Free Printable Valentine’s Day Art Prints

We made these cute prints for Valentine’s Day. Boo will be using them for her Valentine’s at school! Download them below:

Free 8x10 Valentines day free printable art prints via Ashley Hackshaw /

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Add a little pink and red to your home this February with these sweet printable 8×10 art prints. Print it, frame it, display it!



You can download the free printables by clicking the image below.

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Personalized Name Art (and Animal Print Download)

How to Make Personalized Name Art (with Animal Print Download) via #silhouette #diy #tutorial #baby


I haven’t made one of these in a while!  I just finished this “Courtney” painting for my niece for Christmas:


Here is Boo’s original one I made with a Peter Rabbit inspired theme:


They aren’t very hard to make with a little patience because they are done in steps!  Here’s a gallery of ones that I’ve made for some ideas and links to other tutorials:

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Our Dream House….

….apparently we already live in it. Boo drew a picture of it on the chalkboard today. We have a fancy pink Barbie chandelier and we eat pink-cotton-candy-potted-flowers at our table.



Now I just have to convince Boo that Barbie washes her hair more than once a week. Although, she did take a shower last night…..she just insisted on wearing a shower cap. (I’m just glad the phase of wearing a scuba diving mask at the same time is over…..what’s the point of a shower then.) After her shower, she got out and declared: [Read more…]

Guest Post (and download) – Laura Winslow Photography

Over the next several weeks you will see guest posts popping up here and there from some of our friends in the blogging community. They have generously donated their time to write a post for the Lil Blue Boo blog as Ashley goes through chemotherapy. We are incredibly grateful to these wonderful people, and we are excited to share their posts with you. We gave them a subject to write about: how do you find joy in blogging or crafting? They were welcome to interpret that however they wanted. Enjoy!


To read past guest posts please click here.



Please welcome Laura from Laura Winslow Photography.


Hello sweet Lil Blue Boo readers! I am beyond happy to have been asked to be a guest blogger and to share with you a little about what I love about blogging. I am Laura–a photographer, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, blogger and lover of new experiences. I love to dream up my next vacation and to let my mind wander about what I will do next.

I first met Ashley at a conference that we were both speaking at (though we had “known” each other online for awhile before), and the real-life Ashley exceeds in amazingness the one that you all know and love online. Seriously. She has a mega-watt smile that is absolutely genuine and filled with happiness and speaks with such ease that you feel you have known her forever. She made me giggle every morning when I saw her stride in, McDonald’s breakfast in hand and ready to chow down. There is just something humorous and honest to me about a California blonde that looks like a model yet is a self-professed lover of McDonald’s and eats it like nobody’s business (I imagine Ashley would confirm this and not be embarrassed in the least :)) She is at the same time a serious businesswoman and fun person to be around and when I found out what she has been going through I just sat in sad disbelief. Ashley is a strong and positive soul, though, and has further inspired a great many with her attitude and by choosing joy.


choose joy free printable art by laura winslow for


This phrase resonates with me in that I have long been a lover of poems, quotations and words that in some way move me, motivate me or inspire me. That is what I love about blogging–it is my own little part of this world where I can share images that inspire me, things that I find interesting and lovely, and words that are powerful. I have a weekly feature called “Memorable Words Monday” where I share a new free printable each week. I do this because I want to share with others things that stir my soul. Things that brighten my day. Things that make me happy. I thought it fitting to offer a free printable to the ever-fab Lil Blue Boo lovelies that is a tribute to sweet Ashley–Choose Joy. Download it, print it out, frame it and place is somewhere where you can see it daily. Think good thoughts of Ashley, lift your own spirits or share it with someone you know will love it, too. Live the message and pass it on. We love you, Ashley! You rock our world! :)

8×10 Choose Joy Laura Winslow for Lil Blue Boo

The Mona Lisa……in Buttons (Time Lapse Video)

The Mona Lisa button collage via (click through to see the time lapse video!)


I finally got around to making a video of the Mona Lisa piece Boo and I did last weekend!  Here it is….see if you recognize the song (from a movie) before you get to the end of the video!

The Mona Lisa in Buttons from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.


If you missed the Frida video click here to check it out!


A Wine Cork Sculpture (A Tutorial)

How to make a sculpture from wine corks via

You can breathe a sigh of relief now….my tutorial on how to make a huge wine cork sculpture using just newspaper and wire hangers is finally here. I had to take it easy this weekend so Boo and I set up camp in front of the TV with the coffee table covered in corks and supplies. I let Boo pick the project and of course she chose the TALLEST of all land animals: a giraffe.  A snail or bird would have been much easier to tackle!


