Personalized Name Art (and Animal Print Download)

How to Make Personalized Name Art (with Animal Print Download) via #silhouette #diy #tutorial #baby


I haven’t made one of these in a while!  I just finished this “Courtney” painting for my niece for Christmas:


Here is Boo’s original one I made with a Peter Rabbit inspired theme:


They aren’t very hard to make with a little patience because they are done in steps!  Here’s a gallery of ones that I’ve made for some ideas and links to other tutorials:

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Accidental Painting (A Tutorial)

Each and every time I finish one of these little hardboard nursery paintings I laugh a little at how “accidental” they are. I don’t plan them ahead of time…..and I never quite know how they will turn out until I’m about 80% done with them.


I took photos as I painted this recent painting to show my design process. I always start with just a basic light color. It’s easy to paint over and allows me to use the broadest range of colors.



I usually print out a few different mixed fonts and sizes of each name letter and cut them out so I can visualize the layout.



I start with the first and last letter and then fill the center letters in.



I kind of have a theme in my head….like flowers, or animals, or geometric shapes. For this particular painting I was trying to match some floral bedding so I started by sketching what I thought would be the largest objects in the painting: flowers.



Before I even have the rest of the painting planned I’ll start blocking in large areas of color:



I even start outlining letters and detail:



The first thing I noticed about this painting was the large empty space at the top. It needed something large and sweeping… I added a bee  spelling out “sweet girl.”



To unify the painting, and add some cohesion between the flowers and letters, I added some large circles. I grabbed a few random objects in different sizes to trace:

I then blocked in the circles with colors that would balance the painting. If an orange flower is on one side of the painting, I try to pull some orange to the other side of the painting by painting one of the circles. Light blue circles balance the blue “S” and pink and yellow pull the other colors around the painting:



I then started to add some more detail in the painting using my black paint pen….like the dotted line pattern in the large circles:



Tiny white dot flowers were a good way to subtly fill in some of the background area:



More detail:



The letter “a” looked bare and a little too mustardy so I added some white polka dots. I added a few white polka dots throughout the background as well as some dark pink dot flowers. The last thing I added was a dotted line throughout the painting as if the bee had flown through almost every letter….an easy way to help unify the painting:



Once the painting portion is finished, I placed little butterfly buttons throughout and marked them once I was happy with their location:



The last thing I do is drill and sew the buttons and embellishments on:



This “accidental” painting is for my new niece Sloan!


I float frame every painting myself…..see my other tutorials to see how to easily frame your own with a professional look!



Don’t even know where to start? Take a look at these:


Painted Wood Plaques – A Tutorial


How to stencil using stickers via


My sister-in-law’s baby sprinkle was this weekend and I made her two painted plaques for her nursery, a LBB dress, and put everything in this great little bucket as my gift:

One wood plaque I made to hang on a wall or door:

…..and the other to hold hair clippies:

These are great little gifts to make on a budget! For each plaque I started out with an pre-cut wood piece from the craft store:

I sprayed the wood piece pink (the color that I wanted the lettering to be) and let it dry:

Next I used letter stickers (from the scrapbook section of the craft store) to spell my niece’s name “Cari”:

For perfect polka dots I used a hole punch to punch tiny vinyl circles from contact paper (adhesive shelf paper)…….

……..and placed the around the edge of the wood plaque. You could use any scrapbook punch shape as well…I wanted to keep it simple:

The stickers and vinyl dots become “reverse stencils”….

…..and I applied my top coat of white spray paint over them:

Once the top coat of spray paint was dry, I carefully peeled off the stickers and dots:

For the “clippie” plaque I took leftover fabric from the nursery rocker reupholstering (so it would match my niece’s nursery perfectly) and folded it in half tucking the ends under:

Then I top stitched around the edges of the fabric:

I attached some hanging hardware……

…..and used two tiny screws to attach the fabric piece to the back (I ran out of staples or I would have used my staple gun):

A finished personalized clippie holder….much better than the generic ribbon hanger I got free with all of my clippies!

