Classic Ruffle Pants PDF Pattern for Girls and 18″ Dolls

Classic Ruffle Pant and Capri PDF Sewing Pattern (Pattern for 18" American Girl Style doll too!) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl


The Classic Ruffles are great for layering, lounging, and any occasion. Pattern includes options for a yoga style or elastic waist, hem or no hem, and pant or capri length.

Classic Ruffle Pant and Capri PDF Sewing Pattern (American Girl matching clothing pattern) Now Available by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

Some feedback from our testers:

“Love the pattern! It’s a great way to sew comfortable ruffles with knit.”

“The sizing was perfect. Pants usually run a little short but these were slightly long and easy to hem so she won’t outgrow them.”

“Love the options for a yoga waistband or an elastic waistband.”

“LOVE the pants pattern!!!!! I need to make about 10 more for this kid! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

“A quick sew and easy to put together!”


Classic Ruffle Pant PDF Sewing Pattern (American Girl size available too) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

Matching 18″ doll pattern too!

American Girl Style 18 inch Doll Ruffle Pant PDF Sewing Pattern (12M to 12 Year Girl size available too) by  #diy #tutorial #americangirl

The Classic Ruffle Pants
The Classic Ruffle Pants for 18″ Dolls


Photography by:

Monika McSweeney
Paint the Moon
Brenda Acuncius
Bebe Gear



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Behind the Scenes: Some Favorite Tools

I’m on vacation with my family right now skiing in Colorado but before I left I snapped some behind-the-scenes photos of some favorite things around the Lil Blue Boo studio!

Large rolls of marking paper and pattern paper
The lightweight marking paper is used for drafting new patterns and the heavy manila pattern paper is what I use for final templates. The manila paper is heavier than card stock and is really durable for everyday pattern use.

Recommended tools for pattern making via
Pattern Hooks
All of my pattern templates are hung around the studio for easy access. I can hang about 20 patterns on one hook.

Recommended tools for pattern making via [Read more…]

Random Ideas and inspiration

Seriously, sometimes the most random things will spur ideas. This little heart print was inspired by a Burlington Coat Factory commercial (ever seen their logo?). This is why I need to keep a notebook by my bed….so in between Jersey Shore, The Bachelor and Lifetime Movies I can jot things down!

Random Ideas and inspiration via
I’ve been printing the hearts on soft cotton interlock for some Valentines skirts and dresses:

Random Ideas and inspiration 2 via
Just having fun with it and mixing the hearts into different prints.

Random Ideas and inspiration 3 via
Someone emailed me and requested a twirl skirt so here it is:

Random Ideas and inspiration 4 via
Can you guess what my other new pattern is?

Random Ideas and inspiration 5 via
I’ve had a few St. Patty’s requests too… I dyed and screened a few variations of this too (tutorial for dyeing to come soon):

Random Ideas and inspiration 6 via

Random Ideas and inspiration 7 via

Random Ideas and inspiration 8 via

Speaking of random. A friend brought his daughters over last night to play with Sienna while he and my hubby painted something. Checking on the girls I found that they had somehow convinced Sienna to dress up as a Kangaroo….doesn’t she look thrilled?

Random Ideas and inspiration 9 via

What is the most random thing that inspired an idea for you?

Saturday LBB Gallery Share

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday morning! We are making biscuits and bacon (and Boo will steal half the bacon before I’m done). Just wanted to share a few creations this morning!
Sofia has done it again. I just love her little matching outfits she makes for her twins. Here she has used the Sienna Dress pattern combined with the Hoodie pattern and the girl/boy robot downloads! I love how artsy her clothes are! The robots were done using reverse freezer paper stenciling.
Mom2Stars made this adorable birthday dress for her daughter using the Halter/Tie-Back Dress pattern. I love the little “3” she stenciled on the back with the heart on it using a freezer paper stencil. I really want this dress! Boo’s birthday is in February so something like this would be perfect as a layered jumper and then she could wear it well into the summer. (Mom2Stars….send me your blog address when you get a chance! I couldn’t find you!)
Saturday LBB Gallery Share 4 via lilblueboo.comPhoto from LBB Flickr Gallery
Lisa made this little robot shirt using the robot download. Handmade gifts are so great. What little girl wouldn’t want to get this for Christmas!? Lisa, where did you get those cute handmade tags?
Saturday LBB Gallery Share 5 via
photo from Ellebows

The Sawyer Dress and Lil Sawyer Dress

The Sawyer Dress is my dress design submission for Shabby Apple Dresses Dare to Design!

