How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos

How to Organize, Print and Backup YEARS Worth of Photos via


I think photos and photo albums are one of the only things that really give me true anxiety…..because it’s so easy to get behind!  The only way that I can keep myself from worrying about it all is having a system.  I thought I’d lay out my system since it works well for me…..and maybe it will help someone else!  I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this….but here’s what works for me since I get easily distracted! Most of this is geared towards a Mac system but it can be easily applied to a PC as well.  Let’s get started!



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I Heart Organizing

I really do love organizing. If I could spend ALL day organizing I would…..but I’d bore everyone. We spent the whole weekend cleaning out the house…..getting rid of things we don’t need and organizing closets and cabinets. Lisa walked in this morning and asked where did everything go? Success!

Boo and I cleaned her closet and drawers out.  Then we moved her desk from the playroom into her room.  She was so excited….and spend a few hours organizing her desk drawers.  The horse lamp was mine….my dad brought it back from overseas when I was little:

Graffiti Spraypainted Desk Furniture via


I attacked the pantry and couldn’t believe how much food was expired.  Now it looks bare: [Read more…]

Make a Portfolio: Easy, DIY Artwork or Photo Storage (A Tutorial)

Make a Portfolio: Easy, DIY Artwork or Photo Storage via

I was organizing the studio today and needed a way to store some important artwork so it didn’t get damaged… I made a few easy portfolios for storage! They open up flat to lay the artwork in….


Make a Portfolio: Easy, DIY Artwork or Photo Storage via

….and then fold up and tie to keep the artwork safe and flat.  You could make one for each year to hold your kiddo’s precious art pieces from school….or use it to hold large photos for transport if you are a photographer.

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Chalkboard Tags (A Tutorial)

I recently reorganized my pantry and made little wood chalkboard tags to keep everything in the right place. I found these distressed crates at The Alley a local import shop:



And I bought these value packs of wooden 3″ circles:



I was able to drill a hole through a pile of the tags all at once:

Once I sanded and smoothed the holes, I sprayed each tag with chalkboard paint:



Once they were dry I added a small ball and chain clasp:


I wrote on each tag with chalk:



And put everything in its place:



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A Junk Jar (A Tutorial)

Make a Junk Jar via


We no longer have a junk drawer in our house……it’s a junk jar. It’s more of an art piece as our discarded and lost junk collects and fills it up:



Instead of throwing items into the back of a drawer, now everyone can see into the jar for what they might be looking for:

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10 Ways I Keep Organized

There are tons of tips out there on keeping organized….here are 10 that work for me!

1. Organizing your house doesn’t mean you have to devote entire days to it. I do a TON of multitasking….especially when watching movies or catching up on my reality TV. Every once in a while I’ll just pull out a drawer and put it on the coffee table or the bed and let Boo help me organized it……then I’ll put the drawer back once the movie is over. It doesn’t even feel like I did any work!


2. I could spend ALL day EVERY day just returning items to their RIGHT places…..especially since our home is spread out.  I keep a dedicated basket in a high traffic area to throw everything that needs to go back (clothes, toys, brushes, shoes etc). Once or twice a week I spend 30 minutes carrying the basket around returning everything to it’s place:


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A Peek Into Our Closets

I think one of the most important ingredients in organizing is shelving!  I designed and built every single one of our closets (I like to surprise Mr. LBB when he gets home from work with a finished project.) I used Easy Closets to design each closet and a few days later the UPS truck showed up at our doorstep with 52 boxes of pre-cut shelving, hardware, instructions etc. Every box was numbered and the instructions went step by step through each closet. It was easy. I went with the simplest systems (white, no molding and brushed nickel hardward) and they are the highest quality (3/4″ thick melamine):


Kids Room Closet Organization via

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Organizing Accessories (A Tutorial)

Making Accessory Organizers via


Boo’s hair accessories and jewelery were stored in a huge jumbled mess until recently:


Pre-organized mess via


I took some thrift and discount store finds and used spray paint to create more organized storage! Boo picked the colors (I would have opted a more subtle color palette haha):


Thrift store pieces made into accessory organizers via


Here’s the beat up 99 cent mug holder I bought from the thrift store:


A 99 cent mug holder = accessory holder via


I spray painted the base white for the underneath color:


Spraypainted mug holder = accessory holder via

I used my Silhouette machine to cut “Sienna” out of shelf vinyl:


Stenciled mug holder = accessory holder via

Next I spray painted the entire holder purple (over the stencil):


Spraypaint over stencils = accessory holder via

Spraypaint over stencils = accessory holder via

After the purple layer dried I carefully peeled off the vinyl letters:


Peel off stickers = accessory holder via

The painted and personalized mug holder is perfect for necklaces, bracelets and headbands:


How to make personalized organizers using stickers via



I’m always scouring discount stores clearance sections (Marshall’s, TJ Maxx) for cool items that I can redo. I found this 6 dollar shell holder in the clearance section that I thought would be a great accessory holder since it already had all the compartments built in:


Reuse shell holder for accessories via

I masked off the glass area and sprayed a base of white on the front just like I did for the mug holder:


Mask off glass for accessories via

I did the reverse stencil lettering the same way as the mug holder too using the Silhouette Machine only this one said “hair pretties”:


Peel off stickers = accessory holder via

A perfect container for separating out all those hair ribbons, clip and bands:


Accessories organized via

Now all of Boo’s hair and jewelry are organized and easy to find and put away!


How to make a jewelry and hair accessory organizer via

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Roundup: Storage Ideas

Clever storage tips from around the web.


1. Use tension rods as dividers for platters, cookies sheets and more via Martha Stewart.

2. Store important papers and more in a dish drying rack via Better Homes and Gardens.

3. Inexpensive and easy way to store cables via Storage | Glee.

4. Use pvc pipes to store and have easy access to curing irons via The Family Handyman.

5. Finally! A way to store flip flops via Epbot.

6. Genius! Store matching sheets in their pillow case via Martha Stewart.


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