How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos

How to Organize, Print and Backup YEARS Worth of Photos via


I think photos and photo albums are one of the only things that really give me true anxiety…..because it’s so easy to get behind!  The only way that I can keep myself from worrying about it all is having a system.  I thought I’d lay out my system since it works well for me…..and maybe it will help someone else!  I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this….but here’s what works for me since I get easily distracted! Most of this is geared towards a Mac system but it can be easily applied to a PC as well.  Let’s get started!



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A Handmade Christmas…..

…..a sample of items I made for friends and family:

A nursery painting for my little niece Cari due at the end of January…..

A Handmade Christmas nursery painting via
…..whose bedroom is decorated in two shades of pink and zebra print.

A Handmade Christmas nursery painting 2 via
My sister-in-law Carolyn loves zebra print….so this fabric was perfect for a little outfit too: [Read more…]

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I’m just finishing up a few last minute gifts today and we are getting ready for church and then a family dinner tonight! My parents flew in from Florida. They just recently returned from China so they are all decked out in silk pajamas and fake LV. What do you want to bet that I’m probably getting fake LV for Christmas? LOL! My husband’s family is coming over at 7am tomorrow morning to open some gifts and then they are heading to Orange County where my sister-in-law is on bed rest (due in January).

Here is our Christmas photo from our card this year….taken at my sister’s wedding in November! Remember the matching purple dresses?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! via
We are having a mostly handmade Christmas. Hubby and I headed out to Target and Toys R Us last night for a few gifts and stocking stuffers. There was barely anything left on the shelves! Don’t tell Mr. Lil Blue Boo…..but he is getting underwear, shaving cream and some chocolate covered peanuts from Santa! He’ll be thrilled!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Mr. and Mrs. Lil Blue Boo and Boo.

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog

Wear your frog prince dress……

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog frog princess dress via
…..and crown your frog.

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog crown your frog via
Sienna and I played outside in the beautiful weather this morning (letting Mr. Lil Blue Boo sleep in).

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog play via
Her grandparents are picking her up to take her to the movie this morning. The dress is a hit and so are all the frogs we made. Nothing makes me more happy than to see her excitement about handmade things.

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog grandparents via
Sienna caught some flies and brought them to the photographer to eat.

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog catch flies via
I’m only going to be screening a few more frogs so I think I’ll just do some custom orders for dresses if anyone is interested so I don’t end up making random sizes (just convo me through Etsy).

If you want to make a frog prince and crown check out my two tutorials! Great gifts for Christmas!
The Beanbag Frog Prince Tutorial (with Download)
A Crown for the Prince Tutorial

The frog is actually a font by Pixel Farms. I love all their little creatures. I redrew the frog to make his mouth smaller and added toes and a crown.

You can make the frog prince yourself if you want. I use the screenprinting kit from Dharma Trading. See my screenprinting 101 tutorial here. I’ve attached the edited graphic from my previous post below. Just make sure to link back if you use it. Thanks!

How To Prepare for The Princess and The Frog screenprint tutorial via

milyA Memorable Christmas Gift

Are you struggling for a gift idea for your parents or grandparents or brothers and sisters? My brother, sister and I collaborated on this book last year for our parents. My mother takes it everywhere with her and even reads it to my dad on road trips. When I was back at my sister’s wedding I photographed a few pages of it (sorry the photo quality isn’t that great)… mom showed me the tear drops she had left on the pages.
All three of us wrote a letter to my parents about how much we appreciated them and with it included a few pages of our most vivid memories of children. It was so amazing reading each other’s memories as well. Some were good, some bad and most hilarious. We each ended up with about 10 full pages of memories….the book is about 50 pages.
I printed the pages out on cardstock and added in photos here and there. The front page was a photo of my parents on their wedding day and I covered it with a piece of vellum with a letter of introduction on it. I took the book to Kinko’s and had them spiral bind it and add a clear vinyl cover and sturdy back to it.
A Memorable Christmas Gift via
The memory portions were sometimes as stories and sometimes as lists. I even put some sad things in like when my grandmother died and my parents forgot to tell me until they asked me to get dressed for the funeral….long story.
A Memorable Christmas Gift 2 via
Memories of the restaurant we used to eat at a few times a week and how I used to trick my parents into thinking I was sick so I could stay with my grandmother and watch the Twilight Zone instead of going to church:
A Memorable Christmas Gift 3 via
My brother is hilarious and made his entire memory section resemble a computer accessing data from a hard drive:
A Memorable Christmas Gift 4 via
The last section of the book was a compilation of memories and photos from the last big family trip we took to Ireland/Scotland/England in 1997. My husband and I had just started dating and I wrote him between 2-3 postcards a day to keep myself sane….he kept them and I typed them all up with exactly what we did each day. I was really bratty at the time and we drove the entire perimeter of Ireland in a mini van so there were some funny stories.
A Memorable Christmas Gift 5 via
I think this book was even more special to my brother and sister and I because it became almost a mini-memoir of our childhood. It was nothing fancy and very simple.
Another idea for grandparents (and yourself) is a yearly compilation of a child’s artwork, photos and memories. I’ve made one the past two years and of course I’ll make one this year. I use the Mac iPhoto software but it you don’t have a Mac check out my other post and it has some other links to similar products.
Below are some excerpts from the 2008 book. I couldn’t post the whole thing because it was just too large a file. I hope it will give you some ideas for your own book. I included excerpts from my journals as a narrative.
I can’t believe how little she was just not long ago….she doesn’t even look like the same child! If you have trouble viewing the book click the link below:
Excerpts From Sienna 2008 Book






