The Lil Journal Project | Day 36

Oh my…..I’ve neglected The Lil Journal Project!  Getting back on track here…..I’ll be posting there here and there….it IS an ongoing project until the end of time (at least my time).  It’s never too late to start either! Start from Day 1 or do the days randomly (you can find them day by day and click through to the full post from Pinterest if that’s easier).

The First Grid! The Lil Journal Project Day 36 via

Here is Day 36:

 Lil Journal Project Day 36 via #theliljournalproject #artjournal



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Your Chronicles: Hair Loss

I’ve been telling my story….now it’s time to tell yours!

These are so inspiring. I love all the smiles.

Thank you for sharing!


Meet Nicole!

Inspiration: Meet Nicole via

Nicole was recently diagnosed with stage IIIc breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma). She is currently in her second round of chemo treatment and is experimenting with many fun ways to cover her bald head! I would say so! Follow her journey here.

Inspiration: Meet Nicole via


Meet Melissa!


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