For the second plaque I just drilled two holes at the top…….

…..and added wire ribbon to hang:

I signed the back of the plaques with “Aunt” Ashley:

Finally, I made an itty bitty Lil Blue Boo dress….

…..and added everything to a pink metal bucket:

Pink Damask (Updated)

Hot off the easel….a finished this nursery painting for my little niece who is due at the end of January. Her name is Sawyer Rose… the name! Her bedding is made from Michael Miller’s pink and brown damask mixed with pink dot chenille and the furniture is dark mahogany.

Pink Damask (Updated) via
Silver stitching, painted metal pieces, lots of rhinestones…..

Pink Damask (Updated) 2 via
Updated: I’ve had a few questions about the stitching….DO NOT put hardboard under your sewing machine! 1/8″ hardboard is just that: hard. For the stitching in my paintings I take a teeny tiny itsy bitsy drill bit that just barely fits into the drill and I drill each and every tiny little hole and then it is stitched by hand!

Li’l Birdies for a Li’l Boy

I just finished up this nursery painting order. It is for a little boy named Cameron to be born next week. My client received it as a baby gift from her aunt and uncle. I love doing these paintings because they are so personal. The little striped birdies on the “M” are the design on her bedding. Her grandmother recently passed away and loved birds so I included a few and added the crown on the sherbet colored bird in memory.

Li'l Birdies for a Li'l Boy via
I float frame them with a large frame and matt to match the nursery furniture. Measuring 18″ x 24″ they become a substantial piece of art for a baby nursery.
Li'l Birdies for a Li'l Boy 2 via
This one is embellished with stitching, buttons and hand-painted metal stars.
Li'l Birdies for a Li'l Boy 3 via
Welcome to the world baby Cameron!

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise!

I am SO pooped right now! I woke up at 5am this morning to finish two little nursery paintings for a baby shower (actually a “sprinkle”) for two of my friends. When I got home from the shower at noon, my husband and a bunch of friends surprised me with a birthday party! I had the best day hanging out in the pool with our kids, drinking margaritas and grilling out!

The paintings I finished are little miniatures of the “sugar and spice” paintings that I typically do.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise via

I ended up using the little crinkle tag toys as little toppers for the gift wrapping.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise 2 via

I can’t wait to hit my pillow now! Have a great night! Here we are at my birthday today after I blew out 32 candles!

Brett and Ashley via

"The hope of the future with a frog in its pocket…."

"The hope of the future with a frog in its pocket..." via

This custom nursery painting is extra special because it is for my soon-to-be-born nephew Cameron! My brother and his wife are expecting little Cameron the first week of June.
I love the little owl on the bottom left because with the stitches through his button eyes he looks like he is sleeping. The large quote reads: A boy is trust with dirt on its face, beauty with a cut on its finger, wisdom with bubble gum in its hair,and the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket. -unknown
Having a nephew means I am going to have to start learning to sew boys clothing so stay tuned!
All custom nursery art is on sale through June 30th! These make great baby gifts, shower gifts, and birthday gifts!

New Nursery Painting – "Today you are You…"

I just finished this new nursery painting yesterday. This original piece was hand-painted in acrylic on 1/8” hardboard and embellished using rhinestones. It has a distressed blue, green, pink and white background. The antique white frame has been hand-painted with pink flourishing detail. It features a quote by Dr. Seuss that I love to tell my daughter:

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
New Nursery Painting via

"Dear God, thank you……"

Happy Easter! The below painting is very fitting for the day.

Dear God, thank you via
This original piece was hand-painted in acrylic on 1/8” hardboard and embellished using dmc stitching, shaped buttons, and rhinestones. This painting is one-of-a-kind and I will not be reproducing it for future sale so grab it while you can! You can find it on Etsy here. It features a favorite prayer of mine by E. Rutter that I remember from when I was little: Thank you for the world so sweet, Thank you for the food we eat, Thank you for the birds that sing, Thank you, God, for everything.