10 Minute Knit Summer Cowl Scarf (A Tutorial)

How to make a 10 minute Cowl Scarf via lilblueboo.com

My desert wardrobe gets a little boring: tank top, jeans and flip flops….year round.

I made this easy cowl scarf out of some taupe tie dyed knit to spruce it up a bit.

First, I cut 2 long strips of knit, each measuring about 36″ x 8″:


How to make a 10 minute Cowl Scarf Step 1 via lilblueboo.com
I used my serger to sew the long sides together with contrasting bright thread:


How to make a 10 minute Cowl Scarf Step 2 via lilblueboo.com
Next, I twisted the scarf in the center, matched up the ends and sewed them together:


How to make a 10 minute Cowl Scarf Step 3 via lilblueboo.com

Lastly, I used my serger to finish all the way around the edge of the scarf:

How to make a 10 minute Cowl Scarf Step 4 via lilblueboo.com

Easy! Mix it up by using contrasting fabrics for each strip!




So I’ve been making a few more dresses and working on two new rockin’ patterns. That means LOTS of samples…..some for Sienna, some for my Etsy shop and some for a Christmas box for our local women’s shelter.

Here is Sienna in a “botched” one. I messed up the neck and just ended up cutting it out and serging the neck line. She likes it anyways. She gets all the outfits that don’t make it through “quality check.”

Serging via lilblueboo.com
Serging 2 via lilblueboo.com
Serging 3 via lilblueboo.com
I got my Christmas present early so I can increase my production! Don’t worry, all of my patterns will still be tailored to a regular sewing machine……

Serging 4 via lilblueboo.com
Here is where one of those tie-dyed tees went:

Serging 5 via lilblueboo.com
Instead of adopting a family this year for Christmas I’m just sewing all of my scraps and spare fabric into new clothes. I’m getting really into it. Anything that doesn’t sell from my Etsy shop by Christmas goes in the box….if they do sell it just means more fabric for more outfits!