They didn’t have carpets so they had to paint the floors.

I’m a little obsessed with abandoned places. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. If I see an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere all I want to do is stop and look around.

Last night Boo told me the story of Pompeii. I’m just warning you…’s a depressing story. I guess she learned it at school. I know I can’t technically call Pompeii “abandoned” since the reason no one is there is because they all died¬†tragically, but close enough. I had to write down every word of Boo’s version:

When the volcano exploded, their roofs came off.
They didn’t have carpets….so they had to paint the floors.

photo source

They didn’t have any beds.
They had to lay on the ground with no blankets and they were cold….forever.
There was no sun. And no sky. Just dirt for the sky.

photo source

Even girls lived at Pompeii.
About 100 girls and 100 boys died.

Pompeii is a really sad place.

I wish no one lived at Pompeii.

It was like she wrote a poem about Pompeii. At the end she started crying. And then I started crying. 

A few of my favorite “abandoned” sites:
Amazing photos of ruins and abandoned eery places
I found this site about 10 years ago after hearing about it on public radio: she rode her motorcycle through Chernobyl.
An abandoned but perfectly preserved Japanese school.
Documenting historic abandoned places. Creepy and cool.

Update 1: Reader Trish sent me this link of photos she took from an abandoned house in Michigan….who leaves a casserole in the oven!¬† Were they abducted by aliens? This gives me anxiety.

Update 2: I asked Boo how they found the people of Pompeii if they were all buried under ash. She replied (in a tone that made me feel inferior for asking): they used calculations.

Update 3: The Ruins of Detroit. Thanks Carrie for sending this along.