Art Prints for Her Bedroom

Wall Art Prints for a Big Girl Room via Ashley Hackshaw /


Are you transitioning your little girl’s room from nursery to a big girl room? Maybe it’s just time for a room makeover? I have rounded up some of my favorite art prints for your big girl’s room. One little print can inspire an entire room!


I am a Child of God Art Print for Big Girl Room via Ashley Hackshaw / I am a Child of God – Sarah Jane Studios


Free Printable She Believed She Could So She Did Art Print for Big Girl Room | Ashley Hackshaw / Free Printable: She Believed She Could So She Did  – Honey and Fitz


You are Loved Art Print for Big Girl Room | Ashley Hackshaw /

You are Loved – Lucy Darling Prints

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Bedroom Decor Ideas for Kids

Is it time to update your child’s room or playroom? Adding pops of color here and there can take any room from drab to fab. By adding colorful poufs to a reading corner, fun animal pillows to a bed or window seat, or brightly colored decals to the wall you can create a fun and cozy room that they will definitely want to spend time in. Some of these items would work in your bedroom too!


Bedroom Decor Idea for Kids via

1. Unicorn Night Light | 2. Mini Terrier Pillow | 3. Yellow Modular Box | 4. Doodle Cover | 5. Chevron Pillow | 6. Lounge Pillow | 7. Cupcake Land Wall Decal | 8. Cardboard Deer Trophy | 9. Monogrammed Lamp | 10. Animal Coat Hanger | 11. Enamel Monogram for Wall | 12. Knitted Poufs



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The Office Makeover: Craft Storage (Free Vintage Label Download)

Martha eat your heart out. I labeled 70 boxes yesterday with vintage-inspired labels.  It’s part of my big office makeover. I can’t show you the office yet because it’s a disaster. Anyway, it took almost all day to organize the boxes and create the labels but I feel really organized now:

Craft and Art Supply Storage (with free vintage label printable) via

The shelves were an early Christmas present from Mr. LBB.  This area is a hallway behind my office….technically it’s a “butler’s pantry” for serving food and storage but it’s the perfect area to store supplies right off my work area.  The wall space above the countertop was just empty space.  The area used to be a huge sunken living room before we remodeled a few years ago. We added a wall at the end of the room to create the storage space.

Here’s what it looked like two weeks ago:

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Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – The Sneak Peek

Aren’t these little guys cute? They are the inspiration behind my tree for the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge.  (click here to see my inspiration board here!)


Michaels Stores sent me one of their pre-lit trees and I had one week to decorate it using supplies and decorations from their store.  You know I love a challenge, so after I stocked up on the little woodland critters above I started browsing the store for more inspiration.   A few things I’ve incorporated into my tree:

Holiday Potpourri:


Wood craft pieces:


Metallic garland:


Burlap and tiny wreaths:



Click here to see the final tree and the time lapse movie Boo and I made of the tree!



Michaels Dream Tree Challenge - Rustic Tree via (click through for the time lapse video of the DIY ornaments!)



Office Panorama

Fun with the new iPhone panorama function last night:

The right side of my office:

iPhone Office Panorama via

A photo wall in my hall.  I think I like the curved wall effect. Maybe I should remodel:

iPhone Panorama of Photo Wall via

How did I manage that wall? It was pretty easy actually. I used my laser level run tape all the way down the hall for the top and bottom line. Then I made an identically spaced tape line on my guest room carpet. I arranged the photo frames on the floor first, then transferred them to the wall.  As long as the top and bottom edges of the top and bottom frames line up the middle ones won’t matter as much!

DIY Reclaimed Wood American Flag

DIY American Flag Home Decor from Reclaimed Wood Pallet via


Here’s another painting I did last weekend from reclaimed wood….a rustic American Flag for our outdoor living area. It took under 45 minutes to paint:

Flag Home Decor from Reclaimed Wood Pallet via


The only labor intensive part was making the canvas from a reclaimed wood pallet. First, the pallet was dismantled and then the pieces were attached to two boards: [Read more…]

Carving Rocks with a Dremel

How to carve and drill holes through rocks with a Dremel via

There is something very gratifying about carving into a rock.  This project was kind of therapeutic. I was thinking I’d carve some words into rocks and maybe start leaving them around Palm Desert to see if people find them…. [Read more…]

Make A Chalkboard Inspiration Wall

How to make a chalkboard inspiration wall via

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now…..paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint and let it be a collection place for quotes, memories and inspiration.  This wall in our breakfast area was just the place to do it….right next to the magnetic chalkboard I did back in 2009. We are getting ready to repaint our interior wall and I wanted to find another way to preserve Boo’s growth chart too.


Before wall via


I used regular black chalkboard paint in the can:

Chalkboard Paint via


I painted a few coats and let it sit for 3 days to cure:

Let chalkboard wall cure for 3 days via

This is my favorite part: Chalk Ink. These are chalk markers like the restaurants and coffee shops use to make their awesome signs. It creates a clean look without all the dust and mess and can be removed with windex. It won’t smear either.  I used the Artista Pro Earthy Set for the wall:

Chalk ink via


I used the Chalk Ink to add a few of my favorite quotes:


Chalkboard quote via

I moved over Boo’s growth chart and made it a little more whimsical:

Chalkboard Growth Chart via


I added some artwork:

Non Smear Chalkboard Art via


It’s going to be a work in progress for a while…..but it will look so cool once the entire wall is finished.

Non-Messy Chalkboard Ink Wall via


Inspiration Quote Chalkboard Wall via


Source info:  You can purchase Chalk Ink markers from Chalk Ink directly here.