Personalized Name Art (and Animal Print Download)

How to Make Personalized Name Art (with Animal Print Download) via #silhouette #diy #tutorial #baby


I haven’t made one of these in a while!  I just finished this “Courtney” painting for my niece for Christmas:


Here is Boo’s original one I made with a Peter Rabbit inspired theme:


They aren’t very hard to make with a little patience because they are done in steps!  Here’s a gallery of ones that I’ve made for some ideas and links to other tutorials:

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Add Bling to Nursery Art using Puffy Paint! (A Tutorial)

I just finished this piece of nursery art for a baby girl named Chloe to match a butterfly/shabby chic nursery theme. I made it really girly but used puffy paint to add a bunch of bling so it will still be “cool” when she gets a little older!


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Pink Damask (Updated)

Hot off the easel….a finished this nursery painting for my little niece who is due at the end of January. Her name is Sawyer Rose… the name! Her bedding is made from Michael Miller’s pink and brown damask mixed with pink dot chenille and the furniture is dark mahogany.

Pink Damask (Updated) via
Silver stitching, painted metal pieces, lots of rhinestones…..

Pink Damask (Updated) 2 via
Updated: I’ve had a few questions about the stitching….DO NOT put hardboard under your sewing machine! 1/8″ hardboard is just that: hard. For the stitching in my paintings I take a teeny tiny itsy bitsy drill bit that just barely fits into the drill and I drill each and every tiny little hole and then it is stitched by hand!

"One Faith"

New nursery painting finished for a little girl named Una Faith. She lives in Japan and her name means “one faith.” She loves animals.

"One Faith" via
There are buttons, stitching and rhinestones for embellishments. The trees have tiny leaf-shaped buttons.

"One Faith" 2 via
I decorated the mat with horizontal and vertical pink stripes and added an antique white oversized frame.

"One Faith" 3 via
My favorite part: the little ants in the “H.”

Li’l Birdies for a Li’l Boy

I just finished up this nursery painting order. It is for a little boy named Cameron to be born next week. My client received it as a baby gift from her aunt and uncle. I love doing these paintings because they are so personal. The little striped birdies on the “M” are the design on her bedding. Her grandmother recently passed away and loved birds so I included a few and added the crown on the sherbet colored bird in memory.

Li'l Birdies for a Li'l Boy via
I float frame them with a large frame and matt to match the nursery furniture. Measuring 18″ x 24″ they become a substantial piece of art for a baby nursery.
Li'l Birdies for a Li'l Boy 2 via
This one is embellished with stitching, buttons and hand-painted metal stars.
Li'l Birdies for a Li'l Boy 3 via
Welcome to the world baby Cameron!

Boutique: Done

Last night was the Artisan & Commodities Girls Night Out in downtown La Quinta. It was a really small crowd but lots of fun. The food and frozen margaritas were the best part! I had a little table with some clothes, nursery art, portraits and blog info.

Boutique: Done via

It wasn’t really the “handmade” clothes or sewing crowd, so I didn’t sell many clothing items or patterns. I put them all in my Lil Blue Boo Etsy Shop. I did talk to a bunch of people about portraits and nursery commissions and gave out a ton of cards.
Boutique: Done 2 via
My awesomely supportive sweet hubby stopped by after picking Sienna up from school and surprised me. Sienna was very uncooperative with picture taking! It was REALLY hot so I had to put my hair up. Does my top look familiar?
Boutique: Done 3 via
I have the most supportive friends too! You might know Lisa from ElleBows? She made adorable bows to go with the little dresses and tops I brought. Leslie has the oldest sewing machine known to mankind with “ONE stitch option” and she still volunteers to be one of my pattern testers!  Emily has her own little craft blog and is the best cook! Thanks you guys for helping and watching the booth! Here we are at the end of the night:
Boutique: Done 4 via
The night was a success but I am over the “boutique” thing for a while. At the end of the night as I was loading up my car battery decided to die! Some kids hanging out at the liquor store across the street heard the car die and must have been bored beyond belief because they came over and asked if they could jump it. They were SO nice and polite and helpful and I had to FORCE them to take money for their trouble. They used their Ipods/Iphones to light up the engine to see what they were doing….very surreal.

