I couldn’t resist the Mac Photo Booth last night after the shoot ended:

After I took a shower and washed all the makeup off and curl out….Sienna cried that she wanted my curly hair back. Hmm…..maybe I should curl my hair before picking her up from school today?! It’s so easy to make her happy.

A BooMoose

I love collaborations because they are a chance to create something new by combining my interests with someone else’s. Recently I teamed up with Melanie of The Melamoose Co to create some adorable little doll clothes to fit 15-16″ Waldorf style dolls (Bamboletta, Dragonfly’s Hollow, Apple Tree House etc.) I silk screened some itty bitty little lady bug onto knit yardage and sent it Mel’s way and here is what she turned it into! Introducing….the “BooMoose” collection:

She made an entire mini collection of BooMeese! You can check out preview pics of the other creations on The Melamoose Co Facebook page. They will be listed in her Etsy shop on Thursday, July 1st at 9pm EST. Her little tiny creations sell out in seconds so be on time!

I’ve been having so much fun with my other current collaboration with Stephanie Corfee. Here are just a few of the creations I’ve made with her “When I Grow Up” print:

And since I’ve been working on adding more and more “Big” Blue Boo clothing to my shop (Junior/Women’s sizes), here is Stephanie’s vision for a maxi-length dress using another one of her prints! It’s in the works! I’m working on a detailed tutorial for how I plan to silk screen the bottom portion of the dress.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Lil Blue Boo! Today Boo and I have a photo shoot together (it’s still a secret). I’ve got my air dried “beachy” hair ready and got my fingernails done (they were a little purple from some recent dyeing). Oh yes, I’m wearing a “Geek Batik” printed Lil Blue Boo tunic……

If you are new to Lil Blue Boo, check out some of my screen printing tutorials!

Screen Printing 101

Screen Printing with Contact Paper

Screenprinted Drapes and Pillows

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