Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – The Finished Tree

A few weeks ago Michaels asked me to be a part of their Holiday Dream Tree Challenge…..of course I jumped at the chance because I love Michaels and I love a challenge!   I finished up my Dream Christmas Tree for Michaels Dream Tree Challenge…..and made a little HD “process” movie to accompany it!  Here’s a peek at the ornaments I made that you’ll see in the movie:

(Update: I had a few questions on equipment and software I use to film and edit HD videos…..click here for my list and FAQ!)

Handmade ornament ideas via lilblueboo.com


Here’s a fun little video I made of all the decor being made and the final tree:



A top view of the finished tree! [Read more...]

WWYM II: Challenge Fabric Giveaway


Round II of WWYM (What would YOU make?) has come to an end. We have enjoyed working with these amazing bloggers: Under the Sycamore, Make It and Love It, Joy’s Hope, and Homemade by Jill. The four women behind these blogs are super creative, funny, kind, and inspirational,  We love how they took such different approaches with the same exact fabric. Lets take another look at what they made with the WWYM challenge fabric:



Lovely fabric coasters from Under the Sycamore.




A super sweet girl’s romper from Make It and Love it.






A Travel Art Tray from Joy’s Hope.







Matching pajama pants for Mommy and Me from Homemade by Jill.



More WWYM creative challenges to come!

Will you be next?







You can win 2 yards of the  WWYM II challenge fabric! All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question: What would YOU make?


::For Extra Entries::
Leave a comment for each one

-Follow Under the Sycamore on facebook
-Follow Make It and Love It on facebook
-Follow Joy’s Hope on facebook
-Follow Homemade by Jill on facebook



-International entries are welcome!
-Please provide your email address so that we can contact you if you win. Winner has 48 hours to respond.
-Giveaway ends August 24th, 2011 at midnight PST.
-Winner will be announced on this post on August 25th, 2011.


WWYM II: Jill of Homemade by Jill

Today we showcase the final WWYM II project, and who better to end it then Jill of Homemade by Jill!?  Jill has some of the best tutorials around along with an incredible collection of free templates! Jill is so creative and boy can she sew! You can tell how much love she puts into her projects – just check out this incredible felt playhouse she made. Jill has definitely mastered the use of felt. A must see is the felt boombox she made to go with her daughter’s Halloween costume. You will flip when you see these cute photos. Oh, and do you ever wonder what you could do with all of your serger scraps!? Jill has the answer here – genius!



Please welcome Jill of Homemade by Jill


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Mommy & Me Pajama Pants

Does your fabric ever speak to you?  When I opened Ashley’s lovely package, the pretty print told me it wanted to become pajama pants … a pair for me, and a pair for my baby, Ruby.

(more after the jump)

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WWYM II: Julie of Joy’s Hope

Today we are thrilled to have Julie of Joy’s Hope participating in Round II of WWYM! Julie is super crafty, hilarious, incredibly generous, loves the color turquoise (just check out her kitchen – amazing!) and always full of JOY. She has some of the best recipes, and we especially love her Insta-Friday posts!  What we love most about Julie is her huge heart! Her blog will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired. Head on over to Joy’s Hope, we know you will be hooked. First, lets see what Julie made!


Please welcome Julie of Joy’s Hope!


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When you get asked to participate in something so fun as What would YOU make?  Hosted by Lil Blue Boo, you don’t say no.

You just don’t.

You get a little scared.  A little intimidated.  Then you dig through your brain to come up with a project worthy of the gorgeous fabric that landed on your doorstep.

I hope that this little project quailfies.  It sure makes me happy, but most importantly, it makes my girlies happy.

We are on the go a lot.

A lot a lot a lot.

The girls color a lot.

A lot a lot a lot.

We have been using cookie sheets as little lap desks in the car forever.  Useful?  Yes.  Cute?  Not so much.  Plus the pens and crayons fly off and fall under the seats.  All the time.  If I have to mediate another THE PINK MARKER FELL BETWEEN THE SEATS MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! meltdown, I just might have a meltdown of my own.


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WWYM II: Ashley of Make It and Love It

We are so happy to have Ashley from Make It & Love It participating in Round II of WWYM! No matter your skill level in sewing or crafting, Ashley has a project for you. Her blog is full of amazing tutorials including accessories, re-purposing, clothing, yummy recipes and so much more! There is even a No Sew section for those that haven’t yet taken up the hobby, although after seeing the incredible sewing projects Make It & Love It has to offer, you just might! Ashley has mastered the art of tutorial photography and her projects are so clear and easy to follow. Once you head on over to Make It & Love It plan on staying there a while, but first lets see what Ashley made with the challenge fabric!



Please welcome Ashley of Make it & Love it!



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Once I got my first peek of this great fabric print that arrived in the mail (thanks Ashley!), I kept thinking summery outfit. I don’t know, something about the color, the tone, the print. (Who’s with me?) However, I couldn’t decide between dress and romper, dress and romper……and finally chose romper. And am so glad I did. I love the sturdiness of the fabric and of course, my gosh, that print.