Wedding Part V: Preview

We are back from my sister and Justin’s wedding in Charlotte, NC. Every detail was perfect: the bagpipes, my dad rolling a golf ball as he walked my sister across the putting green, my dad and sister singing Rocky Top as a duet, Sienna dancing for 4 hours straight! I am not going to even post photos from the ceremony or reception until Ash Little’s are ready….mine won’t even do it justice. But I thought I’d post some photos from the days before right up to zipping the dress!

Here are all the gift bags and welcome baskets my sister and Justin made:

Wedding Part V: Preview gift bags via
A stack of flip-flops for the bridesmaids so we wouldn’t have to wear our heels at the reception:

Wedding Part V: Preview flip flops via
Justin’s sister Jenny made all of the jewelry for the bridesmaids….

Wedding Part V: Preview jewelry via
…..and this Swarovski Crystal and pearl bracelet for Perry on her wedding day. Isn’t it amazing?

Wedding Part V: Preview bracelet via
Thousands of golf tees for everyone…..

Wedding Part V: Preview golf tees via
Perry’s shoes and part of her veil:

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry's shoes via

Sienna playing “pool” with her soon-to-be Uncle Justin:

Wedding Part V: Preview playing pool via

Perry with the guys bowling at Strike City. We had the VIP room with 4 lanes and our own bar which made it SO much fun! My dad and Justin’s dad are on the bottom right.

Wedding Part V: Preview bowling via
I finally got a chance to meet my 4-month-old nephew Cameron (my brother’s son):

Wedding Part V: Preview nephew via
The rehearsal was COLD. Here are the ring bearers Ethan and Brady (Justin’s nephews) and Sienna practicing:

Wedding Part V: Preview rehersal via
Sienna and my matching dresses worked out great! Here we are with Brett and Perry at the rehearsal dinner at Duke Mansion. My sister made the most amazing video for us all to watch with video clips and photos from the years.

Wedding Part V: Preview matching dresses via
Perry and my brother Swen. Sienna kept trying to sneak up the stairs.

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry and Swen via
Judy, Justin’s mother, used flowers from her friend’s farm for the rehearsal dinner arrangements.

Wedding Part V: Preview flowers via
My mom and dad at the rehearsal. Justin was telling how he had to track my dad down at a golf tournament to ask for Perry’s hand in marriage…..and finally found him in China…..but my dad corrected him that it was actually Australia. Whatever….it was STILL far!!!

Wedding Part V: Preview mom and dad via
Sienna getting her hair curled on the day of the wedding:

Wedding Part V: Preview Sienna's hair via
I took a photo of the photographers Ash and Harrison. I’m sure they’ll cringe at the quality of the photo. Aren’t they handsome?! They did the most amazing job…..everywhere I turned the whole day they were right there.

Wedding Part V: Preview photographers via
A gift from my Aunt Sharon to the couple. The photo is of our great-grandmother Mabel (Marjorie’s mother) and the carving set is over a 100 years old and belonged to an woman named Marie Ammon that lived on Hermitage Court for years who had no children. My grandfather’s aunt used to own a large white mansion on Hermitage Court long ago….it is now a nursing home.

Wedding Part V: Preview gift via
Sienna gave Aunt Perry a little gift before she walked down the aisle. A necklace from Hip Mom Jewelry with Perry’s new initials on it. The tag had a little diamond inset. Thanks Ann! She loved it! I added the ring charm that I had bought for my wedding years ago.

Wedding Part V: Preview necklace via
Helping Perry zip up the dress (she’ll love that I posted a photo of her in mid-sentence):

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry's dress via
Sienna being SO patient with her cousin Cameron before the ceremony:

Wedding Part V: Preview Sienna's cousin via
Right before walking down the aisle….Perry loves Diet Coke as much as I do!

Wedding Part V: Preview Diet Coke via
More to come soon! I’ve only been gone a week but it feels like forever! I already miss my family in NC though….and the following fast food:

Chic-Fil-A: Ate there TWO times
Bojangles: Ate there THREE times
Jersey Mikes: Ate there TWO times

Wedding Part IV: Countdown!