In the weeds….

I’m in the weeds. I love using that phrase. I used it all the time back in my investment banking days. I’ve got a local boutique show “Artisans & Commodities” in a few days. But here is where I am struggling… Lil Blue Boo blog has become a place where my painting, sewing, crafting, Lil Golf Girl, homemaking, journaling can come together. Outside of the blog world though it is hard to pinpoint what I do… I a painter? am I a crafter? am I a pattern maker? What am I? How do I reconcile all of it into one? What do I take to a boutique? How about everything!
All day I’ve been:
….putting tags onto Lil Golf Girl shirts….
In the weeds lil golf girl shirts via
….putting tags on nursery art….
In the weeds nursery art via
….pulling out different portraits, nursery paintings to show examples of commissioned work….
In the weeds portraits and paintings via
…..sending patterns off to my rockin’ printer Plan-It Reprographics to be printed and bound….
In the weeds patterns via
….pulling out signage to make sure it hasn’t been crushed in storage….
In the weeds signage via
Look at these great t-shirt colors I found today. Now all I want to do is some sewing.
In the weeds t-shirt colors via
So that is it for today. Sorry, not much new to share. Now I’ve got to take a break….and start getting dinner ready. My sister and fiance are still visiting. I’m off to pick up Sienna and get groceries for fish tacos! Yum!
Have a wonderful Friday night!

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise!

I am SO pooped right now! I woke up at 5am this morning to finish two little nursery paintings for a baby shower (actually a “sprinkle”) for two of my friends. When I got home from the shower at noon, my husband and a bunch of friends surprised me with a birthday party! I had the best day hanging out in the pool with our kids, drinking margaritas and grilling out!

The paintings I finished are little miniatures of the “sugar and spice” paintings that I typically do.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise via

I ended up using the little crinkle tag toys as little toppers for the gift wrapping.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise 2 via

I can’t wait to hit my pillow now! Have a great night! Here we are at my birthday today after I blew out 32 candles!

Brett and Ashley via

Fairy Forest Mural and Butterfly Template Download

Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download via
I just finished a fairy forest mural today. It is for a family’s vacation home in the desert and they wanted to make the room extra special for their three little girls to come and visit!
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download via
Huge purple frame surrounds the flat screen TV
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download 2 via
Chalkboard shaped like a butterfly
(see my tutorials on how to make your own template and chalkboard)
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download 3 via
“Pixie dust” all over the room is glow-in-the-dark!
Huge flowers and vines to make the girls feel like they are tiny like Tinkerbell
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download 5 via
Vines and butterflies peek through to the bottom bunk.
I’ve had several emails asking what the paint colors were for my fairy forest mural, so here they are:
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download paint colors via
Images from Disney
For the pixie dust, I also used Rustoleum Glow-in-the-dark paint.
The Disney website has some cute templates you can download here.
You can download the TV frame here.
You can download the Butterfly Template here.
For the chalkboard, you can find the materials used here:
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download chalkboard via
See my tutorial here on making a large custom template here:
Fairy Forest Mural Template Free Download template via

Busy Muraling….

…if that is a word. Not a lot of blog posts this week because I am focused on painting at a client’s house. So today’s post is a photo of what I worked on today. This corner is only about 20% of the mural….so stayed tuned for the rest in a few days.

Busy Muraling via

Everyone always assumes that my daughter must have the most amazing room since I paint so much nursery art. Nope. Her room is beige with a few Beatrix Potter wall hangings I put together and a couple of birdcages.
Busy Muraling Siennas room via
BUT….I’ve painted a lot of nurseries and the one I am working on now is definitely my favorite and I think it might inspire me to tackle Sienna’s room soon. What little girl wouldn’t want to sleep in a fairy forest?