Asymmetrical Leggings Pattern and American Girl Pattern

New pattern in the shop! A favorite from the clothing line so I’ve added it to the pattern line: The Asymmetrical Leggings…..and even added a miniature pattern for the American Girl style dolls.

Pattern can be sewn with regular sewing machine or a serger.  Any stretchy cotton/lycra/spandex blend works great as well as stretchy ribbed cotton like the kind used in tank tops.

Asymmetrical Leggings PDF Pattern (American Girl Sized Pattern Also Available)  via

With Boo’s new American Girl obsession a few of you saw this coming…..yep, that’s Pf-1221 doll or “Grace” as we now call her:


American Girl Sized Asymmetrical Leggings PDF Pattern (Girl Sized Pattern Also Available)  via

The leggings are easy to make and are for almost every season! Make them capri length or full length:

Asymmetrical Leggings Sewing Pattern via


These are Boo’s favorite leggings and I love how she looks like a little elf in them:

Asymmetrical Hankerchief Leggings PDF Sewing Pattern via


A few of my friends, Katherine, Olivia, and Melanie tested them out for me. I love their fabric choices:

Asymmetrical Hankerchief Leggings PDF Sewing Pattern via


Both patterns are available in the shop now!  More in the pipeline……for girls and dolls…..stay tuned!

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The GoTo Knit Top Pattern

This is one of my favorite “go to” tops right now. I can use thin jersey fabrics for a dressier look, or upcycled old tees for a casual every day look.

I recommend a serger for knits but this can be sewn with a regular machine as well. Perfect for tweens and adults.  The instant download PDF pattern includes the basic style and tips for piecing.

Here’s one I made from an old t-shirt, some yardage and a few knit scraps:

The GoTo Knit Top Pattern via



Here’s my friend Katherine in the top she made. I love the bright colors!

DIY Women's Knit Top Pattern via credit Bebe Gear


My friend Olivia made a striped version. Love those boots! [Read more…]

DIY Suede Fringe Handbag

DIY Upcycled Suede Fringe Handbag Tutorial and Template via

I see so much suede at the thrift store….I have a few jackets, a skirt, a few pairs of pants….it’s all outdated and just waiting to be cut up and made into something amazing. Here’s my first suede remake project……an old pair of suede pants and a thrift store belt into a fringe handbag. It was actually a fairly easy project. The key is to not cut the fringe until the handbag is finished. If you can’t find suede at the store you can also check Etsy and Ebay for remnants. You can also use leather or microfiber. Here are the original pants:

Original Suede Pants via

And here is the finished bag: [Read more…]

DIY Nautical Inspired Altered Tote (A Tutorial)

Nautical Inspired Altered Tote DIY Tutorial via

I saw some large totes made from recycled canvas sails in Tahoe the last time I visited and wanted to make a similar nautical-inspired tote. I used a plain white tote as my starting point. If you don’t have one you can always make one from plain white canvas or even a canvas table cloth. I’ve got a simple pattern in the shop here and you would just leave off the handles.

Other materials:
Large “snap” curtain grommets (you can get these at Micheal’s or Joann’s)
3/4″ “by the yard” rope from the hardware store

Nautical Inspired Altered Tote DIY Tutorial via

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Industrial Fabric Rotary Cutters

The 411 on Industrial Fabric Cutters via

I got a ton of questions about the electronic fabric cutter featured in the Evolution of a Dress video yesterday….I figured it would be easier just to write a post about it! So here’s the 411….

I love the small rotary industrial cutters. They are easy to use and pretty darn quiet.  They can cut through about an inch of stacked fabric. You can purchase the smaller industrial cutter that I have for under $100 here. I own several different brands including the Yamata.

The 411 on Industrial Fabric Cutters 1 via


I love that it is self sharpening….just push the button and the little grinder sharpens your blade. Just be careful of the sparks around fabric!

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Play Food: Tea Box and Tea Bags

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

Boo loves to have her own toy version of things we do in the kitchen for her playroom……and recently making tea came up.  So today we made some tea bags and a cute little box to store them in. Super simple project!

First, I cut out 2 pieces of white felt, 2 pieces of purple felt and 1 pieces of ribbon for each tea bag:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

Next, I sew three sides of the tea bag leaving the top open:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

I filled the tea bags with wild rice so that it actually resembled tea in color:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

As I sewed the the top of each bag shut, I slipped one end of the piece of ribbon inside:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

I sewed the top part of the bag together and inserted the other end of the ribbon inside:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

Finished tea bags!

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

I found this cute little wood box at Micheal’s for $1.00:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

I made a vinyl shelf paper stencil using my Silhouette Machine to say “TEA” and masked out the areas I didn’t want to paint. A little fan of the spray paint over the stencil is all I needed:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

The finished set. I love toys that have their own storage container:

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from

Time for tea!

How to make a play tea set. Felt food tutorials from


Check out the entire Project Playroom series by clicking the image below!
Project Playroom and Play Food Series via

The Dishtowel Skirt (A Tutorial)

The Dishtowel Skirt (A Tutorial) via

This cute little skirt was made from dishtowels!


The Dishtowel Skirt 1 (A Tutorial) via

Inexpensive, easy to sew, already hemmed and festive:


The Dishtowel Skirt 2 (A Tutorial) via

Holidays always bring the cutest little linens. I picked up these two Easter-themed dishtowels from Target and made them into a skirt for Boo:


The Dishtowel Skirt 3 (A Tutorial) via

Here’s how to make your own! Dishtowels are perfectly sized for a girl’s skirt up to about a size 6.

Step 1 & 2: Lay out your dishtowels and cut them in half.
Step 3: Cut off the side seams, but leave the bottom seams.
Step 4: I used the towel with the bunny as a patchwork panel so I trimmed the sides.

The Dishtowel Skirt 4 (A Tutorial) via

Step 5 & 6: Sew together your panels to create 2 large panels.
Step 7 & 8: Once you have two larger completed panels, place them on top of each other and sew the side seams together.

The Dishtowel Skirt 5 (A Tutorial) via

Step 9 & 10: Turn your skirt inside out and fold the top edge over about 1.5″ to form a casing for elastic. Finish the raw edge.
Step 11 & 12: Stitch your casing closed leaving about an inch opening to insert the elastic into. Thread the elastic through, sew the elastic shut and close the casing.

The Dishtowel Skirt 6 (A Tutorial) via

I added some pretty crocheted trim at the bottom of the skirt for some extra detail:

The Dishtowel Skirt 7 (A Tutorial) via

Dainty and pretty!

The Dishtowel Skirt 8 (A Tutorial) via

The finished skirt:

The Dishtowel Skirt 9 (A Tutorial) via

To make a matching tank, I made a little pom-pom from crocheted trim……

The Dishtowel Skirt 10 (A Tutorial) via

…..and sewed it to a plain camisole:

The Dishtowel Skirt 11 (A Tutorial) via

An Easter-themed outfit!  A quick sew and great for a beginner project.

The Dishtowel Skirt 12 (A Tutorial) via

My sister Perry is here visiting this week! We had fun today hiding eggs in the yard to practice for some upcoming Easter hunts:

The Dishtowel Skirt 13 (A Tutorial) via