The Sawyer Dress and Lil Sawyer Dress via

(Click image for larger version)

Inspiration: I wanted to create an adult version of the dresses that I make for “Boo” and what better than a “Spring” version. The pattern is obviously already in the works and maybe this will be the “push” I need to finally get the pattern finished! I love the fit of the dress I designed, I love the fabric variations, I love the yummy thread colors:

The Sawyer Dress and Lil Sawyer Dress 2 via
Here are some of the features I included:

:: A wide “boatneck”and slim elbow length sleeves.
:: Slightly fitted to the waist, the skirt portion of the dress follows an A-line to the horizontal seam mid-thigh and then flares out in a “pieced” tier. The dress falls to just below the knee.
:: Seams are reversed right above the bust line, at two points at the waist, mid-thigh and in the vertical center of the bottom portion of the skirt. All other seams are hidden.
:: The reversed seams are a subtle contrast color to the main color of the dress.
:: Fabric: stretch cotton or polyester/rayon/spandex blend.
:: An “inspired” girls version….with capped sleeves and similar seaming.

Update: I actually got around to making a simplified version (click for the post):

The Sawyer Dress and Lil Sawyer Dress 3 via

Combining LBB Patterns

Nothing gets past you guys. I’ve had question after question about the ability combine the Sienna Dress Pattern and the Hoodie Pattern.

The answer is: yes. With one adjustment. To add the hood to the Sienna dress you have to trim the neckline about an 1/8″ to 1/4″ all the way around (just pin the hood before you cut to check the size).

These photos aren’t great, but I didn’t really think about sharing them until the pattern questions came up. Just a few things I’ve made my daughter from my scrap bin (yes, I said scrap bin so don’t hold the “un-cuteness” against me):

Sienna Dress with the following options: Hood added (from Hoodie Pattern), Capped sleeves option (from Sienna Dress Pattern), Bottom Band added (from Hoodie Pattern), Trim added to sleeves (modified from Hoodie Pattern)

Combining LBB Patterns via
Combining LBB Patterns 2 via

Sienna Dress with the following options: Made in a larger size, Hood added (from Hoodie Pattern), Capped sleeves option (from Sienna Dress Pattern), Bottom Band added (from Hoodie Pattern), Wrist trim added (from Hoodie Pattern)

Combining LBB Patterns 3 via
Combining LBB Patterns 4 via
Sienna Dress with the following options: Hood added (from Hoodie Pattern), Capped sleeves option (from Sienna Dress Pattern), Bottom Band added (from Hoodie Pattern), Trim added to sleeves (modified from Hoodie Pattern), Horizontal seams are serged in reverse

Combining LBB Patterns 5 via
Just email me if you have questions!

Boutique: Done

Last night was the Artisan & Commodities Girls Night Out in downtown La Quinta. It was a really small crowd but lots of fun. The food and frozen margaritas were the best part! I had a little table with some clothes, nursery art, portraits and blog info.

Boutique: Done via

It wasn’t really the “handmade” clothes or sewing crowd, so I didn’t sell many clothing items or patterns. I put them all in my Lil Blue Boo Etsy Shop. I did talk to a bunch of people about portraits and nursery commissions and gave out a ton of cards.
Boutique: Done 2 via
My awesomely supportive sweet hubby stopped by after picking Sienna up from school and surprised me. Sienna was very uncooperative with picture taking! It was REALLY hot so I had to put my hair up. Does my top look familiar?
Boutique: Done 3 via
I have the most supportive friends too! You might know Lisa from ElleBows? She made adorable bows to go with the little dresses and tops I brought. Leslie has the oldest sewing machine known to mankind with “ONE stitch option” and she still volunteers to be one of my pattern testers!  Emily has her own little craft blog and is the best cook! Thanks you guys for helping and watching the booth! Here we are at the end of the night:
Boutique: Done 4 via
The night was a success but I am over the “boutique” thing for a while. At the end of the night as I was loading up my car battery decided to die! Some kids hanging out at the liquor store across the street heard the car die and must have been bored beyond belief because they came over and asked if they could jump it. They were SO nice and polite and helpful and I had to FORCE them to take money for their trouble. They used their Ipods/Iphones to light up the engine to see what they were doing….very surreal.