The Lil Journal Project | Day 37

I spent today in my journal listing out teachers that I could remember. It was harder than I thought. I remembered my elementary teachers and in middle school and high school I remember certain ones….but then I draw a blank. I know if I dig through some papers and report cards I might be able to remember the rest….but at least it’s a start so I don’t start forgetting more:

Remembering teachers via #theliljournalproject

The Lil Journal Project Day 37 #diy #artjournal #theliljournalproject


Guess what!  Now you can view all the journal prompts and techniques on one page!  Click the image below to visit them all:

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The Lil Journal Project | Day 36

Oh my…..I’ve neglected The Lil Journal Project!  Getting back on track here…..I’ll be posting there here and there….it IS an ongoing project until the end of time (at least my time).  It’s never too late to start either! Start from Day 1 or do the days randomly (you can find them day by day and click through to the full post from Pinterest if that’s easier).

The First Grid! The Lil Journal Project Day 36 via

Here is Day 36:

 Lil Journal Project Day 36 via #theliljournalproject #artjournal



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Creative Doodling on Photos

Creative Doodling on Photos via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

As part of the Lil Journal Project: another technique to work on in your journal this week: doodling on photos!  A few of these techniques come from my friend Stephanie Corfee’s  book: Creative Doodling and Beyond. Like drawing interesting borders:

Try adding photos into your journal and embellishing the photos with borders….even if it’s just a few lines:

Creative Art Journal Doodling on Photos via #artjournaling #scrapbooking #theliljournalproject

Use a white gel pen or a correction pen (White Out) for drawing on dark backgrounds: [Read more…]

The Lil Journal Project | Day 30 (Link Up)

What’s does a typical day or week look like for you?

The Lil Journal Project Day 30 (with link up) via



Illustrate a typical day or week in your journal.  What’s the weather like?  What do you do hour by hour? How much time do you spend in the car or in front of the TV?  Do you sit down for dinner with your family?  Keep a little calendar…..if you decide to do an entire week it doesn’t have to be from the same week. Just fill in a day when you feel like documenting it! [Read more…]

The Lil Journal Project | Day 26

inspiration journal page via

I keep pages and pages of things that inspire me.  I even devote entire journals full of inspiration.  Photocopies, quotes, lists, drawings, websites, blogs, heroes and artists……sometimes the pages are all over the place and random. Other times they have specific themes.  Use today to start using your journal to log your inspiration:

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The Lil Journal Project | Day 25 (Link Up)

I recently drew out for Boo all of the occupations that have preceded her in our family tree. She thought it was awesome that she was the product of: firefighters, homemakers, actuaries, farmers, entrepreneurs, bankers, contractors, bridge engineers etc. In church the other day, my pastor asked the congregation how many people had been in the same job for at least 30 years…..only a handful of people raised their hand. It got me thinking about how my grandparents and great grandparents really only had one or two occupations their whole life….but my parents and I have had several.

The Lil Journal Project Day 25 via

For today’s journal entry, create a family tree of occupations. Be as detailed as you can. Do you think your history had any influence on what you do today? [Read more…]