How to make a sculpture from wine corks via

I’ve been collecting wine corks from friends and family this year with this project in mind.


How to make a sculpture from wine corks via

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“Spin-spiration” Folk Art (A Tutorial)


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via


When I first found a used lazy susan at the thrift store, I envisioned making it into a piece of “spin-able” art….but the first one was way to large and heavy to hang safely onto the wall (so it was turned into the wine-barrel lazy susan). I bought a slightly smaller 18″ lazy susan, and made this fun piece of Sticks-inspired art.  On the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page I asked people to fill in the blank “I am____” and got some great words and phrases to use (Boo’s contribution was “Iron Man”):


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

The lazy susan was painted to be a fun piece of wall art that Boo can turn every day and pick her mood:

Today I will be……awesome.


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

This was a fairly simple project that took about 3 hours in total.  The carving was easier than I thought it would be with my new rotary tool and accessory kit:

Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

I also had my expert painter Boo as my helper. The key to painting with a 4-year-old is letting them paint freely and then just fix any large mistakes after the fact….when they aren’t looking.


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

Here’s how the art piece was made:

Photos 1, 2 & 3: I used a pencil to sketch my design out.
Photo 4: With a rotary tool, I started carving. I found that it is easiest to carve a faint line to serve as a guide and then carve deeper on your second pass.


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

Photos 5, 6 and 7: I carved all the designs out. They don’t have to be perfect…..I like slightly imperfect!
Photo 8: I used a block sander to clean up any rough edges.


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

Photos 11 & 12: I blocked in the main colors using basic acrylic craft paint. I like to paint “imperfectly” for character. I let Boo paint the black and white border.
Photo 13: After all the colors were blocked in, I let the piece dry.
Photo 14: I used gloss varnish…..


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

Photo 15: …..and painted a light coat over the whole piece to protect the colors from the glazing step.
Photo 16: I carved out excess paint from the designs.
Photo 17 & 18: I made a glaze of black liquid acrylic and added some water. I worked it into the designs, quickly wiping off the excess with a damp cloth.


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via


The finished painted piece!


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via


Using my Silhouette machine, I cut out the words “Today I will be” and applied the quote to the wall above where the lazy susan would hang:


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via


Some heavy hanging hardware was used to attach the lazy susan to the wall:


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via


Today I will be……on cloud 9.


Spin-spiration DIY Folk Art using a Lazy Susan via

Accidental Painting (A Tutorial)

Each and every time I finish one of these little hardboard nursery paintings I laugh a little at how “accidental” they are. I don’t plan them ahead of time…..and I never quite know how they will turn out until I’m about 80% done with them.


I took photos as I painted this recent painting to show my design process. I always start with just a basic light color. It’s easy to paint over and allows me to use the broadest range of colors.



I usually print out a few different mixed fonts and sizes of each name letter and cut them out so I can visualize the layout.



I start with the first and last letter and then fill the center letters in.



I kind of have a theme in my head….like flowers, or animals, or geometric shapes. For this particular painting I was trying to match some floral bedding so I started by sketching what I thought would be the largest objects in the painting: flowers.



Before I even have the rest of the painting planned I’ll start blocking in large areas of color:



I even start outlining letters and detail:



The first thing I noticed about this painting was the large empty space at the top. It needed something large and sweeping… I added a bee  spelling out “sweet girl.”



To unify the painting, and add some cohesion between the flowers and letters, I added some large circles. I grabbed a few random objects in different sizes to trace:

I then blocked in the circles with colors that would balance the painting. If an orange flower is on one side of the painting, I try to pull some orange to the other side of the painting by painting one of the circles. Light blue circles balance the blue “S” and pink and yellow pull the other colors around the painting:



I then started to add some more detail in the painting using my black paint pen….like the dotted line pattern in the large circles:



Tiny white dot flowers were a good way to subtly fill in some of the background area:



More detail:



The letter “a” looked bare and a little too mustardy so I added some white polka dots. I added a few white polka dots throughout the background as well as some dark pink dot flowers. The last thing I added was a dotted line throughout the painting as if the bee had flown through almost every letter….an easy way to help unify the painting:



Once the painting portion is finished, I placed little butterfly buttons throughout and marked them once I was happy with their location:



The last thing I do is drill and sew the buttons and embellishments on:



This “accidental” painting is for my new niece Sloan!


I float frame every painting myself…..see my other tutorials to see how to easily frame your own with a professional look!



Don’t even know where to start? Take a look at these: