Make a Large Lightweight Chalkboard

Chalkboard Art: Make a Large Lightweight Portable Chalkboard via #diy #tutorial #chalkboard


You can make an oversized chalkboard for your home, business or school using this easy tutorial. It’s so lightweight almost anyone can lift it and move it around.  I wanted to make this large piece for a large blank wall in my studio…. it doubles as artwork and a photo prop.  I added two quotes to mine to fill up the space.   Total cost of materials was $35. [Read more…]

Favorite Free Chalkboard Fonts


Lil Blue Boo's Favorite Free Chalkboard Fonts and Free Chalkboard Paper Download via

click links below to download:


clementine sketch | road movie | kraft nine | chalk hand lettering shaded | handy george | eraser | return to sender | kg eyes wide open | sketch block | objectum | blackboard | respective | scroll doodle available here


Click the image below to get your free chalkboard backgrounds and learn how to make tiny chalkboard necklaces:

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A Chalkboard Pig

Remember the piggy bank that Boo picked out a few nights ago for Daddy’s Christmas present?

I convinced her to paint it with chalkboard paint! To paint a ceramic piece like this I recommend using chalkboard spray paint because you will get a smoother finish, but with a toddler that isn’t so easy. We used a small roller and this can of chalkboard paint:

I let Boo do most of the rolling herself:

Every once in a while I could ask her if I could “try painting” and she would let me smooth out some of the large areas for her:

We used a small paint brush to paint in the hard to reach areas and then smoothed them out with a roller:

You will need to do several coats of the chalkboard paint, letting it dry in between.

A little trick I use for rollers so they don’t dry out? Wrap the paint-covered roller in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer! You can even leave it overnight and just take it out and continue painting when you need to:

Here is the finished chalkboard piggy bank…’s a little bumpy but I think Boo did a pretty good job!

After the paint has set overnight, you can use chalk to decorate it:

Boo wanted to write her name….

…..and Daddy’s, so he will know whose piggy bank it was when he opens it Christmas morning:

This would be a great gift for any age…..child or adult! So fun to decorate the piggy’s expression:

Or make one for yourself and write what you are saving for on it!

Here are a few other projects I’ve done in the past using chalkboard paint:

Top Tutorials Week

Happy 4th of July! We are off to Lake Tahoe for the week! Luvinthemommyhood is having her “top tutorials week” so I thought I’d tag along and have my own as well! Head on over and vote for your favorite tutorials on her blog! BUT before you leave Lil Blue Boo….let me know which of my tutorials is your favorite too!
Top Tutorials Week via
This is a great chance for me to list some of my tutorial links (in no particular order) for newcomers! Welcome to my Lil Blue Boo blog!
Thanks so much for your support of my blog! I love coming up with new ideas and sharing them with others! All of you help me to stay inspired and I love reading your blogs as well!
EARLY tomorrow morning we will be driving through the middle of nowhere to get to Incline Village. Only poor little Diesel and the housesitter are being left behind. I know I will be going through CRAFT-WITHDRAWAL about 2 hours into the drive…….but it will be SO nice to get out of the 110 degree heat for a little while!
Boo in Tahoe via
Sienna in Tahoe last summer…..she looks so young!
Have a great week and I’ll be back soon!

Fairy Forest Mural and Butterfly Template Download

Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download via
I just finished a fairy forest mural today. It is for a family’s vacation home in the desert and they wanted to make the room extra special for their three little girls to come and visit!
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download via
Huge purple frame surrounds the flat screen TV
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download 2 via
Chalkboard shaped like a butterfly
(see my tutorials on how to make your own template and chalkboard)
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download 3 via
“Pixie dust” all over the room is glow-in-the-dark!
Huge flowers and vines to make the girls feel like they are tiny like Tinkerbell
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download 5 via
Vines and butterflies peek through to the bottom bunk.
I’ve had several emails asking what the paint colors were for my fairy forest mural, so here they are:
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download paint colors via
Images from Disney
For the pixie dust, I also used Rustoleum Glow-in-the-dark paint.
The Disney website has some cute templates you can download here.
You can download the TV frame here.
You can download the Butterfly Template here.
For the chalkboard, you can find the materials used here:
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download chalkboard via
See my tutorial here on making a large custom template here:
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download template via

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart 1 via

This is a project that I completed about a year ago but since my blog is new I have to catch up! I have so many ideas for using magnetic and chalkboard paint but this is the only project I’ve done so far.  When we renovated our kitchen recently we installed a stainless steel GE monogram refrigerator….my dream refrigerator….until I found out that it is NOT magnetic. How is metal not magnetic?! I had so many plans of covering it in Sienna’s artwork and photos.  So I had to come up with an alternative…..a magnetic chalkboard wall.
First, I taped off a large rectangle using blue tape.  Use Q-tips to burnish the edges of the tape and you won’t have any paint leakage underneath.  I used Rustoleum Magnetic Paint for the magnetic layer.  I recommend buying it at a hardware store so that they can put it in the shaking machine and mix it up for you.  The metal filings in the paint tend sink to the bottom and are hard to mix manually.  I did a lot of research on my magnetic wall before doing it and found that there are 2 tricks to getting it right:

Trick #1: Apply many coats. I ended up doing about 6 coats and I probably should have done about 10 to 15.  Each layer adds more metal filings.  The more coats you add the more even the metal layer will be.
Trick #2: Buy the right magnets. I went through several different kinds.  If the label on the magnets says “the strongest magnet ever” don’t believe it. The only magnets that will hold anything are neodymium disc magnets. They look like watch batteries and they are more expensive but if you don’t use this kind you’ll have stuff falling off the wall all over the place. They are super powerful and will even pinch your fingers if you hold a few together. I found some at Michael’s that were 6 for around $3.50. I glued buttons to the top of the magnets to decorate and to make them easier to grab off the wall. Make sure to spread the magnets out far enough apart while they are drying or you will end up with a big gooey mess (I learned the hard way!)
After the magnetic layers are dry you can add your chalkboard paint.  I used Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.  The trick with this layer is to allow it to dry for 3 days so that it can cure properly. Once cured, you can prepare the surface for chalk by rubbing the side of chalk over entire surface and erasing.
To make the growth chart I taped off the increments with blue tape and used the remaining chalkboard paint.  I printed off numbers from the computer and used graphite transfer paper to transfer the images to the wall.
Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart 2 via
I decorated the top of the board with some chalk drawings that can be redone when I get bored with them.

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart 3 via

The bottom half of the chalkboard is reserved for Sienna’s drawing.

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart 4 via