Saturday LBB Gallery Share – Fall Fabrics

I took a day trip to L.A. last week to pick up some fall fabrics…so inspired by all these prints… I just need more time to sew:

The second I got home from the long drive I knew exactly what I wanted to make first. A 3/4-sleeve fall tunic inspired by Alexander McQueen’s butterfly dresses (after watching some Rachel Zoe this week):

And a mix-matched “Mint Monet” asymmetric dress:

Of course I picked up a few random finds in L.A……some wool yarn for a new custom doll by AppleTreeHouse:

Lots of buttons……no plans for them yet….they just looked so pretty. I’ve already admitted that I have a fabric/craft shopping disorder:

I just finished and listed these limited edition fall “Calico Pony” silk screened dresses. There are just a few random sizes left in the shop right now:

Some new fan photos!

I just LOVE this one of the new Lil “Bleu” Boo collection pieces. How cute is Miss Sydney in her beret and glasses! There are just a few smaller sizes left of this:

Photo courtesy of Amie Caliri

Photo courtesy of Amie Caliri

I’m 100% positive that Harrison is already some breaking hearts……he’s so adorable in his corduroy blazer and a Lil Blue Boo upcycled hat! I’m not even going to show Boo this photo….she’ll have her first crush!

Photo courtesy of Mande Burckart

Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Great Ugly Knit Upcycle – The Gallery!

Lil Blue Boo, Dharma Trading and the distinguished judging panel (Amy, Ashley, Kari, and Rachel) have been waiting in great anticipation for the ugly knit entries! Before the judging starts I want to leave the gallery up for a few days just to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out or mix up any entries!

Click the collage below to view the entire gallery:

The judges have a hard job now to narrow the field down to ten entries! These are some amazingly creative entries! Thanks to everyone who participated…I know you all have been waiting in anticipation as well. The slideshow below is just a snapshot of the fantastic entries:

Judging will start next week to narrow all the entries down to just TEN finalists for the final week of voting!

To read the initial challenge and to refresh your memory on the fabulous prizes click below:

Note: If you are competitor and you think I’ve left out something or labeled something incorrectly please email me and I’ll get it fixed right away!

Available Tonight: Lil "Bleu" Boo

This limited edition Lil “Bleu” Boo set will be available in my Big Cartel shop at 7pmPST/10pmEST tonight! Stephanie Corfee‘s rendition of a little French “Boo” is silk screened on the front of the shirt and the skirt is made from a beautiful turquoise linen and lace combo that Lisa and I found on one of our shopping trips.

This was a limited edition set for Lil “Bleu” Boo that I uploaded last week….complete with a navy hat. I love the red, white and blue striped knit… yummy.

More to come next week! Stay tuned!

Painting in Progress

The artist is hard at work this morning…..various stages of her painting. She’s mixed paints with aqua crayons for the effect:

Update: 4 hours later….she’s still at it. Channeling Pollock again and painting on the floor. I’ve entrusted her with a gallon of gesso in the true spirit of artistic freedom.

The beginnings of a masterpiece…..

I’m letting Boo paint over one of my old paintings. The canvas is a foot taller than she is! The plan is to work on it in stages and in multiple mediums, so stay tuned for the finished piece in a few weeks. This is serious art.

I love these pics from 2009: My Little Pollock

Pink Owls on Blue…..

….available starting today in my Big Cartel Shop!

P.S. I’ve had requests to silk screen some wovens in addition to knits so look for those soon!

Sun Printing – An Introduction

How to sunprint on fabric via




It’s been about 25 years since I’ve used sun printing paper but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while! Who knew there was sun printing fabric?! I made this easy little square pin cushion using 8.5″ cotton cyanotype fabric squares and buttons:


This applique shirt was so simple…

…and I love the extra button detail:



The squares I used are the Blueprints on Fabric(pink on blue) shown below:

In a nutshell, the 8.5″ fabric squares in the kit are pretreated with a chemical that makes them change color in sunlight. I took the squares and pinned them to cardboard backing to keep them in place and laid various objects on top to experiment:

I placed the board in the sun for about 10 minutes and let the sunlight do its thing. The fabric darkens slightly (not to its dark blue you would expect):

Once the fabric has been in the sun for about 10 to 15 minutes, it is washed with cold water and the dark blue color appears:

I’m pretty sure there are over million things you could do with this fabric…here was my first hour of playing with it:


I pinned buttons to the fabric in the shape of a heart:

I pinned one of my mother’s old necklaces in place:

I layered different types of lace:

I used a transparency with a superhero “POW” on it:

Stay tuned for more sun printing soon!



Frida Folk Art Tee (with download)

Frida was on this weekend….I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched that movie. I made this easy tee for Boo using the Frida Folk Art I painted a while back (see painting tutorial here). I wanted the t-shirt image to resemble a Mexican retablo and I love how it turned out!

Below is my image that you are welcome to download and make something for yourself! If your browser has trouble loading it just click the link below:

The easiest way to transfer the image to fabric is to print it out onto transfer paper using your inkjet printer. I use Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper. I always get questions about what type of ink I use: regular everyday printer ink!

I ironed the transfer onto a plain white shirt:

The finished transfer:

Using this amazing Alexander Henry Mini Calaveras fabric…..

…I cut 3/4″ strips for a ruffle.

To create the ruffle I sewed straight down the middle of the fabric…..

….while gently holding my thread spool to create some tension. The strips ruffle right up.

The finished ruffle:

I pinned the ruffle around the Frida image and sewed it onto the shirt:

The finished image and ruffle:

Check out my other transfer tutorials for more details:
Pirate Matryoshka
Vintage Harvest Crate Labels/Patches
The Candy Dress

If you haven’t read the book Frida, I highly recommend it….or at least rent the movie. She’s one of my favorite artists. I was able to see many of her paintings in person in London at the Tate in June 2005. Among those included in the exhibition: The Bus, My Dress Hangs There, The Broken Column, and The Two Fridas. I spent 6 hours in the exhibition and didn’t want it to end.

Here are a few pages from my art journals:

Lyrics from the song Burn it Blue, sung by Lila Downs in the movie Frida. The words are stamped onto a collage I made from rice paper and a skeleton photo.

The above quote is from one of Frida’s journals: “I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return.”

Sneak Peek: Lil Blue Boo Accessories

Upcycled and silk screened hats to hit the Lil Blue Boo store starting tomorrow!

Introducing: Fabric by Lil Blue Boo

So excited to finally announce this: Fabric by Lil Blue Boo! I’m now offering hand-silk-screened knit yardage in my Big Cartel shop in limited edition prints. New prints, colors and quantities to be added every few days so if they are sold out please check back!

Right now there are Lil Blue Boo limited edition “Owls” available in 1-yard cuts:

*If you are interested in larger continuous cuts please contact me for a quote.

Owls range in size from 4.5″ to 6.5″ tall. Perfect for applique, dresses, jumpers, skirts etc.

Super busy this weekend working on a little “Bleu” line with Stephanie Corfee….here’s a sneak peek:

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