We leave in a few days! I’m so excited I can barely stand it. I’m almost ready to leave…..just checking stuff off my list.
I finished “Boo’s” flower girl dress today. I used Simplicity Pattern 4647….but seriously, who writes these things. Once I trashed the instructions and just tried to figure it out on my own… got a lot easier. Why do these patterns OVER-explain how to sew a piece of fabric together and then don’t show any detail for a zipper or slip? Who decided that was a good idea? I also can think of a million ways they could have made the pattern easier! No wonder so many people think sewing is hard……
Here she is after her bath….checking her reflection out. She said “I’m like Ariel!”….I think that means she thinks she’s like a princess. I was thinking of adding a flower or bow to the back….but her hair will be down so you probably won’t even see it.
Wedding Part IV: Countdown via
I had to add some “help” into MY dress: a little “help” in the chest so I’d fill it out!
Wedding Part IV: Countdown little help via
I started to pack…..which included picking out some of Mr. Lil Blue Boo’s ties to coordinate with our dresses.
Wedding Part IV: Countdown ties via
I’m totally allowed to be jealous of my sister’s engagement photos. I didn’t even HAVE an engagement photo. Ok….so I’m not that into being photographed…..but still. Ash Little just posted these new photos (click to see the rest) and I had to give him some link love. He is photographing the wedding too……can’t wait for those…..only one week left! My sister made almost EVERYTHING for the wedding so I can’t wait to share that as well (she’s uber-creative). Don’t you think Mr. Lil Blue Boo and I should renew our vows on our 10th anniversary so Ash Little can redo our photos?!
Wedding Part IV: Countdown happy couple 2 via

I also did some “loofah-ing” and applying of self tanner today! I’m so excited to not be prego in this wedding! Here I was 2 years ago in my brother Swen’s wedding. The dresses were an orange/ rust color….very pretty….but I felt like a HUGE pumpkin since I was about 7 months pregnant and swollen to the max!
Wedding Part IV: Countdown family via
I think my husband and my sister’s fiance could almost be brothers! They look a lot alike. It is funny because that is sort of how Perry and Justin met. We both were down at the LPGA Merchandise show a few years ago. Justin was a vendor and Perry was there modeling for Lilly Pulitzer (they were one of her sponsors). I was just there hanging out. We randomly met Justin one night hanging out with some friends and I told Perry “he’s SO cute! You have to get his number!” We tracked him down the next day at the show and the rest is history! They’ve been together ever since! We are all so excited for him to be part of the family….and a little worried that he’ll have to put up with all of us….although he’s done pretty well so far. Sienna is the MOST excited….she calls him “MY uncle Justin.”

A Big Day

Today was Sienna’s FIRST haircut….it was a pretty big deal. It hasn’t been touched in 2.5 years! Daddy met us at the Trio salon for moral support.

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut via
Right before he arrived I snapped this photo of her in the boutique portion of Trio: “HEY….look at my new underwear” is the quote of the day. I didn’t post the one of her mooning the mirror. I never mind waiting at Trio because I love browsing the clothes…..especially the children’s clothes.

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 2 via
Playing on the round pink sofa. Dress is made from an old t-shirt: Geek IS the new chic! and some knit material from Chez Ami (who is having a rockin’ sale right now!)

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 3 via
Our friend Tara has been ready to cut Sienna’s hair since she was a week old…..

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 4 via
…..and 2.5 years later I let her cut half an inch off!

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 5 via
Even Sienna’s godfather Derek stopped by to discuss the cut and style (he saw us through the window on his way to a meeting…..I love living in a small town).

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 6 via
What toddler doesn’t want her hair blown out for the first time?

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 7 via
Who is this child with the long luscious locks?

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 8 via
Sienna admiring herself in the mirror.

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 9 via
Oh, yeah…..I was there too.

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 10 via
Sienna’s favorite part was playing “assistant” and helping Tara wash Daddy’s hair.

A Big Day Sienna's first haircut 11 via
Thanks Tara!

Wedding Part III: Dresses and a Rad Engagement Photo

I made these matching dresses last night for my sister’s rehearsal dinner….both are versions of the Sienna dress. Mine is just an adult version I cut last night. Really simple and fitted….maybe a little too fitted….might need to invest in some Spanx LOL! We don’t have any full length mirrors in our house….so this little mirror in the guest room was the best I could do….

Wedding Part III: Dresses and a Rad Engagement Photo via
Sienna is a little grumpy today….allergies and a cold….but she likes the dress.

Wedding Part III: Dresses and a Rad Engagement Photo 2 via

Check out this amazing preview of my sister and her fiance’s engagement photo shoot. It was taken in downtown Charlotte, NC by Ash Little Photography. So crazy amazing.