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WWYM: A Creative Challenge Round II



It’s time for another round of  What would YOU make?. New fabric and new bloggers! Be sure to browse through our previous WWYM posts for amazing design inspiration from some of our favorite crafty people.

[Read more...]

Change to the LBB / Dharma Trading Design Challenge

I’ve decided to change the “give back” portion of the LBB / Dharma Trading Design Challenge. Instead of donating dresses to the local charity I mentioned, I’ve decided to sell a few of them on Etsy (as well as some existing stock I have) with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to Three Angels Haiti Orphanage. I’ll be listing some over the weekend. I know I had mentioned donating the dresses directly to Three Angels Haiti, but I think the money is crucial for medical supplies and other basic necessities. I created a section on my Etsy store named “Three Angels Haiti.” As usual I’ll be posting the listings on my Facebook page so keep a look out. I know everyone’s budgets are tight but if your little girl needs clothes….you can help out at the same time!

Update: 100% of all pattern sales today go to Three Angels Haiti. As of this update $322 raised!
Update 2: $460 raised as of 3:28 Pacific time!

Another quick note: The leggings pattern is almost done. It was a success with my testers and I’m adding some additional options to the pattern like ruffles, length options etc. I will announce all the winners of the giveaway tomorrow so you can keep entering until I draw…I just have to figure out the easiest way to pick 15 winners from 800 fans on Facebook! Thank you all so much for the amazing response….so overwhelmed!

If you’ve convo’d me or emailed in the last day I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to get back to you! I promise I am going to be sewing like crazy this weekend and next week to accommodate your requests!

Lastly….make sure to enter the challenge and force me to sew more dresses for a good cause!


Design Challenge Questions

I’ve had several questions about entry into the Dharma Trading Challenge:
Do I have to have a blog to enter?
I didn’t think about the fact that not everyone has a blog! If you don’t have a blog, simply send me photos of your outfit with a description of what techniques or embellishments you used.
Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes! Submit as many as you like to increase your odds. Remember that I am donating one custom dress for every TEN entries to an child in need at Martha’s Village….so the more entries you submit the more girls that will be surprised with a new outfit!
Are you a judge?
I am not a judge. We have 4 fabulous judges who will be deciding who the winners are! Therefore, I am your consultant…if you have questions about ANYTHING please email me!

What counts as an embellishment?
Just keep in mind that you must use one of the following:
Fabric painting
Fabric transfers
Screen printing
If you have another embellishment in mind just email me and ask!
If you haven’t checked out the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge, you are missing out on the chance to win some great prizes! I’m already receiving some great submissions! Even if you are just beginning to sew you should challenge yourself! You could take home the win!
Design Challenge Questions via lilblueboo.com

Final Two!!!

I am still a little in shock that I won the last challenge….I really thought that Vanessa and Dana would be the final two! It is bitter sweet because I’ve become such great friends with the two of them over the past few months….I hate to lose anyone in the competition!
My tutorial for making the resolutions “subway” art is over at SYTYC today. It will be up on Lil Blue Boo next week. I had a lot of fun making it and it really completes our kitchen/breakfast room.
Final Two via lilblueboo.com
This week Dana and I have a week off…which I HAVE to use to come up with my final project! I have some ideas but haven’t figured out how to do them yet. Anyways, go over to SYTYC today and vote on the submissions for the next round of crafters! I can’t wait to just be an observer next time!
Final Two 2 via lilblueboo.com
Two other things:
Make sure to enter my legging giveaway! I’m giving away over 10 patterns now!
Final Two 3 via lilblueboo.com
If you haven’t checked out the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge, you are missing out on the chance to win some great prizes! I’m already receiving some great submissions! Even if you are just beginning to sew you should challenge yourself! You could take home the win!
Final Two 4 via lilblueboo.com

Second to Last Challenge!

This week will decide the remaining two competitors for the final challenge! I can’t believe I’ve even made it this far! I have yet to win a challenge week….but each week I’ve received enough votes to make it through! Last week I barely squeaked by. Check the bottom of the post to see if you guessed which project was mine!

Here is a look back so a far at what I’ve made:

Week 1 “Harvest” Theme:
Vintage Harvest/Crate Label Patches (tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 1 Crate Label via lilblueboo.com

Week 2 “Leaves” Theme:
Teeny Tiny Shrinky Dink Necklace
(tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 2 Leaves via lilblueboo.com

Week 3 “Green” Theme:
Scrap Ribbon Wallet/Clutch (tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 3 scrap ribbon wallet via lilblueboo.com

Week 4 “Turkey” Theme:
Turkey-inspired Ruffle Bustle Skirt (No tutorial yet)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 Turkey theme via lilblueboo.com

Week 5 “Snow” Theme:
Princess Snow Globe Shirt (Tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 snow theme via lilblueboo.com

Week 6 “Mittens” Theme:
Mitten Cork Stamps (Tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 mittens theme via lilblueboo.com

Week 7 “Gifts” Theme:
Wooden Pendant Accessories (Tutorial to be out soon)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 gifts theme via lilblueboo.com
And can you guess which is mine this week? Go over and vote on your favorite “New Years” themed project! Thanks!

Second to Last Challenge week 4 New Years theme via lilblueboo.com

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